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   Chapter 22 Meet Again After Long Separation

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Every time at this time, Cora always felt that status and money were so useful, just like Winson, who was completely like the FBI detective. If he wanted to know her phone number, he could know it. If he wanted to know where she was, he also could make it. Sometimes, Cora really felt that she had no personal space and freedom.

This woman was really like a little pepper, which made Winson more excited. "Ah, why you haven't changed your temper in the past few years? How you doing? Did you change your mind and want to make up with me again? "

"Bah!" Cora really didn't understand how this man could say such shameless words. "Don't be daydreaming. It is a right time for you to find me, I just wanted to look for you too! You have done a lot of 'good' things in the past five years. We should get divorced, right? "

It was not until Cora became a domestic reporter that she realized that Winson didn't take her seriously at all in the past few years. The gossip about him was too much, and only a few women had nothing to do with him. Winson was really good at it. How could he be such an annoying man?

The angrier Cora was, the happier Winson was. "Then you can't make a decision without my permission, honey ~" Winson said with a smile.

After saying that, Winson immediately hung up the phone. Cora was so angry that she threw the phone on the table, unable to refute.

It was the first time that Bruce He, Cora's assistance had seen such a violent Cora, who was always gentle and affectionate in his eyes. He asked timidly, "Cora... You... What's wrong with you? Are you OK? How about... How about I get you some water to make you be calm? "

Bruce He was a new employee of the company. He was a fresh graduate. As soon as he came to the company as an intern, the director assigned him to Cora and asked Cora to take him to work.

Fortunately, Bruce He was innocent, kind-hearted and loyal. He was 1.8 meter tall and looked sunny and handsome. But sometimes he was cute, which made Cora think he was still a child.

Hermine Hu, a colleague who happened to pass by, saw this scene and couldn't help laughing. "Bruce, I guess she is going through menopause ahead of time. Don't provoke her."

The colleague, Hermine Hu, had worked in the company for a few years and had some experience. When she was about to be promoted, she was interrupted by the daughter of the boss. Now she had a strong enemy, who was said to compete with her for the position. Therefore, Hermine Hu had a bad impression of Cora from the very beginning.

What's more, Cora was a beautiful woman. Even if she gave birth to a child, time did not change her much. And Hermine Hu was also one of the top beauties in the company. She was enchanting, and many men were fascinated by her beautiful eyes.

Therefore, in the company, there were some inexplicable hostility between Hermine Hu and Cora. The war between women always started quietly like this.

Cora took a deep breath and closed her eyes tightly. After a while, she opened her eyes and said, "I'm fine, Bruce. I just met a scumbag and got a little angry!"

"Who is it? How dare it teases you? Does it want to die? Tell me, I'll teach him a lesson. " After saying that, Bruce He rolled up his sleeves, pretending to be aggressive, as if he really wanted to revenge.

Seeing the funny action of Bruce He, Cora couldn't help laughing. Just now, her anger was alleviated a lot. With a smile in her eyes, she said in a spoiled tone, "well, Bruce, stop it. Are we going to interview a star this afternoon?"

After reading the memo immediately, Bruce He nodded and said, "yes, yes. The director sent us to visit the female star, Blair Yuan."

Blair Yuan was a female star who had just started her career. She was not very famous before. It seemed that she became popular after something happened. So the director sent Cora to visit her and made an exclusive interview to draw more attention.

"All right. Let's go to her home after lunch." While packing up, Cora arranged the schedule.

She was really busy as a reporter. She had to go out every day, and she was always responsible for these news of gossips. In fact, she was a little impatient, but she had to listen to her boss as she was just an employee.

After having a fast food in front of Blair Yuan's house, Bruce He and Cora came to visit. Blair Yuan's home was located in a high-end neighborhood and the environment was good.

"Hello, I'm a reporter from the Starry Newspaper. We have an appointment for an exclusive interview." When Cora rang the doorbell, she introduced her purpose.

After a while, the door was opened and a woman in a red cheongsam appeared in front of them. She was tall, showing the beauty of the cheongsam perfectly. Her long white legs and busty breasts made Bruce He blush.

For a moment, Bruce He didn't know where to look at, feeling that it was inappropriate for him to look anywhere.

"It seems that Miss. Blair has something important to deal with. How about we visit you another day?" Looking at the half make-up on Blair Yuan's face, Cora kindly put forward a better suggestion.

But she didn't expect that Blair Yuan would re

fuse her at once. "No, thanks. I don't have time later. You just ask now. Don't beg me for an exclusive interview at last."

Judging from her arrogant tone, Cora knew that Blair Yuan must have a bad temper. She was so arrogant just with a little bit famous. Forget it, Cora thought she just needed to do her own thing step by step.

As soon as Cora and Bruce He sat on the sofa and asked Blair Yuan according to the contents of the notebook. In front of the dresser, Blair Yuan had been working on the cosmetics and smearing them on her face. The exquisite makeup was shown little by little.

Most of the content of the interview was set by the editor in chief, and only a part of the questions were added by Cora. She finally asked the last question.

Holding the attitude of being able to finish the work earlier, Cora became more anxious. "Miss. Blair Yuan, recently it's said that you have a boyfriend. Is it true? "

But this was the only question that could make the action of Blair Yuan stop. The impatient expression on her face suddenly disappeared, and then replaced by a blush on her face.

Like all the girls in love, there was a trace of shyness and happiness on the corners of her mouths. And this kind of expression was very familiar to Cora. When she was eighteen years old, she met someone she liked, and it was the same look.

Blair Yuan lowered her head and smiled, as if she was looking forward to the happiness in the future. "Boyfriend? They were just good friends before... Maybe I will have a real boyfriend at tonight. By that time, I will be much richer than I am now. "

As a new journalist, Bruce He immediately sensed the gossip and asked, "Miss. Blair Yuan, what do you mean by that? Who is your so-called boyfriend? "

Just as Blair Yuan was about to answer, the doorbell rang. Blair Yuan became happier. After looking at herself in the mirror to make sure that she was perfect, she walked to open the door and said with a smile, "Oh, my future boyfriend must have come to pick me up..."

Both Cora and Bruce He thought that they could get some explosive news from their visit. Maybe it was the first hand.

But when Blair opened the door, the person in front of Cora shocked her.

The familiar face, which had not appeared in front of her for a few years, was still tall and straight, and the domineering aura was more than a few years ago. He was less childish and got steadier.

"Winson, why are you here so early? I'm still having an interview, "said Blair Yuan in a coquettish voice to Winson.

Moreover, her hands were restless. Her slender and white fingers were wandering in front of Winson's chest. The atmosphere was full of ambiguity, completely ignoring the presence of Cora and Bruce He.

Winson didn't mind Blair''s behavior at all like this. He continued to flirt with Blair Yuan without blushing. "I'm free. So come early to pick up the beauty. Isn't it good? Don't you like me to pick you up? "

Blair Yuan immediately shook her hand and denied, "of course not! Winson is so kind to me. I'm so happy. How could I not like you pick me up? "

"Ahem." Cora couldn't bear such a greasy scene, so she reminded them that there was an outsider here.

A few years ago, she had seen the dubious relationship between Ivy and Winson, and today, she had seen the affair between Blair Yuan and Winson. In her opinion, this man was really bad. She didn't know how many women he had an intimate relationship with.

However, Bruce He didn't know anything and asked directly, "is this Miss. Blair Yuan's future boyfriend as you just mentioned?"

Bruce He still remembered this man. He often appeared on the cover of the gossip magazines. Winson had been involved in a lot of scandals. It was rare to see him today. Sure enough, he was still as dissolute as usual.

It was not until then that Winson realized that such a coincidence could have happened to meet with Cora. But compared with Blair Yuan, Cora was much inferior. Her figure was not as good as others, and she didn't know how to dress up.

However, her delicate face was somewhat attractive. Perhaps it was because all the people he had seen in the past few years were like Blair Yuan. Suddenly there was a contrast between them, which made him feel very interested.

However, Winson lowered his head and asked Blair Yuan, "what? You mean? I'm your boyfriend. I remember I didn't say anything like that, did I? "

In fact, all these were just Blair's conjectures. She had thought that she would conquer Winson tonight and she also thought Winson would have such an intention, but now it seemed that everything was too hasty.

She could do nothing but blame Bruce He, "when did I say that? Don't talk nonsense. Do you want to cause some news on purpose?"

This made Bruce He speechless. He didn't know how to explain. "No... You were just... "

"Well, Bruce, let's go. Let's not disturb others' intimacy." Cora said that on purpose. She knew that she couldn't get anything else from Blair Yuan, and it was annoying to look at Winson now.

When Cora packed up and was about to leave, she was stopped by Winson at the door. "Are you leaving like this?"

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