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   Chapter 96 Separation

Hidden Marriage: Sweetie, No Way To Run Away By Xiaoxiao Yunduoer Characters: 9866

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Since they couldn't go on talking, there was no need to force themselves. Things had been settled. In fact, there was no need for Cora to stay here.

After figuring out this relationship, ignoring Winson, Cora picked up her bag and walked out. Winson caught up with her in a hurry and asked, "Cora, where are you going?"

Not knowing whether it was because he knew the answer but pretended to know nothing or because he was really stupid, Cora answered Winson crossly, "Go home."

"Then let me drive you home!" Winson answered without hesitation. He did think so. Although he couldn't force Cora to go home with him, at least he could go home with her.

But after being tormented by Winson, Cora was not in the mood at all. "No, thanks. You are busy with your work. I can take a taxi home."

After saying that, Cora had walked to the roadside, intending to stop a taxi passing by. However, there were very few taxi passing by on this road, and it might take more than half an hour for a taxi to pass by.

Seeing that Cora didn't seem to be joking at all, Winson became anxious and began to say. "Why do you waste that money! Even if you take a taxi and you get in, I will also drive to follow you! It's late at night. I'm afraid it's not safe for you to take a car alone. "

The second half of the sentence was true. Letting such a beautiful woman like Cora walk alone at night was the best way for bad man to deal with. How could Winson rest assured?

"Are you bored?" Giving a glance at Winson, Cora felt that his words and behaviors were so childish.

Seeing that Cora seemed to be softhearted, Winson went even further. He walked up to her, gently pulled Cora's wrist and said gently, "Let's go. You can't wait for the car, I promise I will only send you back."

With hesitation, Cora followed him into the car. She had no choice in the face of this man. Never mind. Let him be. Maybe he would stop when it was enough.

On the way, Cora kept looking out of the window, frowning. The dim street lights outside the window came in, which made Cora look melancholy, but also very beautiful.

If it weren't for the fact that Winson had to look ahead when he was driving, Winson really wanted to see beautiful Cora while driving.

"Cora, are you unhappy?" Winson finally asked. Although it was beautiful, Winson would rather see the happy and angry Cora than see the depressed Cora now.

However, Cora just said lightly, "Nothing."

'Even if I have something, I won't tell you. What's more, the source of the matter is you, Winson. How could you let me for saying that?' Love was always a dilemma. At last, Cora understood that although she had no feelings for Winson, she had to pretend to have feelings for him for his parents.

Everyone would feel bad about such a bad thing, let alone Cora. Moreover, she was a sentimental woman who thought too much.

"Oh..." Winson felt a little disappointed, thinking that he couldn't sha

s unspeakable love between his eyebrows and eyes when he looked at Cora.

Seeing Nanson, Cora was surprised, as if she had seen an old friend. She shook her head and said, "How could it be? Whenever you call me, I will be willing to receive you. You look energetic."

At this time, Cora forgot that she had promised Nanson to allow Nanson to chase her, so she just treated him as an ordinary friend and asked, "How are you doing in the United States? How are you doing there? Are you still not used to the local environment? When I was in the United States, it took me a long time to adapt to the local environment."

In Nanson's ears, he thought that Cora had softened her attitude to him, so he was happy. When he looked at Cora, his eyes seemed to be shining. "Cora, I'm fine here. Don't worry. I'll be back soon. You must wait for me."

"What? Nanson, you said you were coming back?" Asked Cora in surprise. She was caught off guard by the news of Nanson, and the person who had disappeared for a long time suddenly came back. Cora was in a trance.

If the distance between them created beauty, then Nanson, who was about to come back, suddenly frightened Cora. If she remembered correctly, Nanson didn't seem to give up on her. At that time, when Nanson saw that Cora was still entangled with Winson, they would have to fight.

Cora still had a shadow of the fight last time. It would be better if she didn't recall it. Thinking of this, she couldn't help but think of the nightmare like behavior of Winson and her miserable appearance.

Hearing the news, Cora was lost in thought. On the other side of the phone, Nanson thought that Cora was so excited that she was stunned.

"Yes, Cora. My parents allowed me to go back. They saw that I performed well, so they decided not to trap me here. By the way, Cora, I have one more thing to ask you, but don't worry. I don't mean anything else. I just want to ask you, have you divorced Winson till now?"

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