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   Chapter 98 Dreaming Of Staying Overnight

Hidden Marriage: Sweetie, No Way To Run Away By Xiaoxiao Yunduoer Characters: 9671

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Only Winson, who was standing aside, blinked his charming eyes and asked foolishly, "Cora, how can you let her say that? You have to refute her!" It seemed that he was very disappointed at Cora's performance.

Hearing what Winson said, Cora was really pissed off. It was because of Winson that she was inexplicably pissed off by her neighbor in the middle of the night. She must endure her neighbor's temper, and didn't know how to refute. What did the man mean by blaming her instead of defending her!

After closing the door, Cora tried her best to keep her voice down, fearing that she would lose control of her anger and become particularly noisy because of quarreling with Winson. If the other party scolded her again, she would feel very ashamed.

"Did you say anything for me just now?" Her tone sounded a little aggrieved. In the light, looking at her watery eyes, Winson felt sorry for her.

He couldn't help but soften him and said in a much softer voice, "Well, Cora, I'm sorry. I should have fought with you just now. Please forgive me, okay?"

Like a kitten acting coquettishly in front of her, even if it made a mistake, she would not have the heart to blame it, not to mention the handsome face in front of Cora. Her originally irritable mood was now at a loss. She said randomly, "You are glib tongued. I don't want to talk nonsense with you."

But Winson was happy to hear that. He knew that Cora was no longer angry with him, so he sat down on the sofa happily. Only then did he notice that there were bags of things on the floor, and it seemed that the house was a little empty. He asked curiously, "Cora, is this bag of things you are going to take away?"

All of people that came to her were guests. Since Winson came, Cora had to fill a cup of tea for Winson and put it next to Winson. She said casually, "Yes."

Although there were not many things, Winson still said in confusion, "Why do you bring so many things? In fact, if you go there, I can buy them for you. It's a waste of manpower and material resources to bring them."

But Cora hated the behavior of upstart like Winson. Some things could be used, but why should he waste them? It was because Winson had never been poor that he squandered them like this. It was not until Cora had saved money that she realized that there were some things that she would like to use until there was nothing left.

"I don't like the things of your Chu family. I like these. I didn't ask you to bring them. I can bring them myself." Cora said in a very cold tone, as if she had deliberately made a clean break with Winson.

Winson realized that he had said something wrong again. He hurriedly explained, "No, no, no. Cora, I didn't mean that. We are family. I mean, don't be so polite to me... I... "

The more Winson explained, the more unreasonable he felt his explanation was. It was just sophistry. Gradually

y pressed his whole body against the door.

"Go away!" Cora really didn't know what to do with the man in front of her. Was he going to force her to jump out of the window? But at this height, even if she jumped down, she would be either dead or injured.

"Don't go, okay?" As he spoke, Winson gently took Cora's hand, carefully afraid that Cora would refuse him.

Winson had thought that Cora would resist, but he didn't expect that Cora would react so fiercely. Winson was not as confident as he was when he came, and his attitude was much softer.

Sometimes, Winson was really depressed. He might also understand that there was his bad image in Cora's heart, which led to Cora's distrust. But in the end, what Winson wanted was only that trust.

Unfortunately, Winson had seen Cora been like this for so many times. Every time she was angry, he would pretend to be careful. Knowing that it was not true, Cora could not help but feel soft hearted.

However, since Winson had used it more than once, Cora didn't believe it at all. If she believed Winson, the sow would climb the tree. Cora pushed Winson away and sneered, "Winson, if you don't act, it's the biggest loss in the entertainment circle. Either go way, or get out of here."

The man was hit by the cold words of Cora, and he staggered a few steps when he was pushed away. Winson finally understood that he was a liar in Cora's eyes. He lowered his head and said, "Okay, I'll go. I won't live in your house. Cora, have a good rest."

Then Winson turned around and left. Cora had never thought that she would be let go so easily by Winson this time. To put it bluntly, Winson treated her like a plaster sticking to her. For a moment, Cora felt that she had gone too far just now.

Forget it. Since Winsonn had left, what's the point of thinking about this? However, Cora still felt a little uneasy. She didn't know why, but she slowly closed the door.

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