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   Chapter 6 An Emergency

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After the brief introduction of the play by the host, it was time for the reporters to ask questions.

Hester in the corner naturally didn't want to ask any questions. She appeared here because she understands that Edward wants her to participate in the play

As for Wesley, Hester didn't want to know much about him. Some news or events that could be known by others would be told to her by Edward, and other media would also report them. And for those that can't be known by others, even if you ask, he won't tell the truth.

Compared with this play, what all the friends in media field and Hester care more about was Wesley, a well-known star who is said to have studied abroad for six years.

"Wesley, six years ago, when your career was at its peak, why did you suddenly go abroad for further study?" A reporter sitting in the front asked.

Wesley was very calm and put his body forward a little, and said to the microphone in front of him: "I was young and vigorous at that time. No matter how famous I was, I still wanted to leave for a while and learn something I didn't have.

"Don't you think six years is too long?" Another reporter asked.

He turned his eyes away from the reporter who had just asked, and turned to the reporter who asked question at this time: "Yes, it's too long. The little girl who chased me everywhere has become a little girl. Fortunately, everyone hasn't forgotten me."

"Is it true that you chose to leave because of love?"

"Do you think I'm a person who doesn't dare to face my love and chooses to disappear?" None of these questions seemed to affect Wesley. He looked calm all the time.

"Now that you have been abroad for six years, why did you come back?"

Perhaps noticing the embarrassment of the other main characters sitting there, the host standing next to him finally cut in, "thank you for your concern for Wesley. Today is the release of 'The Big Star Dad'. Please ask some questions about this play."

"The movie 'Big Star Dad' is the first play after Wesley came back from abroad. According to the name, the hero is a star, and he is also a young father. Wesley, can you tell me why you wanted to play the role of a father?"

After hearing the question from the reporters sitting in two rows in front of her, Hester couldn't help smiling. Even if the host cut in, the reporter would always ask the question, and the protagonist was always Wesley.

In fact, she could understand this. After all, not every star in the entertainment circle was as popular as him. Besides, he had gone abroad for six years and returned, so he would naturally become the focus of everyone's attention.

Looking at the reporter who asked this question, Hester turned her eyes to Wesley, who was sitting on the stage. At this moment, he answered the question while turning to the reporter. "I want to try different roles. I have never acted as an unmarried father..."

When Wesley turned his eyes to this side, the reporter was sitting in front of Hester, so Wesley could naturally see her. At this moment, Wesley's eyes were fixed on her. He stopped answering questions.

Besides Wesley, there was also Hester who had such a reaction. From the beginning of the press conference to this second, she had seen the side face of Wesley. It was not until he turned his eyes to this direction that she had seen his face so clearly.

She thought that she ha

d already forgotten Davis, her husband who had abandoned her six years ago. However, when the pair of eyes that looked like his eyes looked at her, all kinds of memories with him swept over her.

From her first visit to his family, to his love for her as a brother, to their marriage, and then he abandoned her for her cousin.

Because of Peter's words last time, she also felt that Wesley was very similar to Davis. However, she never thought that Wesley and Peter were more similar than those in the photos, especially those eyes

"Wesley, who plays your son in the play?"

The reporter's question brought Hester back to earth. Feeling her gaffe, she quietly left her seat and walked out of the scene from behind.

"It's a secret. I'm sorry. I have something urgent to deal with. I have to leave now. " Looking at the place where Hester disappeared, Wesley simply said several words, and hurried to the direction she left.

"What happened?" Watching the receding figure of Wesley, the reporters began to get confused.

"Please calm down, my friends. Wesley will be back soon. You can ask Linda, who plays the heroine in the play..." The host and the company's public relations manager were maintaining order.

Although Wesley's sudden departure was an emergency and it was rare for a big entertainment company like the Yin group have such an accident in a press conference, their reaction seemed to have been prepared. Without anyone's arrangement, some people comforted the reporters and some went out to look for Wesley.

When Wesley walked out of the scene, he stood in the corridor, looking for Hester. He saw her at the end of the corridor, but she was held in Edward's arms.

The scene made him stop. He stared at the two people who were embracing each other and couldn't help clenching his hands.

He didn't know what had happened in the past six years, nor did he know if she had been with Edward in the past six years. No matter what, he would let her leave Edward.

Ryan ran out of the press conference and came to the side of Wesley. When he was about to speak, he saw that Wesley' eyes were fixed on the front, so he also looked in that direction. After Ryan saw the two people embracing each other, he looked at Wesley and called in a low voice, "Wesley..."

After casting a glance at Ryan beside him, Wesley turned around to see Hester and Edward and walked towards the press conference. He knew that he couldn't rush up at the moment. He had to find out the truth before taking action.

Before returning to China, he had sent someone to Taiwan to investigate where Hester is. The only information he got was that she left Taiwan after divorce with Davis. He had no idea where she went. It seemed that in the past six years, it must be Edward who had been helping Hester.

After six years of getting along with each other, Hester almost forgot Davis and it was possible for her to fall in love with Edward. And he left in the six years she needed most.

"I'm sorry." Hester wiped her tears and said softly after leaving the embrace of Edward.

"Hester, if you can't face it, you shouldn't force yourself to do it. You need to be present when Peter is shooting, and he's playing the role of Wesley's son. " Looking at Hester who was so sad, Edward was more distressed than anyone else. In her heart, Edward was never comparable to her childhood sweetheart Davis.

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