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   Chapter 97 Late Night Visit

Hidden Marriage: Sweetie, No Way To Run Away By Xiaoxiao Yunduoer Characters: 9474

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Nanson asked this question nervously. Although he knew it was a bold question, he couldn't help but want to ask. If Cora and Winson divorced, he could be with Cora openly, even if his father came.

The truth couldn't be changed as people wished. Taking a complicated look at Nanson, Cora kept silent for a while and said with hesitation, "Nanson, Winson and I may not be able to get divorced in one thirty. We have too many things to deal with. Don't wait for me. Just forget what I said before."

Nanson's heart sank, as if he had fallen into a bottomless abyss, dark and cold. Knowing that it was a knotty problem, Nanson still couldn't give up.

The man forced a smile and suppressed the sadness in his heart. "Cora, it's okay. You and Winson haven't divorced, but I can wait. But please don't say anything more about this. If you don't want me to wait for you, I will be very sad. “

In Nanson's heart, he said to himself, 'I love you, but it's my own business. Please don't feel stressed. Seeing you anxious about it is not the result I want.'

Cora didn't know how to explain it to Nanson. What she always thought was that she didn't want to delay Nanson. She didn't deserve such an excellent person to pay so much for herself.

Cora explained at once, "Nanson, you don't know. I thought you would meet the person you wanted when you went outside, so I was just coaxing you at that time. I was afraid that you would do something out of control, which would not only hurt the person who loved you, but also yourself. “

The girl in front of him was still as innocent as she was when they first met. Wasn't she afraid that he, Nanson, would hurt her? If Cora wasn't a kind person, how could he love her so much?

If he continued to pursue this matter, Nanson was afraid that Cora would say something more hurtful, and at that time, they wouldn't even be friends. "Silly girl, don't worry so much and don't put too much pressure on yourself. I'm willing to do everything alone. “

Not wanting to listen to Cora's advice any more, Nanson continued, "It's so late. I won't disturb your rest. If you have time, come to pick me up at the airport. That's settled. Cora, goodbye, good night. “

The screen of her mobile phone darkened all of a sudden. Before Cora could say anything, it was hung up by Nanson. Even so, Cora was full of guilt. How could she be guided by Nanson with a topic? Another conversation ended in nothing.

With a deep sigh, Cora supported her chin with her hand. She thought that Winson's parents were coming back, so was Nanson, and Winson was more and more clingy to her. What should she do? Cora felt that her head was about to explode.

”Ding Dong, Ding Dong... " At this time, the doorbell rang and pulled Cora back from distress. Who was it? It was so late, and who came to her?

She didn

d and left here. She didn't expect that the man was still reasonable, as if he was forced to do so. She couldn't help but burst out anger when she got up. "What's wrong with you? You quarreled but affected next door to sleep. How could that be reasonable! I'm telling you, leave here quickly, or I'll call the police and tell you to disturb the citizens. "

It was late at night. The corridor was very quiet, and the woman's voice was especially clear. Even Cora in the room could hear clearly her quarrel with Winson. She had planned to leave Winson alone, but now it seemed that she couldn't leave him alone.

At that time, she would only be in more trouble if the police came. It was really troublesome. Why did the man outside bring her unnecessary trouble?

Suddenly, Cora opened the door and said angrily, "Come in!" Even her hand holding the doorknob trembled with anger.

Winson was overjoyed and exclaimed, "Ah, you finally open the door, Cora!" Now that Cora had given the order, Winson took the opportunity to squeeze into Cora's house, fearing that Cora would change her mind if he was late.

Seeing this, the woman in the opposite room thought they wouldn't make trouble again, but she still didn't show a good face to Cora. She still said to Cora fiercely, "Stop arguing! It's so annoying. " Then she slammed the door to vent her anger.

At first, Cora wanted to apologize to her, but before she could say it out, she was scolded by the other party. Cora was a little embarrassed, so she didn't want to say anything more. Moreover, it was her fault this time, so she had to smile stiffly, not knowing what to do.

After the other party vented her anger, Cora finally breathed a sigh of relief. She felt relieved. She had never been so nervous when arguing with Hermine in the company. Perhaps it was because she was righteous and did nothing wrong in the company.

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