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   Chapter 94 Having A Baby

Hidden Marriage: Sweetie, No Way To Run Away By Xiaoxiao Yunduoer Characters: 10318

Updated: 2020-09-21 00:02

"That's right. Both your father and I miss you, so we decide to go home. Seeing that you two get along well with each other, mom is also very happy. You and Winson should hurry up and give birth to a fat baby, then we will have no wishes." Said Belinda sincerely.

To be honest, when she was young, she seldom went out to play with Winson's father. It was not easy for Winson's father to finally give his work to Winson. After Winson got married, they didn't have any worries. They went out to travel for two reasons. One was to make up for their regrets when they were young, and the other was that they couldn't walk around in front of the two young couples. It was not good to disturb their relationship.

The reason why parents of the Chu family could think of so many things were all forced by their eldest son, Winson. Winson had not been married yet at such an age, but only knew about work. It was not easy for Winson to get married, and they didn't hurry to give birth to a baby, so the parents of Chu family didn't wan

when he looked at the package, Winson felt that it was not clean at all, so he decided to have a good meal with Cora.

Seeing the woman get into the car obediently, Winson suddenly said, "Cora, give me the thing in your hand. Cora looked at Winson in confusion. What did Winson want to do with the cold noodles?

Seeming to see the confusion in her eyes, Winson didn't explain and said again, "Just give me the thing. Don't think too much. “

It was not valuable, so Cora slowly handed it to Winson. Winson took it over and threw it into the trash can outside the car window. It was threw into trash can perfectly without any hesitation.

Seeing Winson's behavior, Cora's face darkened. "Winson, are you crazy? Why did you throw my food away? Do you know that you are wasting food? It's shameful to waste food. I want to get off the car. Open the door for me. “

Cora was furious. She had thought about what Winson would do, but when she saw what Winson had thrown her thing, Cora regretted giving it to him so easily.

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