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   Chapter 14 Too Deep Into The Play

My Daddy Is A Super Star By Xin Miaomiao Characters: 5989

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"You are so smart and worth teaching." He reached out his hand and gently stroked Peter's head. Looking at Peter so closely, Wesley wondered if he had an illegitimate child.

"What do you mean by being worth teaching?" Originally, Peter was happy to hear the praise, but after hearing the last sentence, his face was full of doubts.

"Exactly..." For a moment, Wesley didn't know how to explain the words to a kid. "You are smart. You know it when I teach you."

The role played by Peter was called Jesson, and the role played by Wesley called him Peter, so he called him in this way.

"Okay." After listening to his praise, Peter didn't feel shy, but nodded in agreement. "Father Edward also praising me, and he said that my father must be very smart."

Hearing Peter mention Edward, Wesley was a little unhappy, but he still had a friendly smile on his face. After hearing his last sentence, he asked in a child's tone, "Why?"

"Because Peter resembles daddy." Playing with the costume he had just put on, he answered his question in a confused tone.

Raising his eyes to look at Hester, who had been silent all the time, Wesley continued to tease Peter, "Isn't mom smart?"

Peter also glanced at Hester. In order to prevent her from hearing it, he whispered in Wesley's ear, "Mommy is in a bad condition except taking care of me. She can't even take good care of herself. I'm always worried about her."

Upon hearing this, Wesley couldn't help but laugh. He wasn't laughing at Hester, but at him who was in his small age. "Mommy was thinking about you."

"Daddy, can you take care of mommy for me?" He whispered in his ear.

"Peter!" Hester, who had been standing aside without any reaction, finally lost her temper.

"Can you hear me?" With an incredible look on his face, Peter turned to Wesley again, ignoring Hester who was about to lose her temper. "If Dad can take care of mom, you can continue to stay together."

"You! Come! Here! Come! Here!" She shouted at him word by word, totally ignoring the attention attracted by her roar.

When Peter was about to approach Hester, the assistant director said at the right time, "Well, let's start! Wesley and Peter, get ready."

"Mommy, uncle called me." As soon as he finished his words, he grabbed the arm of the man who had just stood up and ran towards the filming site.

The director, who was sitting in front of the monitor, couldn't help smiling when he saw that Peter was walking towards them hand in hand with Wesley. The trouble he had just had vanished. He murmured to himself, "Not bad."

Just now, he was afraid that Peter would dislike this "father" who suddenly appeared at such a young age. Now it seemed that he had thought too much just now.

With the director's voice, the shooting began.

After carrying Peter on the merry-go-round, Wesley also went up and sat behind him. The two of them were talking and laughing as the merry go round.

The two of them looked like a father and a

son. Everyone had an illusion that they were not filming, but Wesley and his son were playing in the amusement park.

In fact, in addition to the director who was worried about the two of them, the other one was also very worried. It was Hester. No matter how much Peter liked Wesley, it was still difficult for a child to take pictures of the father and son with a stranger.

However, they didn't expect that this would pass once. The staff all gave applause to Peter, who was still the first time to act.

It was impossible to play a merry go round in the amusement park, so they turned the camera to another direction.

Looking at the two of them playing happily, Hester's consciousness was somewhat absent-minded, as if she had really seen Peter come here with her father. She even began to imagine that one day, Peter would come to the amusement park with his father.

Then she smiled with self mockery and patted her head. She really thought too much. Davis had a wife and a daughter. If the two of them had such a scene, then it must be that Peter separated from her.

No one had expected that the shooting would go so smoothly. They had planned to arrange this scene for Peter because they were afraid that they would be alienated. Therefore, they could go home now that their task had been completed.

Since Peter came back home, he had been humming songs, taking the homework left by the kindergarten, sitting on the sofa and doing homework carefully.

"Peter seems to be very happy." Hester came over with a pile of documents and sat on the sofa, preparing something for work tomorrow.

"I had a good time today." He answered Hester as he opened his exercise book.

"Okay, Mommy will take you there when I am free next time." Hearing what Peter said, Hester felt a little guilty. Indeed, she had never taken him out to play before.

Hearing this, Peter turned to Hester and asked happily, "Will dad go?"

"He is not your father." Hester explained to him again, but when she saw the disappointment on his face, she regretted.

She couldn't give him a father. Even if he couldn't get the father's love he wanted, shouldn't she be so cruel to break the desire in his heart?

Maybe she should agree with the agreement. Even if there was no benefit, at least it could make him happy.

However, on second thought, if they were separated one day, would it hurt him again?

"Mommy, I need to finish my homework as soon as possible so that I can see daddy earlier." After saying that, Peter began to do his homework on the tea table seriously.

Perhaps, at such a young age, he understood that if he wanted to see Wesley, he had to act in the movie? Or was he already immersed in the happy and harmonious environment with his father in the play?

Was he too involved in the play and can't get out?

Time passed quickly. It was time to give an answer. In fact, Hester had already made up her mind, but she was hesitating whether to call Wesley or not.

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