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   Chapter 21 The Beginning Of A New Life

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Of course, the HR manager didn't like this new media director. A person with a backdoor job took office for 3 days, and then made the capable "elderly" in the company all exhausted to resign, which made her, the HR manager, a little busy recently.

The HR manager said to Cora mysteriously, "this new director is the daughter of the boss of the company who just came back. I heard that she is close to Winson, the president of the Chu Group, so most people in the company dare not to provoke her."

How could Cora imagine that she met the name "Winson" when she was looking for a job? It seemed that since she hadn't come back for five years, Winson had a good time with a lot of women.

The daughter of the boss of the company? Cora felt a little headache. She had just guessed if it was the trap of Winson. Now it seemed that she was just a little unlucky.

Seeming to see that Cora was about to retreat, the HR manager thought of what the boss had said to him. "This time, the person you recruited should be a talent in management, so that it can get promotion when my daughter don't want to be a director."

Cora's resume and excellent performance of the interview had a great impression on the HR manager, he would not let such a talent go. So he continued to persuade Cora.

"Miss. Cora, in fact, our company's salary and cultural atmosphere are the top in the industry, especially for a talented person like you. You just need work hard. Gold will always shine."

But it didn't work. Cora still didn't say anything. The HR Manager worked harder and said to Cora.

"To be honest, I'm telling you secretly that this director won't be working long. She just came here for fun. When she leaves, you can apply for the position from the company. With your strength, this position is one hundred percent sure to be yours."

The HR manager knew that such a "turtle" who had just come back from abroad, especially a capable elite who had her own considerations, so he had to let Cora herself make the decision.

How could he know that Cora didn't care much about what had happened just now? If the company weren't near Coco's house that it was convenient to take care of her daughter Jelly, and she wouldn't work here for a long time, then she wouldn't come here in such a condition. The company saw her as a backup.

This time, she came back, just because her appointment of five years with Winson was coming. As for thirty million dollars, she had earned more than it during the past few years by working abroad. And she had saved a sum of money, the life of Jelly and herself was guaranteed.

At that time, she would go to the Civil Affairs Bureau to register for divorce with Winson, and she would be single again. Then she could go anywhere with Jelly.

With a gentle smile, Cora said to the HR manager, "since your company has said so, I have no objection. Please arrange a job for me."

The HR manager was so moved. All the people who had been deceived into the company before were angry and left. Miss. Cora was so good tempered. 'Sure enough, Miss. Cora was a good person.' The HR manager thought.

Cora could just take it as a part-time job here. Anyway, she would work here for a short time, so she didn't have to be so picky. After everything was settled, she would leave this place.

The HR manager took Cora to the Publicity Department of the company and came to a slightly fat man in a gray suit with a Mediterranean hair.

The man seemed to know that Cora was a new employee. He smiled at her and Cora responded. It seemed that her boss was not difficult to get along with and looked friendly.

"Miss. Cora, just listen to him. He will arrange your work. If you have any questions that you don't know about the company rules, you can ask me at any time." The HR manager said goodbye and left.

Looking at the man's scrutinizing eyes on her, Cora walked up to him and said modestly, "Hello, my name is Cora Xi. May I ask what I need to do today?"

The man stood in front of Cora and said, "I'm the chief editor here. You can read the newspaper of our company first and know what you will do. It's not difficult. It mainly depends on your personal enthusiasm, behave yourself."

The chief editor also told Cora several sections of the company that would be involved, as well as working hours, and suggested that she should check the work and operation of the newspaper company counterparts.

After the speech, the editor in chief didn't ask Cora to do anything important. He just asked her to read the newspaper. Because there were not many reporters in the company, basically all of them were old employees. They had their own things to do, so no one took Cora with them for the time being.

Therefore, on this day, Cora just finished the entry formalities and read the newspaper for a whole day in the office, she had nothing else to do. When it was time to get off work, she greeted the editor in chief and went home.

When Cora passed by the supermarket, she thought of her daughter Jelly and wondered if she should buy some food to make dinner. She did it as she thought. When she entered the supermarket, her hands were empty. After she came out, she walked towards Coco's house with bags in both hands.

"Ding Dong,

Ding Dong..." As soon as the doorbell rang, a cute child's voice came from the room. "Is mom back? I'm going to open the door. I'm going to see mom." There was still some happiness in her tone.

As soon as the door was opened, Jelly saw her mother, and bumped into Cora like a cannonball. She said in an aggrieved tone, "Mommy, don't you want Jelly? Why don't you come to look for me? I miss you so much."

Holding Jelly in her arms, hearing the words of Jelly, Cora rubbed the child's head with her face and said gently, "I also miss Jelly. I miss Jelly all the time. Wait a little longer, then I won't have to separate with Jelly."

"Mom, don't lie to me... Let's make a deal. It's a puppy who lies. " Jelly still felt a little worried, so it was safer for pinky-swear. She looked at her mother seriously and said.

Seeing that her child didn't trust her very much, Cora knew that it was the first time that Jelly came to China. Jelly had been living abroad all the time and didn't have much sense of belonging to this place. Once she left Jelly, Jelly would feel uneasy. She was really an incompetent mother.

Cora put down the bag in her hand and made pinky-swear with Jelly. Then Jelly smiled and held her mother's hand all the time, as if she was afraid that Cora would disappear in the next moment.

On the other side, Cora and her daughter were having a sweet interaction. A woman in family casual clothes walked out and said, "you little ungrateful girl. Look at you, as if I am an evil person, breaking you two apart."

Today, Coco saw Jelly watching TV quietly at home. She didn't expect that the child would be so uneasy. She was very upset about her carelessness. On the other hand, she thought that Jelly was too obedient. Even if she missed her mother very much, she didn't make trouble for Coco.

Coco looked at the things under Cora's feet, as if she had seen a ghost, and said in horror, "oh my God, Cora, can you cook? Don't take things too hard. Even if you want to do this, you have to think more about Jelly."

Seeing these ingredients, Coco couldn't help but think of the bad cooking skill of Cora. It was simply not for human to eat. At that time, she ate it very politely. Fortunately, it was not too much and she almost had to be hospitalized after that. In the end, she only had an injection and took medicine for a period of time.

Cora could tell what Coco was thinking at a glance, so she had to grin. Thinking of the terrible way of cooking before, it seemed that she had caused a lot of harm to Coco.

However, under the guidance of Jane, Cora had made great progress in cooking in the past few years. She was even better than Jane, and most importantly, Jelly liked the food she cooked the most.

Cora didn't say anything, but Coco's words irritated Jelly. Jelly said proudly, "my mother is a good cook. Humph!"

Rubbing her little head, Coco had no choice but to say, "Yes, yes, your mother is the best at cooking. I'm ignorant, alas." Coco didn't retort because of the cute Jelly. She chose to believe in Cora's cooking again.

Looking at the satisfied look on Jelly's face, Coco felt that she could take stomach medicine again. Anyway, she was still young.

The three of them didn't stay at the door any longer. They went into the house. At the beginning, Coco and Jelly said they wanted to help. Seeing that they made the kitchen in a mess, Cora drove the two people to the living room, went back to the kitchen and began to show off.

"Wow... Cora, where did you learn it? I'm also going to learn there. It's not easy to teach you to be like this. " Looking at the delicious dishes on the table, Coco couldn't help asking.

Cora rolled her eyes at Coco. Her arrogant look meant she didn't want to talk to Coco. With this, she didn't forget to pick up her favorite food for Jelly, and Coco responded, "Humph, since you don't want to tell me, I don't care."

After dinner, there were only a few empty plates left on the table. After taking a look, Cora confirmed that this woman's appetite became big again.

After cleaning up the table, Cora coaxed Jelly to sleep before quietly leaving Coco's house.

Although she wanted to see her daughter every day, she thought that she should reduce the time to see her daughter in the future. After all, it was in China, and she felt that Winson could come out from her side at any time.

Perhaps it was because women's intuition was so sensitive that a few days after the peaceful days, Cora was immediately harassed by Winson.

One day, when Cora was sitting in her seat and dealing with the news of the past few days, her phone rang. It seemed to be a strange number, but she had a bad feeling in her heart.

"Hello, I'm Cora." Cora greeted in an official and polite tone.

But when Winson heard the voice he hadn't heard for a long time, the person on the other end of the phone was in high spirits, and his pores all over his body trembled. "Hmm, of course I know you are Cora. I don't know if you still remember me..."

Ah, what should come always came. This voice was really annoying, and her face immediately became disgusted. "Winson, I can recognize your voice even if you die and turn into ash! Why are you still alive after so many years? "

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