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   Chapter 3 He Is My Daddy, Right

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A black Benz stopped at the side of the road. A man in a straight suit got out of the car and shouted at Wesley, who was running down the street. "Wesley!"

However, Wesley ignored him and continued running down the street. The man hurriedly followed him until the corner of the street, where Wesley stood, looking around.

Following Wesley's gaze, the man looked around and asked, "What's wrong, Wesley?"

"Ryan, I saw her..." Wesley breathed, shaking his head helplessly. With his eyes still fixed on the surroundings, he didn't even look at his agent, Ryan Gao.

For his part, Ryan Gao immediately knew who Wesley was talking about. "There are so many people here. You probably just imagined it."

"No way!"

Looking at the determined look on Wesley's face, Ryan shook his head and said, "You go back first. I'll send someone to investigate."

Being a superstar, Wesley couldn't linger around in a busy street. Otherwise, he would be surrounded by fans again.

Knowing that he couldn't find her now anyway, Wesley nodded and finally walked back to his car.

Meanwhile, in a cozy house with simple decor, Peter Gu was sitting on the sofa in the living room and flipping through the magazine that he had just bought from the newspaper kiosk. When he saw the photos of Wesley in the cover story of the magazine, a childish smile appeared on his face.

"Peter, come here. I made your favorite dish." Hester walked out of the kitchen and put a bowl of minced pork noodles in front of Peter Gu.

"Wow! It smells so good," Peter Gu exclaimed, clapping his hands excitedly. The aroma of the noodles made him put the magazine aside and start to devour the dish in front of him.

As Hester watched her son eat the noodles with relish, a satisfied smile appeared on her face. However, she still couldn't understand why Peter liked this particular dish so much. Minced pork noodles was a popular snack in Taiwan, but Peter had grown up in H City of the mainland, so why did he have an affinity for a Taiwanese snack? Could it be because his father was from Taiwan?

Hester shook her head, laughing to herself about her own ridiculous conclusion. Peter's carefree growth had almost made her forget what had happened six years ago.

She reached out and rubbed his head affectionately. At that moment, the magazine next to him caught her eye. She knew the handsome man on the cover of the magazine.

Of course, everyone in the country knew this 28-year-old superstar. Wesley was a popular star in the entertainment circle. In fact, he was a child star who had started on this path at a very young age. Six years ago, he had gone abroad for his studies, but now, he had finally returned.

Although six long years had passed, his fans were still just as crazy about him.

'No wonder those girls couldn't forget him. He's such a handsome man!' Hester thought as she stared at the magazine.

"Peter, is this what you ran away to buy?" she asked curiously. Earlier, when they had gone out for shopping, Peter had suddenly let go of her hand and said that he wanted to buy something. Until now, she had thought that he had bought a toy or something similar, but it turned out that he had actually bought a magazine.

"Yes," Peter answered as he chewed the noodles with his mouth open.

"Why?" Hester frowned. A magazine with a cover of a hands

ome man would only attract women. Why would a small boy want to buy it?

Putting down his chopsticks, Peter motioned to the magazine cover and shot a meaningful look at his mother. "Don't you think he looks like someone?"

Hester looked at the magazine cover once again. This time, she suddenly felt that Wesley looked like the bastard from six years ago, perhaps because of the angle, or because she had been thinking of that night just now.

Then, she smiled helplessly and shook her head. How could she call that stranger a bastard when she was the one who had destroyed her own marriage? "Don't you think he resembles me?

Tell me the truth, Mom. He's my father, right?"

Hester couldn't help but burst out into laughter. Then, upon seeing the serious look on Peter's face, she stopped and forced a smile. "Come on, Peter. He is a big star, okay? Besides, he is older than you. You're the one who looks like him."

"Don't change the topic, okay?" Peter said seriously. The artificial smile on Hester's face disappeared, and she said,

"He's not your father. You think too much."

"Okay." After staring at Hester for a few seconds to make sure that she wasn't lying, Peter turned to look at the magazine cover and rested his chin on his hands. "Why does everyone have a father except me?" he grumbled unhappily.

Hester stayed silent, feeling a pang of guilt.

She knew that although Peter was sensible enough not to bring up this topic often, he really wanted to know who his father was. He had mentioned it today only because he had seen all the other children being picked up by their fathers after school.

Unfortunately, there was nothing Hester could do about it except compensate with more maternal love. Even after six years, she still wasn't sure who Peter's father was.

Her gaze subconsciously turned towards the room where she kept the check from six years ago. She didn't know whether Peter was Davis' son, or the son of the man who had given her the check.

In any case, she knew that the most she could do for Peter was tell him who the father was. After all, she could not give him a warm family.

Time really did heal all wounds. Over the past six years, she had slowly forgotten the pain that she had suffered after Davis had walked out on her. She had accepted that both of them were in the wrong. Before, she had always thought that she couldn't live without Davis. But as time went by, she had gradually realized that she had only thought that because she had never tried living without him.

Besides, in the past six years, she had also remembered some problems that she hadn't thought of before. For example, how had Davis gotten those photos of her that night? He must have had someone following her. But why? He couldn't have known that she would have a one night stand with someone. For what other reason would he have sent someone to follow her?

Anyway, it was all in the past. Hester turned her eyes to Peter, who was smacking his lips happily as he ate the noodles. A smile slowly appeared on her melancholy face. Fortunately, because of her sensible son, she had never felt lonely during the past six years.

As she thought of the past, she couldn't help but think of another person who had always been there for her. Without his help, she would never have been able to have such a happy life now.

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