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   Chapter 24 Make Trouble (Part One)

Hidden Marriage: Sweetie, No Way To Run Away By Xiaoxiao Yunduoer Characters: 5775

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The two didn't see that a Bentley car was quietly parked on the road not far away. The man in the car was tightly holding the car plate, and the sound of grinding teeth came from his mouth.

Looking at the "intimate" behavior of Cora and Bruce, Winson was so angry that he laughed. 'Well, this woman was really... She flirted with other man even before we got divorced. First, Nanson, and now this toy boy. But how could she dare to blame him because of this?'

After starting the car in his hand, Winson drove to the direction of Cora and Bruce. The car came to them and stopped.

The car looked a little familiar for Cora, like that man's car. But wasn't Winson still flirting with Blair in Blair's house?

To a certain extent, Winson and Cora had the same thought on this matter.

The black car window slowly rolled down, revealing the man's handsome side face. Winson looked at Cora and said viciously, "you look so embarrassed. You don't look like a woman at all. You're so ugly." After saying that, a cloud of exhaust gas was left in front of Cora and Bruce.

"Winson, how could a mean man like you exist? It's a waste of air. You stop!" Cora was confused with anger. Winson had gone too far.

Hearing the exasperated voice of the woman behind, Winson in the car was in a better mood. Sure enough, a good mood should be built on the bad mood of others.

As for stopping, forget it. Anyway, he have plenty of time to deal with this woman. He haven't settled accounts with her for what happened before. Divorce is not so simple. 'Cora, I won't let you go easily.'

As soon as Bruce felt that Cora's body was shaking violently, he quickly said, "Cora, you must calm down now. Let's go to the doctor to deal with it first. After that, you can do whatever you want to do. I won't stop you."

Why did his boss become a little horrible when she saw this man? The confusion in Bruce's heart surged. He felt it was like the feeling when Cora received the phone call before. Was it from this man? Bruce guessed the truth.

Cora gritted her teeth and said fiercely, "let's go to the hospital." She didn't want to argue with such a shameless guy. Cora calmed down and ridiculed her bad mood.

All of a sudden, everything went back to normal. Cora knew that even if she was very angry and furious now, she couldn't fight against Winson now. Winson was like a Colossus, and what she needed was to safely live under the watch of Winson before divorce.

Bruce drove Cora to a nearby hospital for treatment. After the examination, the doctor told Cora not to do strenuous exercise, and there was basically no big problem.

After the hospital, the two of them went back to the company to sort out the interview records collected today, and then handed them to the editor in chief.

As soon as they entered the office, they were scolded by the director, "you are too unco

ntrolled. You have offended the interviewers not long after you came to the company. Now, Miss. Blair comes to complain you two. She said you had a bad attitude, go and apologize to her."

Blair? Hearing what the director said, Cora and Bruce were a little confused. Before they could react, Hermine came over and saw that Cora was scolded. She sneered.

"That's right. Miss. Blair is a famous star after all. How could you two be so shameless to lose your temper in front of her?"

Although the director was a little disappointed in Cora who was responsible for the interview, considering that she was still a capable person, she couldn't bear to see Cora being criticized, so she scolded Hermine, "is it because you don't have much work to do? Are you the director or me? Go to work."

Hermine blushed with embarrassment. Although she was angry at the director's words, she forced a smile and said, "I'm sorry, director. You just do your work. I have to go now." Then she left the office in a hurry.

Hearing Hermine's words, Cora and Bruce came to their senses. Although Cora knew that the director was angry now, she still wanted to figure out the situation. She asked in confusion, "director, when did we offend Miss. Blair."

'Maybe it was because of Winson?' This thought flashed through the mind of Cora, and Bruce also thought of it. When the two looked at each other, they were more sure, otherwise, why did Blair pick on them.

'Did she wronged them?' The director also calmed down after being asked by Cora. Now she thought that she had convicted them before she figured out the situation. However, even if she was wrong, she would not admit it.

Knowing that she was a little arbitrary, the director softened her tone. She explained to Cora and Bruce about the complaint that Blair called just now, saying that they had asked something that they shouldn't have asked and offended her guests.

After hearing what the director said, Cora's impression of Winson was even worse. As expected, no good thing would happen in the place where Winson appeared. Moreover, she didn't want to have more contact with Winson because of Jelly, fearing that it would expose Jelly.

However, according to the complaint from the phone this time, it turned out that Blair was a person who sought revenge for the smallest grievance. Even if Cora apologized in person, she would not be forgiven. Moreover, she was just implicated by Winson.

Rubbing her eyebrows, Cora felt a little headache, but she heard the voice of Bruce. He, who was eighteen years old, just came out of the society and took the responsibility for him with a childish voice. He said seriously:

"Director, it's none of Cora's business. It's me who asked the question. That's why Miss. Blair was angry. Besides, it's me who offended her guest. Cora is always gentle. How could she offend someone?"

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