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   Chapter 28 Drown Sorrows In Wine

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"Okay, Mr. Winson. I'll arrange it recently." Although John didn't know much about love, he understood what Winson meant. Winson had made it so obvious.

Playing tricks was the best trick Winson could use. Since he was able to make a living in the business world to this extent, he had used a lot of methods. He really didn't believe that he couldn't deal with a mere Nanson.

Now that they were all out of the game, and Winson was very satisfied with Cora's performance, he happily let John drive home.

It was not until Cora ran home that she realized what she had done wrong. In fact, she didn't realize what had happened just now, but... At that time, she had done such a thing subconsciously...

Nanson must be extremely sad now. In fact, she had never thought of hurting Nanson. Nanson was so good to her that it was too late to repay him. How could she hit him...

The more Cora thought about it, the more she blamed herself. She felt that what she had done was wrong, and finally she couldn't resist her conscience. She wanted to call Nanson to apologize and explain by the way.

But she didn't expect that Nanson didn't answer her phone after calling several times. The more she thought about it, the worse she felt. It must be that Nanson was angry with her, so he didn't answer her phone. But what if... What if something happened to Nanson...

At the same time, Nanson was in a bar near the house of Cora.

The environment of the bar was quite quiet. It was dark and no one could see the expression on Nanson's face. Next door were men and women. They sat at the table in pairs, drinking, eating snacks, listening to singing and chatting.

Nanson looked lonely, which made him feel isolated from the world at this moment, as if he was the only person in this world.

He drank one glass after another. It was strange that the wine today was so bitter and he felt very uncomfortable. Nanson didn't know whether the wine had changed or he had changed.

He didn't even dare to recall what had just happened. He had thought about thousands of results, but he didn't expect such a result. Was it because he had always been too wishful thinking?

For a moment, Nanson felt that he had nowhere to escape. He just wanted to drink alone in the dark, hoping to forget all the unhappiness. When he woke up after getting drunk, he found that it was a dream.

"Hey, handsome man, why do you drink so bitterly alone?" A woman's voice came from beside Nanson.

He turned around and found a girl in a black tight strapless dress sitting next to him. She had a hot figure, but Nanson couldn't see her face clearly in the dim environment.

"Go and find someone else. I'm not in the mood to talk to others." Nanson refused the girl coldly. In the past, he might be interested in drinking and talking with these girls. But now, he was not in the mood.

The girl didn't give up so easily. After all, she had a task. She approached Nanson a little and asked, "what's wrong, handsome man? Why do you look unhappy? If you have something on your mind, it's not good to keep it in your heart. You just tell it to me."

As soon as she finished her words, the girl added, "Oh, by the way, my name is Serena Sun. What's your name?"

The endless chatter, like a fly, really annoyed Nanson, "can you stop arguing? Let me be quiet. I've let you find someone else. Don't annoy me."

Even if Nanson didn't want to put in a good word for her, Serena Sun didn't feel angry at all. She obeyed and didn't continue to add fuel to the fire, but she didn't leave either.

Nanson kept drinking, one after another. Serena Sun also drank with Nanson, but not as fast as Nanson.

Finally, Nanson couldn't stand it anymore, "what the hell do you want to do?"

"What's wrong? I didn't say anything. Why can't I drink here? Have you bought this seat? " Serena Sun retorted with reason. She had expected that Nanson would ask her such a question and she had already made up her mind.

This made Nanson feel that he couldn't refute. What she said was right. Others just sat on their seats and drank. Thinking for a while, Nanson still felt that something was wrong. He grumbled, "you women are so unreasonable that I don't understand you at all."

Seeing that there was a topic to talk about, Serena Sun seized the opportunity and immediately responded, "Women are actually very simple. It's all your men's fault. You are too stupid to coax women."

Nanson smiled bitterly. Was he too stupid? It was true, otherwise, it was impossible that he became like this now. "I think so. Maybe I was too stupid. Maybe I shouldn't have done something like that. Maybe I was wrong from the beginning."

It seemed that Nanson really had something on his mind. Before Serena Sun came here, she didn't know what had happened to Nanson, but looking at Nanson's expression, she knew that it was not easy to deal with Nanson.

The sexy strategy she had prepared seemed to be useless, so Serena Sun thought that the first step to make friends with him was to make him have a good impression of her and let down his guard against her, so that everything could go on.

"Why do you say yourself like that? Are you crossed in love? " Serena Sun speculated what Nanson had done.

Her words were deeply rooted in Nanson's heart. Was he lovelorn? But he had never been in love befo

re. It seemed a little strange to say he was crossed in love.

Without saying anything, Nanson filled another glass and drank it up in one breath. He was really drowning his sorrows in wine.

"Oh, stop drinking! How much have you drunk? " Serena Sun grabbed Nanson's glass in a hurry.

The whole table was full of the wine that Nanson had drunk. There were eight or nine empty bottles. After drinking so much, he was still not drunk. Serena Sun admired Nanson.

Although Serena Sun did this task for money, she was not so bad in mind. She could seduce Nanson, but she couldn't let others drink like this.

But all of a sudden, Serena Sun was held in Nanson's arms. Frightened, Serena froze and didn't dare to move. Not long after, she heard Nanson's intermittent and sobs sound.

Serena Sun's white and tender skin on her shoulder streaked across Nanson's slightly cold tears, as if she had been frozen. Her body trembled, and she looked down at the man who was holding her and crying bitterly. Her mood was somewhat subtle.

Oh, he cried just after a few words. It seemed that this handsome man was very sad tonight. Either he was dumped, or his confession failed. A person who didn't believe in love like Serena Sun was still touched by the love of this man in front of her.

Not long after Nanson sobbed, he murmured in Serena Sun's ear, "Cora... Cora, I really... Really... Love you... Why, why don't you feel it? "

Feeling the endless despair of Nanson from his last sentence, Serena Sun softened her heart and comforted him, "handsome guy, there are many beautiful women in the world. Why are you hanging on a crooked neck tree? You are handsome and you look rich. You..."

Before she could finish her words, Serena Sun was interrupted by Nanson. Nanson pushed her shoulder away and said angrily, "you are the crooked neck tree. You know nothing about such a beautiful person as Cora..."

Drunk, Nanson was a little dizzy. After drinking so much, he was not sober, but pretended to be calm. But whoever said something bad about Cora, Nanson immediately sobered up and retorted.

'I, I finally saw it clearly. You deserve to be dumped even if you are so handsome.' Serena Sun thought angrily, but she almost forgot that her task tonight seemed to be to get close to this man.

"All right, all right. It's my fault. I didn't see your Cora. How about this? Tell me what happened between you and your Cora. I'll analyze it for you." Serena said generously.

But what greeted Serena Sun was the questioning eyes of Nanson, which made Serena Sun laugh angrily. She said, "I'm a woman after all. It's better than you, a man, to guess blindly in your heart!"

As soon as Serena finished her words, the handsome man moved his doubtful eyes away and looked at her. Looking at the empty bottles piled up, he slowly told her his story.

Nanson was drowning his sorrows in wine. On the other side, the man, who was drinking red wine leisurely, was sitting on the sofa, listening to music in the room and enjoying the peace of the night.

Winson was in a good mood now. In fact, he didn't know why he was in such a good mood, so he attributed it to the "slap" play between Cora and Nanson.

'That woman had always said about true love, but in the end, she still had a dispute with that toy boy. Sure enough, compared with that toy boy, he was the most perfect one.' Winson thought.

Nanson's appearance was a big blow to Winson. Although he wanted to divorce at that time, it didn't mean that his wife was allowed to find another man. It meant that he was not as good as the toy boy named Nanson.

Winson was sure about his appearance and ability, but that woman turned a blind eye to it. He was such an excellent man, but she didn't fall in love with him. Winson was deeply frustrated.

In some ways, Winson always had one or two funny points. At that time, it was just because Cora brought Nanson that caused Winson to be interested in Cora now. If Cora had known it earlier, she would not have brought Nanson here.

Warm yellow light was on in the room. Under the light, Winson picked up the goblet and narrowed his eyes through the red wine, like a hunter, tightly locking his target.

Although Winson was young, he was no longer at the same level as Nanson. Therefore, it was natural for Nanson to be defeated by Winson.

What could cause misunderstandings between a man and a woman? It was no more than adding a third party. Winson might be confused when he faced with Cora, but he was not stupid at all when it came to dealing with people other than Cora.

Looking at the materials about Nanson investigated by John, Winson looked at ten lines at a glance. All of a sudden, he stopped at a place. "Shen Group Bidding". The bidding time was not over yet. It seemed that he could make trouble here.

Some bidding like this had been decided in advance, especially for Winson, who was in charge of companies in different fields and scales. He was familiar with this kind of thing. He called John and gave orders.

"John, I'm going to compete with Shen Group. Ask the subordinates to submit the bidding document as soon as possible within the prescribed time, and try their best to achieve the best. Only success is allowed. If the bidding fails, the annual bonus of this year will be reduced by half." Winson said coldly.

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