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   Chapter 5 The Big Star Dad

My Daddy Is A Super Star By Xin Miaomiao Characters: 7314

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It was not until then that Hester understood why Peter would buy a magazine with a lot of information about Wesley for no reason. A five-year-old child could understand the words on the magazine and speak English.

Of course, that was not the point. The point was that these were all taught by Edward. Although he often said that Peter had a good learning ability, we could not ignore Edward's efforts.

Looking at the silent Hester, the smile on Peter's face disappeared. He looked at his mother and asked softly, "Does Mommy like Peter to participate?"

"Do you like it, Peter?" When she came to her senses, Hester looked down at her son who was standing beside her. Seeing him nod quickly, she asked, "why?"

"Because I can have a father."

Hearing these simple words, Hester was silent again. She seemed to understand why Peter said that. It was impossible in reality, so he wanted to play a child with a father like that?

This night, Hester had thought a lot, thinking about what Edward had done over the years, and thinking about Peter. Maybe, she should fulfill the wish in Peter's heart and make him a child with a father for a short time? Perhaps she should do something to repay Edward.

The second day, after sending Peter to school, Hester and Edward sat in the car. The two of them did not speak, but just sat for a while with their own thoughts. After that, it was Hester who first started to speak.

"Edward, will the TV be introduced to Taiwan?" After thinking about it for the whole night, Hester felt that she not only wanted to take care of Peter and Edward, but also wanted to avoid the possibility of being discovered by the Hester's family, which was to prevent the TV from entering Taiwan.

Edward turned to look at Hester and realized that she had actually agreed, but she was still worried about this problem. "Even if I agree to prevent this TV from entering Taiwan for you, they can also watch this TV play from the Internet."

Hearing what Edward said, Hester finally realized this. If this play had a good performance in the mainland, it would be found even if it did not cause Taiwan to be involved.

Wesley is the leading actor in the play who can guarantee the audience rating, and it's also the first work that he returns to China six years later. The company will work hard to build it, so it seems unlikely to prevent Taiwanese from not knowing.

Once again, they fell into silence, thinking about how to prevent the possibility of Peter being known by Tong family.

A moment later, Edward, who was looking ahead, suddenly turned to Hester, who was sitting on the passenger seat. As if he had thought of a way, a warm smile like sunshine appeared on his face. "Hester, maybe we can use the name of mark."

At the same time, looking at Hester who was thinking of a way ahead, she turned to Edward and said, "yes, you can use a fake name."

"It's stage name. Besides, Peter was originally called Le fan. I'll try to release little information about Peter." After thinking of a way, the two of them were gradually in a better mood. At the same time, lavender explained to Hester jokingly.

Hester thought that if the Tong clan saw a boy named [顾乐凡], and his eyes looked like Hester's, they would be suspicious. However, if his name was Evan, they wouldn't have thought of this. After all, there were more than a billion people in China. It was not surprising that they looked like each other. Besides, from the photo, Wesley's eyes looked a little like Langston's?

The two of them couldn't even get close to each other eight times, but they were somewhat similar, let alone having a child.

Thinking of this, Hester was relieved. "When will the press conference be held?"

"Today. By the way, you should also go to the press conference today. I will arrange it as a reporter. " The only purpose for Hester to go there was to let her participate in the play, at least to let her know more.


As soon as she arrived at the company, the director came to Hester's seat with the invitation of the press conference. Normally, it would take two or three days before the press conference to invite the media. Hester did not seem to be surprised at the invitation that suddenly came to her hand.

At that time, it was Edward who asked for help to enter this magazine office. After that, if there was any important news conference held by the company, they would send the invitation and name her. As time went by, she was sent directly to the company without even mentioning her name.

After preparing the equipment that the reporters needed to bring, Hester set out to the designated place.

When she walked into the lobby of the hotel, she saw a big poster on the stage, on which there were a few pictures of the main characters. Looking at the big poster, Hester naturally noticed that there was only a black silhouette of the child, and there was a huge question mark in the black silhouette.

She couldn't help laughing. She didn't know whether the poster had been made before they were sure who was playing the child, or it was deliberately done by Edward, leaving a suspense for everyone.

There were already some reporters sitting in the seats under the stage, and some media friends came in one after another. This was the first movie that Wesley had played since he came back from abroad six years ago. The company had made a big fuss about it, and all the media were particularly interested in it. Soon, it was crowded with reporters.

Hester sat at an inconspicuous place. After all, with so many reporters, the headlines of the second day were almost the same, so there was no need to be so deliberately close to the front.

The Yin group's empire media was very punctual. The invitation said what time it was, and it would begin at what time. While everyone was discussing something, a host walked out and said to the media off the stage

"Good morning, distinguished guests and friends! The scorching sun in winter brought warmth. In this cold season, we are lucky to invite you. Here, please allow me to express a warm welcome and sincere greetings to you on behalf of the Yin group media. Welcome. "

The journalists gave a round of applause. Then, the host said again, "welcome the main actors and actresses."

With a warm applause, Edward, the CEO and producer of the Yin group's media, appeared with the main actors and actresses.

Compared to Edward in a suit and leather shoes, Wesley who appeared with him was like a fashion man. He was dressed in a grey casual suit, casual trousers and black Martin boots, which were fashionable. The black and white scarf he wore casually made him look more fashionable.

Hester, who was sitting at the edge, only saw his exquisite profile. From the moment he appeared to sit in his seat, the corners of his mouth had been raised up, making his fans like his face more approachable.

"Today is the opening press conference of" Big Star Dad ". It's a great honor for Yin group to invite all the media friends here." All the main characters and actors sat down, except Edward, who stood at the table with a microphone and said these polite but also above the table. After saying that, he walked off the stage, leaving the table to the people sitting there.

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