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   Chapter 7 He Is Not Your Father

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Looking up at Edward who was standing in front of her, Hester's face gradually smiled. She shook her head and said, "It doesn't matter. I'm just not used to it for a while."

Yes, after all, it had been six years. When Hester thought of Davis again, she no longer felt pain. It was just because she had gone to school with him, after school and grew up together. That was all.

If Hester's mother hadn't often told her that she was the most satisfied daughter-in-law of the Tong family, she would have always regarded Davis as her brother.

Without father and mother, she is fostered in other people's home, so she is more afraid of losing. In the words of Mary, she slowly took Davis as her husband in her heart, just because she doesn't want to leave the Tong family that where family member treated her like daughter.

In the past, she had always thought that she couldn't live without the Tong family and Davis. Now she realized that there was no one who couldn't live without her, only whether she was willing to leave or not.

Today, Hester would cry in front of Edward, just because memories from childhood swept in after seeing Wesley. After she got used to it, she would be fine.

After returning to his office, Wesley began to scold Ryan, who was standing in front of him and didn't dare to say a word. "What the hell is going on?"

He knew that since Hester was really in H City, it was impossible for Ryan not to find it out. Seeing the embarrassment on Ryan's face, Wesley knew that it was not because Ryan forgot to report to him.

"Six years ago, she agreed to divorce with Davis and came to H city with Edward..." After a pause, he continued, "Peter, who plays your son, is her son."

He had found out that Hester, whom he had been thinking about all the time, had given birth to a son, so he hadn't mentioned it as if nothing had happened. He hadn't expected that Edward would let Hester appear at the press conference.

"Son? Peter? " His family name is Gu? Does it mean that the child is not Edward's? Otherwise, Edward would not let his child take his mother's surname.

Is Davis the child's father? Or?

"When is Petr's birthday?"

"September 6, 20XX..." In fact, Ryan still wanted to say that there was three months left.

"I see." Some disappointed voices came out of Wesley's mouth. If one month is less, it can be said that Peter was born prematurely. What about the three months more? It could only be said that this child...... It was Davis's.

From the tone just now, Wesley can clearly feel his disappointment. disappointment? He sneered. Is it impossible for Hester to leave behind children besides Peter? The TV series hadn't started yet, but he had an illusion? Besides, the hero and heroine in the TV play were childhood sweethearts, weren't they?

So what? Before he missed her, he would not miss her too in the future.

"Ryan, do you believe in fate?" Suddenly, he asked Ryan who was about to turn around and leave.

The person he was looking for appeared in the same city with him, and her child was arranged to play his child. Even if she was just an important passer-by in his life, he would try his best to love her.

The play has been prepared before Wesley was going to come back and the ply has almost been completed up to now. In consideration of Peter, who is in kindergarten, the official shooting will be held on Saturday.

The first scene they sh

ot was an extremely beautiful scenic spot, the maple forest.

This was the place where the hero and the heroine grew up together, and also the place where the heroine would revisit with her child six years later, so Peter also needed to be present. As Peter's mother, Hester would naturally come.

Hester was attracted by the beautiful scenery as she walked into the maple forest. Since the scene of the hero and the heroine was shot first, she could take a rest now. It wasn't her who was shooting. Anyway, she was just accompanying Peter. No matter who shoots first, she can have a rest.

The maple forest in autumn and winter was the most beautiful, with a layer of broken red leaves on the ground. As the wind blew, the maple leaves begin to dance and make a rustling sound, as if they are welcoming the passersby. The maple leaves falling from the maple tree danced in the air because of the breeze, making the atmosphere more romantic and sweet.

It was really the best place for couples to date!

Peter was squatting on the ground and playing with the maple leaves on the ground. He picked up a leaf and looked up at Hester. Seeing that she was staring at the scenery, he stood up and asked, "Mommy, have you dated with Daddy here?"

Turning her head to stare at Peter, Hester said in a bad tone, "No."

"Have you dated with dad?" He didn't take his mother's displeasure and bad tone seriously at all, so he asked again.

"No." Perhaps, if Peter hadn't asked, Hester wouldn't have known that she and Davis had never dated like a couple.

Hester smiled secretly. She suddenly felt sorry for herself. From the very beginning, Davis hadn't loved her as much as she loved her girlfriend. If there is anything, it's just his a little concern for her. He only treated her as a sister

She knew that Davis's love for her gradually turned into hate. He said that she took the care of her parents for the reason that her father died because of his father. Of course, this was not the main reason, because his parents loved her so much that he could only marry her when he was unable to resist.

"Then why did I born? In this play, Hester was pregnant after she had a date. In this play, the son of the hero played by Peter was called Jesson.

"Peter It's none of your business. " Hester called out his full name habitually, but she quickly realized it, so she immediately stopped.

"Okay." Peter answered reluctantly. He pouted and looked away. Coincidentally, he saw Wesley standing not far away and looking at them. He pulled Hester's hand and said, "Mommy, daddy."

"What are you doing?" Hester didn't pay much attention to him because he had just asked her about his father. She saw him staring ahead, so she also looked in that direction.

As the main character of the movie was a teenager, Wesley was wearing a green T-shirt, a black jumpsuit and jeans. He looked like a high school student.

Twenty-eight or nine years old, wearing the clothes of a high school student, didn't look strange at all. On the contrary, people can see Wesley of that period.

Wesley reached out his right hand in the pocket of his coat and waved friendly at Peter.

"He is not your father." Hester said, looking at the man standing beside the dressing area.

He put on his coat, which was half zipped up casually, and the friendly smile when he greeted Peter, which made him more unsophisticated and vividly.

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