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   Chapter 23 Sprained Ankle

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Winson didn't know why he hoped more that Cora could do something, such as making a scene or getting angry. He didn't want it to be such a calm and strange feeling now.

"It's improper for a man to be intimate with a woman. I hope Mr. Winson can let go of me." Taunting Winson with beautiful words, Cora showed a polite smile on her face at the same time.

But Winson grasped her hand more tightly. "What if I say I don't? What can you do? "

It seems that Winson is going to make trouble. Bruce doesn't know the relationship between the two people. He thought that Winson was going to act like a hoodlum to Cora, so he grabbed Winson's arm and said, "Mr. Winson, what are you doing? I advise you to let go of my boss as soon as possible. "

Winson raised his eyebrows and looked at the good-looking Bruce. How nice to be young and energetic, which was indeed full of positive energy! Then he turned to stare at Cora and said, "what's wrong? Is this your toy boy? It seems that he really cares about you. Where did you find him? You really have a good taste. "

In fact, it didn't matter how Winson attacked her. But Cora just couldn't stand him attacking such a simple Bruce, not to mention that Bruce was innocent. In order not to make Bruce be hurt, Cora had to let Bruce go back first.

"Bruce, leave me alone. Wait for me in the car with taking the things. I'll handle it. "

Bruce was a little surprised that Cora would ask him to leave. His eyes were full of unwillingness to leave and he wanted to protect her.

But Cora said again, "listen to me. You go first. "

In the end, Bruce had no choice but to leave this place reluctantly, keeping turning around on the way.

"Why are you so protective of your toy boy? Are you afraid that I will hurt him? " Winson's eyes were filled with anger, as if he didn't like the two people loving each other so much in front of him.

After Bruce completely left, Cora couldn't hold back her anger any more. She shouted at Winson, "Don't be so shameless to call him toy boy. I'm not like you. I don't have so many rumors. He just does his job obediently. I don't want him to be attacked by you without sake."

Winson sneered, "really? Who said she would find her true love back then? How? Where is your true love now? "

Back then, when Cora brought Nanson in, she said that Nanson was her true love. After that, Winson had investigated. After Cora went abroad, Nanson had been at home all the time and hadn't seen any scandal between Nanson and Cora. At this time, Winson was sure that Cora just used Nanson as an excuse.

However, it was also a question how Cora knew Nanson. Winson thought that Nanson also had bad intentions. There were so many beautiful girls, how could Nanson be willing to love Cora.

"Let go of me. I have nothing to tell you." Cora felt that she couldn't win verbally against Winson, and there was no need to waste her time here.

"That's right, Winson. Why are you holding her hand? Aren't we going to the party?" After watching the drama for a long time, Blair finally felt something was wrong and quickly pulled the two apart.

All of a sudden, Winson turned around and glared at Blair. His fierce eyes were like wolves that Blair had never seen before. For a moment, Blair also felt a little scared. She didn't dare to continue to obstruct Winson, so she quietly put down her hand and hid behind Winson, not daring to speak.

"Hey, are you jealous?" Suddenly, Winson suddenly asked Cora.

This confused Cora. "Am I jealous? Why should I be jealous? It's none of my business. You just do what you want to do. You are the president of the Chu Group. I can't control you. "

The words were normal. Somehow, Winson felt they were a little jealous and arrogant. Perhaps in Cora's heart, she was jealous of his behavior. After all, the two of them hadn't officially divorced yet.

In Cora's opinion, it was not a good idea to waste more time with Winson. This man always had a lot of inexplicable words, so when Winson wasn't on his guard, Cora took a hard bite on Winson's hand. Feeling the pain, Winson took a deep breath and loosened his strength.

Noticing the right time, Cora pushed Winson hard, then she finally got rid of him and walked without looking back. She didn't want to talk to Winson anymore, fearing that she would be caught by Winson again if she stayed one more second.

"Hahaha..." The man's deep laughter came from not far away. Without thinking, Cora knew it must be the laughter of that arrogant man, Winson. It sounded very annoying. Fortunately, the interview was almost over, and she didn't want to come here again.

It was a terrible day today. She just went out to interview a female star with a little fame, Blair. But unexpectedly, she met this annoying man. To put it bluntly, as long as she came back, Winson seemed to haunt on her life from time to time like a ghost.

This meeting also made Cora want to speed up the divorce. Now she was not sure the possibility that Jelly would meet Winson. No, no one could take her child away.

Seeing the woman leaving in a hurry, Winson didn't stop smiling until Cora's figure disappeared. No-one knew he was thinking in his mind. 'This woman was still the same as before, and she didn't like him as much as before.

There was no hurry. He was

no longer the one who had a flaw 5 years ago.' Thinking of the woman's threat to him, Winson recalled the few grievances he had suffered at that time.

It had to be admitted that Cora was the woman Winson had been interested in for so many years. He had looked at her photo in John's phone before, and now she was more gentle than she was five years ago.

But the annoying thing was that this woman exploded as soon as she saw him, as if she had eaten a bomb. Where was her softness of the photo? He still remembered that his parents always praised this woman, saying that she was a family friendly woman, but how could he not feel it?

Winson had no idea at all that since the first time he saw her, he had been mean to Cora. In addition, he had done a lot of bad things to her later. How could Cora expect such a man to be better?

Hiding behind Winson, Blair's eyes were full of jealousy. Anyone could see that Winson had a different attitude towards the woman just now.

Perhaps Winson kept saying something that pissed the woman off on his mouth, but Winson didn't notice the tenderness and joy in his eyes when he saw the woman. This was something that Blair rarely saw in Winson.

However, what made Blair most depressed was that the man, she needed to please, was not worth mentioning in the eyes of the woman, who interviewed her. Why!

Although Blair was unconvinced on her heart, a charming smile appeared on her face. Twisting her waist, she walked up to Winson, put her arms around the man's neck and said in a charming voice, "Winson, you were so mean to me just now. I was a little scared."

The coquettish voice of Blair didn't stir up any waves in Winson's heart. On the contrary, he thought that the female companion that John had chosen for him was getting more and more vulgar, and John had chosen this woman for a dinner party.

If John had known what Winson was thinking, he would have cried out for injustice. Wasn't the CEO's taste always asking the woman to be good-looking, with a curvaceous figure? Blair was very suitable for Winson's requirement.

Winson raised Blair's chin with his slender fingers and smiled wickedly, which made Blair's heart beat wildly like a deer. But what Winson said next made her feel like she was in an abyss.

"Since you are so scared, there is no need for us to continue. You don't have to go to the banquet. I think you won't be afraid anymore." Blair couldn't believe what he had said such cold words.

Unwilling to give up, Blair slightly twitched the corners of her mouth and said reluctantly, "Win... Winson, you... Are you... Are you kidding me? If I did something wrong, I can correct it. "

The man pulled away her hands from his neck with a casual smile on his face. When he left, he gave a cold look and said to Blair, "do you think I'm joking?"

Then, Winson left the house of Blair. Knowing that she had lost hope to keep Winson, Blair was furious and her eyes were full of viciousness. She would never let go of that woman. Just wait and see.

What Cora didn't know was that Winson had made her offend an enemy all of a sudden. It was an undeserved catastrophe.

Bruce was waiting for Cora in the car. Not knowing if it was because of the hot weather, Bruce became anxious after waiting for a few minutes.

He thought he shouldn't have put Cora there. That man seemed to know her, but he was tall and strong. What if that man accidentally hurt Cora?

Slowly, the pitiful look of Cora began to appear in his mind. Bruce was even more anxious. When he was about to get off the car to "rescue" Cora, he saw a slim figure coming from afar.

The woman came over very quickly, but she still looked so elegant. Bruce recognized the woman at the first sight. He was relieved, got out of the car and ran over.

"Ahhh!" 'How annoying! How could there be such a narcissistic man in the world? He always felt that she would like him, as if it was right that everyone liked him. How could he say she was jealous about it? It was impossible! What was wrong with the man?'

While mocking Winson in her heart, Cora walked faster and faster. Without looking at the road, her shoes stuck in the drain of the community and fell on the cement ground.

It hurt so much. This was what Cora was thinking at the moment. Winson and his complaints were not as painful as her pain at the moment.

"Cora, Cora, are you okay?" As soon as Bruce ran over, he was frightened to see his boss fall to the ground. He asked anxiously and quickly found the injured part of Cora. Her ankle was red and swollen, and with fair skin, which looked pitiful.

The pain spread directly to Cora's brain. When she wanted to move, she was stopped by Bruce. In her eyes, Bruce was like a boy all the time. But now, he looked at her and said seriously, "Cora, don't move."

Hearing that, Cora became scared all of a sudden. Seeing the serious look on Bruce's face, Cora felt like a primary school student seeing the dean. She stopped moving and said fawningly, "Bruce, don't be so fierce. I know I was wrong. I won't move anymore."

Bruce knew that it was because of the pain that Cora wanted to move around. He said crossly, "Cora, you've sprained your ankle. Be careful. Let's go to the hospital first."

Cora nodded and asked Bruce to carry her to the car.

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