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   Chapter 95 Move Back To Chu Family

Hidden Marriage: Sweetie, No Way To Run Away By Xiaoxiao Yunduoer Characters: 9509

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How could Winson let go of Cora? Before Cora loosened her seat belt, he immediately stepped on the gas and drove forward. He kindly reminded her, "Cora, don't move. The car has been driven. If something happens later, it's not good for everyone."

"You are a rogue!" That was what Cora thought, and she did say it out. Anyway, there was no need to save face for Winson now. Since he was no longer a gentleman, there was no need for Cora to be a lady in front of him.

Winson sighed helplessly and said earnestly, "Cora, I'm doing this for your own good. Eating these food on the street is not healthy and is not good for yourself. If you don't have money, I can give you money. If you don't want to go far, I can also send you there. What if you get sick because of eating this?"

Although what he said made sense, Cora cursed in her heart, 'Bullshit! It's okay to eat for so many years, and I don't eat it every day. I'm not a rich man. How could I go to a five star hotel every day and eat the so-called nutritious food?'

Well, now that Winson could invite her to dinner, she didn't want to make a fuss about it anymore. But the cold noodles just now was a food anyway. Cora felt it was a pity to waste them like this.

Soon, the car stopped in front of a western restaurant.

The hostess who was waiting at the door politely said, "Mr. Winson, are there only two people today? What seat do you want? "

"Well, by the window, find a quiet one with fewer people." Winson also made his request.

It seemed that Winson was an acquaintance here, but it was hard to say whether he had invested in it or not. When Cora was in China, she found that although Winson didn't take up any role in some companies, he had invested them as a shareholder, including catering and real estate.

Without much curiosity, Cora followed Winson in. The environment of the western restaurant was dim. In other words, it was a little romantic. There were also professional violinists and pianists playing here. Even if it was not for the delicious food here, it was a kind of enjoyment to listen to music.

Without even looking at the menu, Winson ordered the waiter something, leaving no choice for Cora. Well, she was not a picky eater. Winson could order what he wanted.

The dishes were served very quickly. Just as Cora looked around the whole restaurant, an exquisite steak appeared in front of her eyes. It looked delicious and unique. Looking at such a large piece of meat, everyone wanted to have a big meal.

"Let's eat, Cora. I chose it for you specially. This meat is the best, tender, delicious and nutritious. It's much cleaner and healthier than what you eat outside. " Winson warmly introduced to Cora. Seeing that Cora didn't show any resistance, he was already very happy.

Without any hesitation, Cora picked up the knife and fork

directly. "Winson, I've been working all day and want to go back to have a rest. If you're really free, you can ask your friend to go with you. “

'What do I want those rough men for?' Winson complained in his heart. Winson, who had no experience in chasing girls, was a little anxious. In the past, it was those women who came to him voluntarily, and he had never met a woman as unromantic as Cora.

Seeing that he couldn't persuade Cora, Winson lowered his head like an abandoned homeless dog and said weakly, "Cora, you really don't think it over? It's still early. Otherwise, you don't have to work. I can afford to raise you. “

At this moment, Winson's words touched a sensitive point of Cora. For Cora, besides Jelly, work was an important guarantee for her life. Especially after all these years of experience, she also knew the importance of work to a woman.

Cora had seen too many women give up their jobs for the sake of their families. As housewives, they were not as energetic as they were when they were working after losing their jobs. Cora didn't want to be such a person. She didn't want to live like an old man of seventy or eighty years old at such a young age.

"What? Although I don't have much money than you, I still don't need you to support me. It's better for us to have a clear line. I don't need you to support me, and we only need to sign the divorce agreement, right? " Cora sneered.

Why did she mention the divorce again? With a headache, Winson hurriedly explained, "No, Cora, listen to me. I just think that you are too tired. I don't want you to be so tired. Besides, we haven't divorced yet. It's my responsibility to raise you."

No matter how much Winson said, Cora didn't want to continue the conversation. She felt that there was a huge gap between her and Winson in their thoughts and values conception. They were not the same kind of people.

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