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   Chapter 29 Invitation

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John was not prepared at all. As a result, the president was on a whim and wanted to make trouble for the Shen Group. God fought and mortals suffered. The subordinate for making plan seemed to be busy in the future.

As soon as he received the task, John e-mailed it to the director of the relevant department in charge of planning, and then added the threat of the president.

Therefore, on the second day, when the executive finally woke up and went to work in the company, he almost fainted after reading the e-mail. Oh my God, the last bidding document was not finished yet, and now there was another one. The company did not understand them at all, and they would be deducted money if they weren't successful.

In the bar, Serena patted on Nanson's shoulder and said as if she had experienced something, "I can tell that the girl has no feelings for you. To put it bluntly, you are a back-up. Handsome man, why don't you consider me? I like you very much."

When Nanson was telling the story, he was drunk by Serena. His eyes began to be blurred. He looked at the person who was patting his shoulder. 'Was it Cora? Did she come to me?'

His mind was in a mess now. Nanson didn't remember where he had been. He fell on the table and got drunk.

'Alas, it's really not easy for the man. The story sounds very sad, but I'm sorry. I took money.'

Serena was moved, but people like her, who had been in different places, knew better that she couldn't touch something, such as the man in front of her.

Serena's phone vibrated. She picked it up and said, "after it's done, all of your mother's medical fees will be paid. Remember, if you expose yourself, you won't get a penny."

The reminder in the message made Serena calm down. Although the handsome man was good, her mother was more important. Serena helped up the drunk Nanson and said, "let's go. I'll take you home since you're so drunk. Come on, let's go."

In the eyes of the people beside, there was no doubt that girlfriend took her drunken boyfriend home, and the man was also supported unresistingly.

'Yes, it's so late now. I have to go home. I have to go to see Cora tomorrow.' Nanson cooperated with Serena mostly because he thought that he would go to see Cora tomorrow.

Serena took a taxi and dragged Nanson to a hotel nearby. She planned to get a room and continue her task.

When they were going through the formalities, the receptionist looked at Serena suspiciously. Serena smiled at Nanson and said, "honey, look at you. You are so drunk. Others think you are kidnapped by me."

No wonder the receptionist doubted. Serena and Nanson were both good-looking. They looked like a perfect match without looking at the clothes. The problem was that Serena wore sexy and revealing clothes tonight, which didn't match Nanson who was in casual style.

Especially the fragile look on Nanson's face after getting drunk, which made Serena look like a human trafficker. But they were guests, the receptionist didn't want to make trouble. So she opened a room for Serena.

In the hotel room, Serena threw Nanson on the bed as soon as she entered. It was really heavy. She didn't exercise at ordinary times, and she was already exhausted by supporting him. Thinking of what would happen next, Serena felt a little headache.

The man on the phone said that Serena must make the girl that the man in front of her liked misunderstood him, and it would be better if she and Nanson had some intimate photos.

It was not the first time for Serena to do such a thing. But looking at the fragile look on Nanson's handsome face, Serena was a little unable to do it, but her mother still needed the surgery fee. How could she be merciful at this time?

"Ring, ring, ring..." The phone in the man's pocket rang and vibrated, trying to wake up the drunken man. Serena thought of a chance.

Taking out his phone from Nanson, Serena looked at the name on the screen and knew that it was the person she was looking for. She swiped the answer key and answered the phone, her heart still beating fast.

After taking a shower, Cora tossed and turned on the bed. She couldn't fall asleep all night. All she could think of was Nanson, the sad look and the slap she had given him. Cora looked at the phone on the bedside table.

She sighed. Maybe she should make it clear to Nanson. If it went on like this, they couldn't even be a friend. She dialed the number of Nanson. This time, by accident, the call was connected.

Just now, when Nanson was drinking, he didn't answer the phone even though Cora called him all the time and the phone was ringing and vibrating in his pocket. He was afraid of hearing refusal, so he didn't answer it. It was his best choice.

This time, the call pushed Nanson and Cora far away from each other. They could only be friends. After that, Nanson had always regretted for his impulse.

As soon as Serena answered the phone, she ran to the bathroom and turned on the shower head. Soon she came out of the bathroom and said sweetly, "Hello, who are you?"

While Cora was still wondering why the phone was rustling, she heard a woman's charming voice. Her mind went blank, and then she was embarrassed. Nanson... Cora was in disbelief.

Pretending to be calm, she asked, "Hello, I'm his friend. Who are you? Why do you have Nanson's phone?" Cora still doubted, Nanson was not that kind of person.

It seemed that the person on the other end of the phone was a little vig

ilant, but so what? This kind of thing could never be explained with words clearly. Serena said coquettishly, "so you are looking for Nanson. He is taking a shower now and it's not convenient for him to answer the phone. Do you need me to tell him for you?"

No wonder she heard the sound of water pouring down just now. Cora smiled bitterly in her heart. At this moment, she didn't know what to say, as if she had been slapped hard on her face, telling herself that there would not be a man who would tolerate a woman who had been hesitant like her.

'Nanson...she call him so intimately. They must be acquaintances. Forget it. Perhaps he is impatient with me. Five years' waiting should have worn out his patience. I don't have to make things difficult for him. Isn't it a good thing?'

Thinking of this, Cora said calmly, "no, you don't have to tell him that I called. I'm sorry to bother you. Goodbye." Cora hung up the phone and kept this posture for a long time.

Serena knew that she had succeeded, and the other party misunderstood them. But the employer said that she must take an intimate photo and send it to him.

As soon as the phone was hung up, Serena immediately took off the coat of Nanson, and her back exposed. She took a photo of the phone and sent it to the other party, who also transferred a sum of money to her.

After completing the task, Serena looked at the drunken man on the bed and apologized again in her heart. She had no choice, she needed money.

After deleting the call records in Nanson's mobile phone and helping Nanson put on his clothes, Serena finally took a look at him and made sure that there was nothing wrong. Then she left the hotel, as if she had never been here.

Under the moonlight, Cora's face looked a little pale. What was she thinking about? Wasn't the distance between the two people just right? Before she thought too much, her phone rang, showing an unknown number. She frowned and answered it.

She guessed that it was a sales or fraud call, but she didn't expect that it was the annoying man, Winson.

"Woman, what are you doing?" Winson's voice was very brisk. In a simple greeting, Cora actually sensed "happy". Was Winson crazy?

Thinking of this, Cora said viciously, "it's so late. I'll go to bed. See a doctor if you're sick. If there's nothing else, I'll hang up."

Winson was in a good mood and wanted to invite Cora to a dinner party with him. After all, as his wife, he should take her with him. Winson subconsciously ignored the female companion he had found before.

Taking a deep breath, Winson said gently, "Cora, I want you to be my companion at the party. As my wife, it's your responsibility."

Hahaha... It seemed that Winson was seriously ill. He still wanted her to be his female companion as his wife. Cora knew that the female companion he had found at the lat dinner party was Blair. Winson thought she was blind. And he even mentioned about her responsibility as his wife. Whoever liked to go with him, she could go. But Cora didn't want to accompany him.

Cora mocked directly, "Did you take the medicine? I won't go. Go find your beauty. Bye." After saying that, Cora hung up the phone directly and turned it off. Then she closed her eyes and fell asleep. What a waste of time tonight!

Winson was hung up again. On his life, he had been hung up most by the woman named Cora. She was really special.

Then, Winson saw the so-called nude photo in the text. He was very satisfied with what Serena had done, so he asked John to give her a lot of money, and praised her for doing well.

In the morning, Cora, who couldn't sleep well all night, woke up early. The sun had just risen, and the sunlight sprinkled through the white gauze curtain and on the tiles. Cora walked out of the balcony. The air in the morning was always fresh. She took a deep breath, and there seemed to be a lot of burden in her heart.

'Anyway, you have to hold on for the sake of Jelly.' Cora encouraged herself silently. Over the years, she had been comforting herself by this sentence.

After washing her face and brushing her teeth, Cora dressed up a little. Today, she looked like an elite woman in a business suit and a small suit.

"Beep." As soon as she went out, she heard a car honking at her. She looked through the window and vaguely saw Winson sitting inside.

'It's really annoying. I have to see something dirty in the early morning. What a bad luck recently!' Cora didn't pay attention to the horn, but walked in the opposite direction of the car, as if the owner of the car was not calling her.

In front of this woman, Winson always forgot his arrogance. He lowered his standard again and again, like a child who had always been flattering adults.

"Hey, do you think you can walk faster or I drive faster?" Winson drove the car to the side of Cora and slowly followed her.

Sure enough, she couldn't escape. Pretending to be surprised, Cora looked at Winson and said, "Oh? It turns out to be Mr. Winson. What a coincidence! Do you also live here? What a coincidence! If there's nothing else, I'll go to work. "

Winson was amused by her pretentious look. "Cora, I think you have the potential to be an actress. How can you say these things seriously? You look so calm. I really admire you. "

"Ha ha, thank you for your praise." Without even turning her head to look at Winson, Cora kept looking ahead.

"Beep, beep..." Suddenly, a loud honk came from behind.

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