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   Chapter 25 Make Trouble (Part Two)

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Hearing that, Cora was stunned. She was moved and helpless by Bruce's behavior.

Since she was a grown-up and had to be protected by a little boy, Cora felt that she couldn't be stunned any more. She said to the director directly, "this matter has nothing to do with Bruce. I'm the main executive this time, and I should take the responsibility."

Before Bruce could say anything more, the director said helplessly, "you make me look like a bad person. Well, I can roughly guess what's going on. You don't have to apologize. Let it go."

Seeming to see the hesitation in the eyes of the two people, the director said crossly, "what's wrong? Our company is at least one of the best in the industry. A small star can afford to offend. Both of you go to do your own work. You are still staying here and want to annoy me?"

Cora and Bruce looked at each other and smiled. Then they thanked the director and left.

In fact, if they turned around, they could see the complicated expression on the director's face. The reason why she didn't ask them to apologize was that after Blair hung up the phone just now, another call came. It was from the assistant to the president of the Chu Group.

"Hello, is it the Cora's boss of Starry Newspaper?" John's voice was as calm as ever, like an emotionless robot reading the manuscript.

Why did someone say about Cora again? She just received a complaint call and just hung up. Why was there another one? The director really felt very tired. Why did Cora have so many troubles today?

But the director still said in a brisk tone, "Yes. Yes, I am. What can I do for you? Or do you need to find Cora? "

"Here is the thing. I guess someone will complain about Cora today. I hope you won't make difficulties for her. I will help you deal with the business of your company." John's calm words made the director a little unhappy.

The man didn't make his background clear, but he was quite arrogant. But he predicted the right thing, someone really came to complain about Cora, "who are you? You said you could help me if you wanted to. What if you trick me? "

The director blurted out his doubts. Anyway, the interests of the company were the most important. She shouldn't be so stupid to believe whatever others said.

It was not until then that John realized that he hadn't introduced himself, so he immediately added, "Hello, I'm John Cheng, the assistant of Mr. Winson from Winson Media. I wonder if my identity can make you believe me?"

Oh, my God! The director couldn't believe what she had heard. Everyone in the entertainment industry knew the Winson Media, the top of this industry, but... It was so strange that such a top company's boss wanted to protect Cora?

"Really? What's the relationship between Cora and you? Why did you do that? " The director still had doubts about the person on th

e phone. She thought that Cora was just an ordinary person and how could she deserve the help of the president's assistant.

"It doesn't matter if you believe me or not. Anyway, if you don't do as I say, you should take care of yourself." John didn't want to talk to the director anymore, so he hung up the phone after saying something harsh.

Then, John reported to his boss, who was sitting in front of him with his long legs crossed, "Everything has been ordered. It won't let Cora have any trouble."

Winson sat on his leather office chair, shaking from side to side. Winson was a little happy and excited. "Do you think that Cora would be surprised and happy to know that I protected her like this?"

John had never understood love. Sometimes, Winson's question would make John unable to answer.

"Mr. Winson, I think it's better for you to tell her directly. You have done so much in private. If she doesn't know it, then there is nothing to be touched or surprised about for her."

What John said was reasonable, but Winson smacked his lips and grumbled, "John, why don't you have any romance at all? Only by doing so in silence can the other party be more touching!"

This idea was totally incomprehensible for John. He could not understand what could have been straightforward, why Winson was so roundabout. However, he only needed to nod to admit what the president thought was right.

Of course, Cora and Bruce didn't know that Winson was behind all this.

They believed that the director had the right to do so, not to mention that they did not think Winson was such a kind person.

After that, Bruce was very happy and said to Cora, "Wow, our director is really a good person. We are really unlucky today to meet such a star and that rogue president."

Anyway, Bruce still felt very angry about what happened today. He felt that he was unable to protect Cora, and suddenly felt that he was still like a child.

"Well, our work all day long is in vain. We can't use the interview of Blair anymore. We have to replace her interview with other materials in the new season's magazine. You have time to talk about it here?"

Cora didn't want to keep thinking about what happened today. She still had a lot of things to do.

Hearing what Cora said, Bruce didn't say anything more and went to work as Cora said.

It was not an easy thing to change the substitute news all of a sudden. Everything such as the draft, had to be written again.

Over two days, Cora was busy with this matter. She kept collecting materials to see if there were any resources that hadn't been released before, and then rearranged them.

Although Bruce had helped Cora, he was still inexperienced. Many things needed to be done by Cora in person, and the release date was approaching. Therefore, today, Cora worked overtime in the company again.

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