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   Chapter 4 Dad Edward

My Daddy Is A Super Star By Xin Miaomiao Characters: 6613

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In a spacious office, Wesley was sitting on a black leather sofa, leaning against the back of the chair, reading a document carefully.

The door of the office was opened and Ryan walked in. Sitting opposite to Wesley, who was not disturbed by any noise, Ryan said, "the press conference of 'big star dad' will be held tomorrow..."

It was not until then that Wesley, who was reading documents, slowly raised his eyes and looked at Ryan. It was not until he swallowed back what he wanted to say that he raised the document in his hand and nodded, "You did it first and report later."

A smile immediately appeared on Ryan's face. "I'm confident in your acting skills! Who are you? You are a famous star, Wesley, you can play any role with ease. "

He smiled as if he had done something wrong. This smile, can also be said to be to make Wesley agree to him.

Sure enough, as an agent, Ryan knew what kind of person Wesley was. As soon as he heard these flattering words, his unhappy face instantly disappeared, and a smug expression gradually appeared on his face. "You're right. But what's wrong with you? Why did you ask me to act a star with a son all of a sudden?"

"Isn't it popular to raise children now? And we've already found a boy to act your son. Mr. Yin is discussing with his family... "

"Does it need to be discussed to make him Wesley's son? Is he still unwilling? " Hearing what Ryan said, Wesley, who was leaning against the back of the chair, sat up and interrupted Ryan.

Looking at the surprised look in Wesley's eyes, as if he was doubting that there was another kind of person in the world, Ryan quickly understood and said, "that's right. So, as long as you are willing to act, nothing else is a problem."

"You are right." Wesley nodded and continued to read the documents in his hands.

Seeing that he no longer had the intention to refuse, Ryan felt relieved. He knew Wesley better than himself. If Wesley knew it first, he would not agree.

In fact, Ryan also knew that what he said could only give Wesley a step down. He agreed because they are good friends.

Suddenly, something occurred to him. Wesley raised his head and looked at Ryan, who was looking at him. "By the way, who acted that child? Let me look through the material."

"He's not a child star. His name is Peter. He's 5 years old and he's a student of the Monroe Kindergarten. That's all." This was also the news Ryan got from the production department. He had planned to help Wesley check the boy who played the son in the play, but it turned out that the boy was not in the entertainment circle.

"That's all?" Wesley looked at Ryan in disbelief. The press conference was about to begin, but the crew couldn't get the important information about the so-called supporting actor No. two. It was incredible.

Ryan nodded and suddenly remembered, "by the way, Mr. Yin knows each other. I heard that they have a deep relationship. Besides, I heard from director (Mr. Zhang)that the boy looks like you very much. He also asked me to ask if you have an illegitimate child..."

Seeing that Wesley was staring at him, Ryan stopped talking.

A childish voice came from the cozy house, "Twinkle, twinkle, littlestar, howIwonderwhatyouare. Whentheblazingsunisgone, whenhenothingshinesupon."

"Wow, Peter is good. I only taught you two times." A handsome man sat next to Peter. He reached out his hand and touched Peter's head with a loving smile on his face, making people feel that he was the biological father of the child.

He looked away from the words of the song on the tea table, looked up at Edward, and giggled at him.

"Peter seems to be very talented in music. He can sing after teaching several times." Hester, who was sitting opposite them, looked at her brilliant son with a complacent expression on her face.

Hearing this, Edward looked up at Hester. The expression on his face slowly changed from a gentle smile to a serious and affectionate one, as if something important had happened.

Hester, who was being stared at, began to feel a little uneasy. "What's wrong?"

The reason why she was uneasy was that, in addition to the serious expression on Edward's face, there would also be something that made her afraid, which was that Whether Tong Family know that she left with a child six years ago.

Seeing that she was getting uneasy, a smile slowly appeared on Edward's face to make her feel at ease. Then he said, "Hester, I want to discuss something with you."

"What happened? Why are you so serious?" Knowing from him that it was not something she was afraid of, Hester was relieved with her smile.

"You know that Wesley is an artist under the Yin group media, and our company is preparing a movie. A child is needed to act in his play. Today, the director and producer went to the Monroe Kindergarten to choose a boy to act in the play, and finally they chose Peter... "

"What?" After hearing the last few words of Edward, Hester was nervous.

"Yes, they all said that Peter seemed to be born for this role." Peter, who was carefully reading the things on the tea table, looked up at them and pointed at the magazine after hearing Edward's words.

Seeing the embarrassment on Hester's face, Edward naturally understood the reason and said, "I know what you are worried about. If you don't want to, I will let them choose another boy."

Looking at the man sitting in front of her, Hester knew that he had silently sacrificed himself for six years without any return. Without him, she could persevere in her live till now. She knew how much he loved her, but his help couldn't be equated with love.

Therefore, she can't bear to refuse a person who had never made a request to her. "Let me think about it. I'll give you an answer tomorrow, okay?"

Staring at Hester for a moment, he nodded and said, "Hester, I don't want to make you embarrassed. If you really don't want to, just tell me. I understand."

"I know. I will give you my reply as soon as possible." Of course, Hester knew that if she said no at the moment, she believed that Edward would not make her in any trouble.

"Then I'll go first." Edward said. Seeing that Hester nodded, he turned to Peter and squatted down. "Peter, I'm leaving. I'll send you to school tomorrow, okay?"

"Okay, bye, dad Edward."

After his leaving, Hester turned to Peter, who was reading the magazine again. "Peter, why did you buy this magazine?"

"Ha ha." Putting down the magazine, he turned to Hester and smiled at her on purpose. Then he rushed to her. "I just forgot to tell mommy."

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