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   Chapter 9 Out Of Mind

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At this time, she raised her head to look at Wesley. Because of their dressing, Hester couldn't help but think of the scene that she and Davis were walking in the campus in high school. Therefore, at this time, she naturally showed a smile on her face.

Wesley knew who was in her mind, so he lowered his head and slowly approached her. At last, he kissed her smiling lips, and obviously felt that she was stiff.

Because of the sudden kiss, the picture in Hester's mind suddenly disappeared. Because of the collision of reality and memory, her brain was short out and blank. She didn't know how to react for a moment, so she stood there

"Ok! Very good. "

With the director's praise, Hester finally came back to reality. She quickly pushed away Wesley and reached out to wipe her lips that were suddenly kissed. "What were you doing?"

"Shooting." But Wesley didn't take it seriously. Instead, he responded with a cheeky smile.

"You The director said that as long as two people walk here, everything will be fine. " Hester was angry at the sight of his indifferent face.

But she seemed to understand. Who was Wesley? He was a child star and had been working hard on acting for more than ten years. For him, a kissing scene is a piece of a cake.

"I can tell at a glance that you haven't really been in love. They grew up together. When they are in deep love, a kiss is not a matter of course. Otherwise, how can you have a son six years later?" As if he was making fun of her on purpose, he mentioned something unimportant.

"You..." Hester was so angry that she stepped hard on Wesley's foot in canvas shoes. Then she turned around and walked towards Peter.

After stepping on this foot, Hester began to regret, regretting that she was not wearing high heels. In order to play this role, she was wearing high canvas shoes at this time.

Perhaps, what Wesley who she had never met before said was right. Recalling it, Hester and Davis had never been in love. The two of them had been slowly accepting each other for the arrangement of Davis's parents.

Did she love him? She doesn't know if it's love. Maybe it's dependence, fear, maybe....... She really wanted to maintain that marriage with all her heart. However, it didn't mean that they could be together as long as they grew up together. What they needed was still love.

This maple forest was a place where the hero and heroine loved each other and also a place for parting. Therefore, the hero and heroine had come to this place more than once, whether six years ago or six years later.

Then the leading actor chose to leave for the dream of being an actress six years ago. Before he left, he appeared the maple forest here alone.

Hester quickly changed her clothes and sat in the dressing room to ask the dresser to change her makeup. She was so busy that she sat there like a fool, letting them do whatever they wanted.

"Mommy, are you thinking about the kiss with daddy just now?" Hester was staring at the mirror in front of her absentmindedly. A childish voice sounded beside her.

"Who is thinking about it? I've already forgotten it. " She turned around and said to Peter, who was sitting next to her. Then she suddenly remembered something and turned to him. "Besides, he is not your father."

"You are absent-minded." Pe

ter was playing with his phone and said casually.

"Peter The idiom could not be used randomly. What did he mean by being absent-minded? You should call it mindlessness, which means that I don't care about anything, okay? " Hester had never thought that her son would use these words at this time to correct his mistakes, and also to explain the meaning of the words.

"Your phone is so funny and beautiful, sister Lu." He turned to the dresser who was making up for Hester.

The make-up artist smiled, not knowing if it was because of the conversation between the Peter and Hester just now, or because of the praise of Peter now, "Peter is the most handsome boy."


With the director's voice, the assistant director walked over to them and asked, "Lucy, have you finished?"

"All right." The dresser, Lucy, finally drew a brush on Hester's eyebrows and put it down and began to pack up the things on the dresser.

"Let's go." The assistant of the director said to Hester and Peter, and then followed the two of them to the shooting place.

Seeing Hester come here, the director, who was sitting and watching the shooting, stood up and said, "Miss Hester, you did a good job just now. Don't be nervous."

"Okay." Hester replied very calmly, but her heart beat very fast, and her hand holding Ron was getting tighter and tighter.

"Mommy, you are sweating." Compared with Hester, mark, who was standing next to her, was very calm. Perhaps it was because he was too young to understand, or because he had been mentally prepared, he was not very nervous.

"What?" Hearing this, Hester quickly reached out her right hand to wipe the sweat on her forehead.

"It's my hand that were seating." Seeing his mother like this, Peter couldn't help laughing.

Hester hurriedly let go of Peter's left hand. Only then did she notice that her left hand was wet. Then she smiled awkwardly at the director who was looking at her.

Seeing Hester's expression, the director seemed to understand. He looked down at [顾乐凡] and said, "Peter, do you remember the lines?"

"I've practiced with mommy. Don't worry, director uncle. " He smiled at the director and said calmly.

Somehow, the smile on his face and his words made the director feel more relieved than Hester. "Miss Hester, you are Peter's mother, and you have practiced it. Take it easy. Show yourself. "

Seeing Hester nod, the director turned to the staff and said, "it's starting."

Hester and Peter were walking towards the designated shooting place mentioned by the assistant of the director. At that time, they met Wesley who had just finished shooting. Hester rolled her eyes at him and led Peter go forward.

Compared with Hester, who had such a disgusting expression on her face, Wesley was walking towards them with a smile on his face. Some were complacent, some were playful, and some were the most real joy.

At the same time, Peter, who was walking with Hester, seemed to be like an old friend at the first sight with Wesley. Unlike Hester, Peter secretly showed the most sincere smile to him.

The spot they went wasn't too far from here, so Wesley stood there and watched their backs. After everything was arranged, Hester and Peter, who didn't know how to act at all, showed the most real relationship under the camera.

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