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   Chapter 13 Develop A Relationship

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"Is there any problem?" About this let Hester have such a big reaction question, in Wesley's view seemed to be normal.

"Who says that a boyfriend and a girlfriend must live together?" It would be better to call it a marriage agreement directly.

"I made a rule."

"……" Hester wanted to say something, but she stopped when she saw that there was no room for negotiation. After thinking for a moment, she said in a consulting tone, "Can I think about it?"

"Okay, I'll give you two days." Seeing that Hester, who was in high spirits, surrendered, Wesley's attitude gradually became less tough.

"Then I'll go first." Seeing him nod, she turned around and walked out of the office slowly.

In fact, the reason why she didn't refuse him directly was simple. She was just afraid that Wesley would tell Davis about Peter. No matter what would happen next, she had to protect her son well in any way.

When she came back home, she was besieged by a man and a woman. Later, perhaps the landlady was trapped, so the "battle of words" ended.

After washing up, she lay on the bed and coaxed Peter to sleep. Hester was lying on her side, patting him gently with one hand.

"You haven't slept yet?" Hester asked softly when she saw that Peter moved.

"Mommy, don't you like Wesley?" Peter, half lying in her arms, blinked his big eyes, looked at her and asked seriously.

Somehow, Hester saw in his eyes that he hoped she would say she liked him. Perhaps it was because he hadn't seen his father for so long.

"Does Peter like him?" She changed the subject because she didn't want him to know that she hated Wesley. Another reason was that she wanted to know whether he liked it or not.

In fact, Hester was very clear that although she needed time to consider, two days later, no matter she agreed or not, the result would be the same.

"Yes!" Peter nodded without hesitation.

"Why? It's the first time for Peter to see him today." Hester was curious about this. Did Wesley really have the ability? How could a five or six year old child like him so much at the first sight of him?

"He looks like my father."

Hester was lost in thought when she heard Peter's words. She reached out and held his body. Since he was a child, it seemed that he knew it was her sore spot and rarely mentioned it. Unless he saw other children loved by their father, he would go home and ask about it.

But this time, when he met Wesley, he didn't think about her anymore. He kept talking about it. Maybe he really wanted to have a father, so when he saw Wesley, who looked a little like him, he thought he was his father.

As time went by, Hester, who was held in Hester's arms, slowly fell asleep. Children were always children, and they wouldn't be unable to sleep because of something bothering them.

Looking at Peter who was sleeping soundly, Hester couldn't help smiling. Perhaps, she didn't need two days to consider it. How could she be willing to let such a warm scene to be interrupt? She couldn't imagine how it would be when Peter was not by her side. Her colleagues laughed at her thinking too much. Davis had already had a beloved wife. How could he want a child of Hester who had been kicked away by him?

However, Hester knew that the Tong family was very wealthy. Even if Davis would abandon the child, w

hat about his parents? No matter how much they loved her, they would not let their grandson follow her.

That night, Hester and Peter were sleeping together, but Hester could not fall asleep. Hester had been thinking about it, tossing and turning until the early morning.

The second day, when Wesley saw her, Hester was exhausted, as if she hadn't slept all night.

"Miss, you must have been working very late with Peter last night. Thank you for your hard work." Thanks to Edward, the whole crew treated her and Peter very well. Even the director was friendly to her when he saw her. She didn't know if it was because of her nature or because of Edward.

"He..." She couldn't help but glance at Wesley, who was standing not far away. Hester smiled at the director awkwardly.

In fact, she had thought of asking Edward for help, but she remembered a sentence from Wesley that he did it because Edward liked her. She couldn't help but take back the idea.

Since Peter was still a child, he didn't need to put on makeup. He could only change his clothes. So he was very leisurely in the crew, and at this moment, he was happily playing the things around.

Today's shooting was that the hero, who was a star, came to the playground to play with his son who had just recognized his family. The games were exactly what the children wanted.

The assistant director was afraid that Peter, who had never been in touch with Wesley, would feel estranged and couldn't capture the feelings between the father and son, so he pulled him to the side of Wesley and let the two develop a relationship.

Hester didn't want to come with Peter, but the assistant director was afraid that he would be afraid of something without her, so he pulled her over.

After saying a word, the assistant director left them here and walked alone to the director's office, leaving the three of them behind. Hester stood there awkwardly without saying anything.

With a smile, Wesley walked to Hester, looked down at her and said playfully, "It seems that Miss Hester was too happy to sleep last night."

She quickly raised her head and rolled her eyes at him. Hester replied without mercy, "Don't put any gold on your face, okay?"

"Do I need a facial mask?" Her words didn't hurt him at all. Instead, he leaned his face closer to her, still with an annoying smile on his face.

Hester recalled what had happened in the office last night. She couldn't help but wonder if these two were the same person?

Last night, was the stern man really the same person as the playboy?

No, they were the same person. The only thing that could prove was that! Of course! Narcissism!

"Just now, uncle asked us to develop our relationship, but now uncle and Mommy are cultivating it?" Peter, who was standing between Wesley and Hester, pulled his trousers and said in a sweet voice.

The little boy's words amused Wesley. He squatted down and looked at Peter, who was standing so close to him. With an innocent smile on his face, he said, "Yes, to cultivate a relationship, should we cultivate by addressing first?"

Raising his head to look at the man squatting in front of him, Peter tilted his head and blinked his eyes, thinking about the meaning of his words. After a while, a smile appeared on his face and he said to Wesley, "Dad."

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