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   Chapter 17 Are You Afraid That I Will Eat You

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Hester had stayed in the bathroom for a long time. Of course, it was not ruled out that she was deliberately procrastinating. When she was really sleepy, she had to open the door.

When she walked out of the bathroom, she didn't see him. She looked around, but found him lying on the sofa.

His steady breathing showed that he was sleeping soundly. Hester was not close to him, but she could clearly see his long eyelashes, like wings, quietly stopping on his face.

She had never seen him so quiet in the past few days. With his eyes closed, he didn't look like Davis at all. He had a delicate face and features. Hester couldn't help but murmur to herself, "Is it a plastic surgery?"

Hester yawned and realized that she was too sleepy. She turned to look at the bed and then at Wesley who was asleep on the sofa. She had no choice but to wear her usual clothes and lie on the bed because she was too sleepy.

The moment she lay in bed, Wesley opened his eyes and looked at Hester, who had fallen asleep as soon as she lay down. The corners of his mouth slowly rose. The smile on his face became more and more profound when he thought of her appearance just now.

Of course he knew what she meant by 'inconvenient', and he also knew that she was lying to him. He didn't debunk her lie or force her to do so, because at this moment, what he wanted more was her heart. Now that she was with him, he was not in a hurry.

Maybe it was because he was a little tired from filming in the daytime. Not long after lying on the sofa, he slowly fell asleep.

The second day, when Hester opened her eyes, the sun was already high in the sky. She got up in a hurry and went straight to Peter's room.

After entering the room, she didn't see Peter, which made Hester's mind flash with fear. When she turned around in a hurry to look for him, she saw a note sticking to the door. "Mommy, uncle sent me to school. You can finally sleep late."

Did… Did Wesley send?

No, Peter called him dad. Moreover, as a star, although he dared to do this behind his back, he didn't dare to send a child to school. It would be a big news if it was photographed.

So he must be Wesley's agent. The agent only cared about Wesley. Although Wesley had a good reputation, it had nothing to do with him, so the outsiders didn't know him at all.

It was still early for work, so Hester went back to her room and was about to continue to sleep. When she entered, she saw that Wesley was still sleeping on the sofa. Her sleepiness had disappeared because of this.

Just now, she was afraid that Peter would be late for school, so she didn't pay attention to him. It was not until she saw Wesley that she remembered it. She lowered her head and looked at herself. She was still wearing her own clothes last night, not moving at all.

Hester sat on the bed and looked at the sleeping man not far away. She couldn't believe that they were in the same room under the same roof. To be exact, the two of them lived together.

In fact, he was quite cute when he was asleep. He didn't have a cheeky smile on his face, nor was he unreasonable. There was still a smi

le on his sleeping face. Hester was fascinated by the scene.

"Firefly come back to me, Make the night as bright as day." A sudden bell rang, which brought Hester back to her senses. She quickly lay down, pretending not to wake up.

"What's up, Ryan?" Woken up by the ringtone, Wesley picked up his phone and answered it sleepily. It seemed that he was listening to the other's words. After a while, he suddenly came to his senses. He sat up immediately and said in an angry tone, "Why are you picking up the program for me? I won't... "

Sitting on the sofa, Wesley listened to him and looked up at the bed. Hester was lying there quietly. He had been very determined, but when he saw her, he instantly changed his mind. "Thousand cave area? Okay."

Hester was lying on the bed with her eyes closed. When Wesley shouted at him, she immediately opened her eyes. 'Ryan?' She deeply remembered that the signature on the empty check was the name of Ryan.

Thinking of this, Hester couldn't help smiling. In this world, some people even had the same appearance, and the same name and surname were everywhere.

Sitting on the sofa, Wesley knew she was pretending. He slowly stood up and leaned over to her. Perhaps it was because Hester was thinking about something that she did not notice.

"Still pretending to be asleep?" He whispered in her ear, teasing her.

Hester, who was lying on her side, was shocked by the sudden voice and turned around in a hurry. She turned around and made an awkward gesture.

"What are you doing?" Hester pushed away his right hand and quickly got up from the bed.

Wesley stood up and looked at her, who was still in a daze. "Are you afraid that I'll eat you?" He asked. Seeing that she didn't respond, he went to the bathroom.

The bathroom door was closed. After hearing the sound of water from inside, Hester was relieved and observed the room. Because she was standing there, she could easily see the French window on the other side of the bed.

Hester went there, pulled open the curtain that blocked the outside scenery, what came into view was a peach tree not far away, except the sunshine. It was the late autumn, not the most beautiful moment of the peach tree. Compared with the swaying of the peach trees in spring, the peach trees in autumn were gentle and quiet.

Outside was a charming space like a terrace, with a peach blossom growing in the middle, which made Hester a little confused. The decoration of the room was men's style, but why was there a peach tree? How could a tough man like Wesley have a peach tree?

After taking a bath, Wesley happened to see Hester, who was paying attention to the peach tree in front of her. He walked slowly, stood beside her, and looked at the scenery with her. He said, "I'm free this morning. Take you to work..."

"No need!" As soon as he finished speaking, he heard Hester refuse without hesitation.

"Miss Hester, don't get me wrong. I have something to deal with in the thousand grotto area, so I drop you by." It was the first time that a woman had refused him so decisively. Wesley felt humiliated, so he began to explain.

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