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   Chapter 27 Resistance

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"All right, all right. Cora, don't be angry." Nanson couldn't help but speak when he saw that Cora had been walking out of the restaurant with him hand in hand for a long time without stopping.

Hearing that, Cora suddenly turned around, her eyes round with anger. "Don't you think he is very childish? Why does he always do such childish things? What's wrong with him? "

Perhaps the woman didn't know much about men, but as a man, Nanson had a different feeling. "In fact, is it possible that Winson did such a childish thing because he cares about you?"

Men would only act so childish and lovely in front of what they liked and cared about, so Nanson also thought that Winson might have such an idea. Of course, in Nanson's heart, he still hoped that Winson would not have any interest in Cora.

Care? No, to be honest, Cora never felt this word from Winson. It was not a childish thing like a boy pulling a girl's hair when he was a child. Besides, would a playboy like Winson do such childish things?

Moreover, Winson just mocked her. Winson had scolded Cora the most in Cora's life. Sometimes, Cora even felt that she really was destined to not get along well with Winson, so they'd better make each other free.

However, what this guy liked to do most was to haunt her all the time. He could happen to meet her wherever she went. Cora was a little tired. Never mind. For the sake of Jelly, this grievance was nothing!

"It's impossible. Winson is not a child. If he really cares me, can he be with another women from time to time? Well, don't guess it, Nanson." Cora said with mocking and hopeless tone. After saying that, Cora was lost in thought.

In fact, Nanson was also puzzled. Sometimes, Winson showed so much disgust with Cora, but sometimes, Nanson could feel his care for Cora from Winson from time to time, just like what Winson did in the restaurant just now. Nanson couldn't tell why.

However, Nanson didn't dare to make a bet on whether Winson hated Cora or not. Therefore, no matter what, the measures Nanson took were to discredit Winson constantly.

Looking at the pensive look on Cora's face, Nanson suddenly felt that the woman in front of him was going to leave him. Since when did he and Cora become so ambiguous to each other.

In the face of such a stalemate, Nanson said thoughtfully, "Cora, I think too much. Don't think too much. Maybe when Winson meets you, he wanted to mock you. He just stated to hate you after being threatened by you before. So he wants to sneer at you as soon as he sees you."

'I'm sorry, Winson. No matter what kind of feeling you have for Cora, you are going to divorce. Cora can only belong to me in the end.' thought Nanson.

Cora shook her head violently, as if trying to get rid of the messy thoughts in her mind. 'Nanson was right. I offended Winson so ruthlessly, and Winson just wanted to mock me.

Well, Cora felt a little hungry. It's all Winson's fault. Cora didn't even have a bite when the dishes were served, but she left angrily because of Winson. Cora thought it with rubbing her stomach.

It seemed that Nanson could see that Cora was still hungry. From the way she touched her belly, Nanson quickly thought of where to eat and had a good dinner with Cora.

"Cora, we haven't had dinner yet. How about we go to another place? What do you think?" Suggested Nanson, hoping that Cora would agree with him. In this way, he could be closer to her.

Hearing Nanson's words, Cora was tempted, but after what Winson had done tonight, she felt that she wanted to be alone for a while, so she could only say sorry to Nanson. Nanson invited her to dinner, but she had to go back on her words. For this, she was a little guilty.

At this time, Nanson didn't know that his wish had been missed. He just stared at Cora and her face, lost in thought.

"Nanson, I'm sorry. Let's have dinner next time. It will be my treat. I'm really sorry to trouble you today." Embarrassed, Cora apologized to Nanson and scolded Winson in her heart.

Alas, what if Nanson doesn't want to agree with her? But now she have paid attention to what happened just now. Nanson just invited her to dinner, but was scolded so harshly by Winson. To be honest, Cora don't want to get Nanson involved.

Nanson didn't know what was on Cora's mind. What he knew now was that the girl he liked refused him, and more importantly, he doubted Cora have no feelings for him.

Therefore, it was so easy for Cora to say such polite words. Nanson was not reconciled. He wanted her to love him more than friends, not such a more polite relationship than friends.

For a long time, Nanson had thought that after Cora slowly felt his love, she would fall in love with him and then have a closer relationship with him. But tonight, he found that it was like a joke, mocking his self-assertion.

With a pale face, Nanson said in a hard voice, "Cora, since you don't want to have dinner with me, I'll drive you home." Nanson thought he also needed to calm down.

What Cora said gave him a sense of crisis.

Cora knew that Nanson would be angry, but she didn't want to say anything more. Deep in her heart, she cursed Winson all over. In a word, Winson was a scourge, and he came to scourge her.

Several years later, Cora would realize that Winson not only caused trouble for her at this time, but also for the rest of her life.

It was quiet in the car. Looking at Nanson in the night light, Cora didn't know if it was her illusion. She found that Nanson's face was gloomy, as dark as when dark clouds were filled with the city.

She trembled with fear, but when she thought of the care that Nanson had given her on daily life, she didn't want to think too much of him. Perhaps she had been under too much pressure recently.

Half an hour later, Nanson sent Cora to the community where she lived. "Here we are, Cora." Said Nanson calmly.

With a complicated look in her eyes, Cora raised her head and looked at Nanson. She might really hurt Nanson. But sometimes, she felt that Nanson was similar to Winson in some places.

She didn't like this feeling. She had been hungry for a long time, but she didn't have the desire to eat. Her mind was in a mess now. Cora nodded and was ready to get off the car.

She thanked Nanson politely, "Nanson, thank you for sending me home. I'm really sorry for what happened tonight." With a touch of alienation in her tone, Cora stared at Nanson.

How could he not sense the alienation from Cora's tone? Nanson thought helplessly. 'The anger on the way did not seem to give the person in front of him any pressure, but more alienation.'

Looking at Cora, Nanson said in a sad and pleading tone, "Cora, can you close your eyes?" Said Nanson hesitantly.

He was afraid that Cora would refuse him. In this relationship, the one who loved first bowed his head, and the one who was loved always had nothing to fear. Nanson was getting more and more unconfident in himself, but the name of Cora was like a brand, deeply imprinted in his heart.

Hearing the plea in Nanson's tone, Cora's heart softened. She had never seen this man so humble and helpless since she knew him. She slowly closed her eyes and agreed to his request.

She was worried that if Nanson would do something bold. After closing her eyes, Cora regretted being softhearted, but she was curious about what Nanson would do?

It seemed that Cora felt the warm breath, which stirred up a wave in her heart... Before Cora opened her eyes, Nanson gently kissed on her eyelids, like a dragonfly skimming the water.

"Clap..." The sound of slap echoed in the car, and a red mark appeared on Nanson's face. He quietly looked at the frightened woman in front of him, and his heart ached.

Although Cora knew that Nanson liked her, she could only say that she was not destined to be with Nanson. After giving birth to Jelly, Cora decided to be a single mother. She didn't believe in love when she was eighteen years old.

Cora fled away after Nanson was beaten by her. "Hehe, hehe, hehe..." The man's low voice sounded so sad in the dark night.

A man and a woman stayed in the same car. What could happen? Winson thought of all kinds of scenes that would happen on Cora and Nanson in his mind.

Winson thought, if he didn't come with Cora tonight, he didn't know how many "good things" his wife had done to him outside, and veins stood out on his forehead.

This was the first half of the scene in the car in the distance that Winson saw with a mobile telescope. His strong and slender hand smashed into the seat. Especially when Nanson kissed the Cora's eyelids, Winson exploded.

At this moment, Winson wanted to go straight over and get off the car so that Cora and Nanson could flirt with each other in public.

Sitting on the driver's seat, John could feel the CEO's anger, but he was not surprised that the CEO would get angry from time to time because of Miss. Cora. He calmly watched the CEO get angry.

After a while, he heard his boss shouting happily, "well done! This woman finally did the right thing. She is a little self-conscious."

Looking at the scene that Nanson was slapped in the face next, Winson was so happy that he burst into laughter. 'In the restaurant you acted as if you were the woman's boyfriend. Now you were slapped by her. You deserved it!'

After the play was over, Winson put down the telescope and said to John, "arrange someone for me to get close to the man beside that woman... Nan... Nanson, yes, it's him. "

Nanson didn't take Winson seriously at all. If it weren't for Cora, he wouldn't have been able to think of Nanson's name.

It was normal. There were tens of thousands of men from rich families like Nanson, but Winson expanded the Chu Group into one of the best in the world at such a young age. It was indeed unique.

After a pause, John asked, "Mr. Winson, what kind of person do you want to arrange?"

Winson glanced at John, as if he was looking at a fool, and said gloomily, "woman."

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