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   Chapter 8 Find Someone To Replace Her

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Peter also bowed to him as well, and didn't forget to reply to his mother, "didn't Mommy say that she was going to get into the play?"

Turning to Peter, Hester had nothing to say by reply by. Well, it is she who slapped herself.

But Peter, isn't it too soon for you to get into the play? Shouldn't the filming start? What are you going to do in the play now? To prepare?

A girl in green walked up to Wesley, who was looking at Hester, and said shyly, "nice to meet you. My name is Linda. I'm playing Avery. Nice to meet you."

Yes, she was Linda, the heroine of the play, and also the newly signed artist of the Yin Group. As a newcomer and standing next to such a superstar, she looked particularly reserved.

"I don't deserve it."

She raised her head and saw Wesley staring ahead. So she turned in that direction. Seeing a child there, Linda knew that he was the child who played the role of the son of Wesley.

After politely saying goodbye to Wesley, Linda walked towards Peter.

"There will be a kissing scene later, and the kissing scene will start soon. Are you okay?" Watching Linda's receding figure, Ryan, who had been standing next to Wesley suddenly said.

"Shouldn't you ask the person who is walking forward?" Wesley looked ahead and said casually.

Ryan also stopped talking. Was he still worried that a child star like Wesley would be nervous when he was kissing a new actress? It was because a woman was there, wasn't it?

Then, Ryan suddenly felt that he had thought too much. Hester's memory of Wesley was almost none, so this play had nothing to do with her.

In front of them, Linda was squatting down and friendly chatting with Peter for a while. Then she stood up and walked towards here again.

Looking at Linda, who was wearing a colorful, stitched women's fresh coat and a black student skirt, walking slowly towards them, a playful smile slowly appeared on Wesley's face. "There's going to be a good show."

"What?" Ryan asked in a hurry.

Wesley did not answer, but silently counted: "One...... Two Three Fall! "

As expected, as soon as he finished his words, Linda, who was walking happily in front of him, suddenly lost his heels and fell to the ground.

Wesley turned to look at him and smiled.

Linda's assistant hurried to help her up, but she was not prepared at all. It seemed that she had a heavy fall and sprained her ankle, so she couldn't stand up at all.

"What happened?" The director came over and said unhappily. Although he was confused, he scolded her.

"Sorry, I'm sorry." Linda apologized to the director before she could stand firmly.

"The shooting is about to begin. What do you think we should do now?" Linda was a new comer, and the accident happened suddenly and urgently, so the director's tone was very bad.

"I'm sorry, director. I'm so sorry." Linda apologized again. She was so anxious that she tried to help the director, "how about shooting others first?"

"You're going to take part in all the important scenes today. What's more, will you recover in one thirty? You know you are a student. What k

ind of high heels do you wear? " In today's scene, there were female protagonists in the immature period six years ago, and six years later, she came here with her son.

Seeing that Linda kept apologizing, the director became angry again. "You said that even if we find someone to replace her at this time, we can't find a person!"

"Who says I can't find it?" At this moment, Ryan said. Seeing that the director turned to him as if he had met a savior, Ryan pointed in a direction.

The director looked in the direction of Ryan and saw Hester who was playing with Peter. After observing her from top to bottom, he said, "Hurry up to invite her."

Seeing that the assistant of the director hurried to call Hester over, Wesley looked at Ryan with a smile. There was no one in the world who knew him as well as him. He didn't need to say anything and Ryan will understand his thoughts.

"Well Miss Hester, Linda was injured by accident. Your figure is very similar to hers. Can you take her place today? " The director was not as arrogant as he was just now because he had something to ask for.

"What?" Obviously, Hester was unable to understand the sudden news for a moment.

"Change your clothes and come here to shoot the scene of Linda today." The director said briefly.

"But I haven't read the script. " Hester finally understood and began to be nervous. She had never acted before, okay? What's more, she had never seen any play about this scene except for accompanying Peter to practice at home.

"It doesn't matter. You just need to walk on the maple tree road with two different people. Remember to feel like you were in high school." The director felt lucky that the two scenes in his mind were both from the back and not the front.

"High school..."

Hester was pulled to the dressing room before she could finish her words. Because the time was short, she was pulled away before she could say anything.

The next step was to make up and change clothes nervously, although Hester's mind was in a mess and she had been thinking about what to do next. However, when she saw Linda bring the clothes he had taken off, she could clearly see Linda's displeasure.

Regret was more accurate than displeasure.

"One, two, three, let's begin."

The crisp sound of the clapboard rang out. With a smile on his face, Wesley grabbed Hester's hand and walked forward.

Hester was stunned. The director didn't say that she could walk past here side by side with him, so she was at a loss when she was held by Wesley all of a sudden.

Wesley turned to look at Hester, who was standing still. He smiled at her. His smile was full of youth, innocence, adoration, and love for her.

Later, Hester could not help following his footsteps.

In the video, a young man and a young woman walked hand in hand on the road covered with red leaves. After walking for a while, the young man stopped and turned to look at the girl who also stopped.

Because the heroine was a substitute, the photos were taken on the back of Hester. Only this scene could be seen her side face slightly.

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