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   Chapter 2 The Return Of The King

My Daddy Is A Super Star By Xin Miaomiao Characters: 6783

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Six years later, at the international airport of H City

"Wesley! Wesley!" The VIP exit of the airport was completely surrounded by a crowd of people. Some of them were holding up posters of a handsome man's face, while others were holding fan signs decorated with doodles and glitter. However, all of them were shouting the same name,

their voices getting louder and louder by the second.

In the middle of this noise and chaos,

a man walked out of the VIP exit surrounded by a group of assistants and staff. Although his eyes were covered by a pair of sunglasses, it was obvious from the contours of his face, his tall nose, and his thick rose lips that he was an extremely good-looking man. His brown hair was tousled from the journey, but still sleek and shiny.

With his appearance, the crowd around the VIP exit began shouting even louder, as if the louder they shouted, the longer this handsome man would stay here.

Wesley raised his hand and waved at the excited people on both sides. At the same time, the corners of his mouth slowly raised into a perfect arc.

His dazzling smile made all the women surrounding him swoon.

Slowly but surely, he was escorted through the crowd by his staff until he got into the car that had been waiting there for a long time.

As Wesley drove the white limited edition Cadillac away, the screaming of his fans finally faded away. He sighed in relief and turned on some music. As he drove, a big poster at a newspaper kiosk caught his attention. It was a picture of him with just a few words: "Superstar Wesley has returned after six years."

With a smirk, he turned the steering wheel and parked the car next to the newspaper kiosk. He carefully put on his sunglasses before walking to the kiosk.

He reached out for the most conspicuous magazine, but before he could touch it, someone else grabbed it out of his reach. Wesley turned to his side to see who had taken the magazine but couldn't see anyone standing there. For a moment, he was perplexed. Then, he heard a small voice.

"I want to buy this."

Wesley lowered his head and realized that the person who had grabbed the magazine first was actually a child. The small boy was holding the magazine in his left hand and the money in his right hand, standing on his tiptoes as he tried to reach the counter.

The middle-aged woman at the counter took the money from the boy and gave him five dollars in return.

The boy looked at the money and then at the magazine, a frown slowly appearing on his face. Then, tiptoeing once again, he looked up at the woman at the counter and asked, "How much is this magazine?"

"Fifteen dollars."

Wesley understood why the boy had asked this question. When the boy had been reaching out to hand over the money to the woman at the counter, he had clearly seen a fifty dollar note in the boy's hand.

"You've given me the wrong amount of change," the boy said, holding up the five dollar note for the woman to see.

"Little boy, you just gave me twenty dollars. The magazine costs fifteen. So, I've given you five dollars as change."

Wesley was about to cut in and argue with the woman, but before he could, the boy retorted, "No, I gave you a hundred dollars!"

Wesley paused in surprise. He hadn't expected the little boy to lie. What he couldn't believe was that such a young boy had already learned how to tr

ick people!

"What are you talking about? You only gave me fifty dollars," the woman blurted out without thinking. It was only after she finished her sentence that she realized her mistake.

"Since you know that I gave you fifty dollars, why did you say that I only gave you twenty just now?" the boy asked calmly.

In contrast, the woman was extremely flustered and embarrassed. She took out the remaining change and handed it to the boy without saying anything.

As the boy took the thirty dollars from her, he said, "You shouldn't try to fool children. It's not right!" Then, he slowly walked away.

Looking at the boy's receding figure, Wesley couldn't help smiling. He couldn't believe that a small boy of about six years old could be smart enough to beat a middle-aged woman who had tried to trick him. The woman had actually ended up falling into his trap. In fact, even Wesley had fallen for it and thought that the boy was lying out of greed.

He picked up another copy of the magazine that he had originally reached for and paid for it. The woman at the counter was still feeling so embarrassed that she didn't even realize that Wesley was actually the star on the cover of the magazine. With the magazine in hand, Wesley turned around and walked towards his car.

At that time, he happened to cross the boy who had bought the magazine. There was a woman walking next to the boy, holding his hand.

Wesley casually walked past them, but just as he was about to reach his car, he suddenly stopped and turned to look at them. However, they were nowhere to be seen.

His eyes flitted around as he tried to find them, but all he saw was a few people excitedly walking towards him.

Ignoring them, he walked back to the newspaper kiosk and asked the woman at the counter, "Excuse me, did you see where that boy went? The one who just bought the magazine?"

"He went that way," the woman answered, pointing to the right.

"Thank you."

Wesley immediately rushed in that direction.

There were a lot more people here than there had been at the newspaper kiosk, but he dashed into the busy street, not caring about whether he would be recognized or not.

But everywhere he looked, there was no sign of the boy and the woman next to him. Standing in the middle of the busy street, Wesley looked around anxiously, but the two of them seemed to have disappeared without a trace.

"Wesley?" a young woman said, standing in front of him with her eyes widened in disbelief. "It's really Wesley!"

Her voice caught everyone's attention. Soon, Wesley was surrounded by adoring fans.

"Wesley, please take a picture with me." "Wesley, can you give me your autograph?" As the crowd started clamoring for his attention, Wesley became even more fretful,

upset that they were distracting him from finding the boy and the woman. Just when he was about to lose his temper, he noticed two familiar figures outside the crowd.

"Wait, wait..." He tried to get rid of the people around him but failed. In the end, he could do nothing but watch the two familiar figures disappear around the corner of the street.

At this moment, the security guards of the mall nearby came over to keep order. With their efforts, Wesley finally managed to escape from the excited fans.

Then, he rushed towards the corner of the street where he had seen the two of them disappear.

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