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   Chapter 20 Interview

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Perhaps all the hardships she had gone through became the past, then they looked not so difficult when she mentioned them again. But the story was so long that it was already late at night when Cora finished.

Coco kept her mouth wide open all the time and looked at Cora in shock. Before Coco could react to the thing what Cora said, another more shocking thing came out of Cora's mouth. Coco didn't know where to start to comment on it.

"What's wrong? Are you sleepy? Why didn't you make any response? " Cora gently pushed Coco who was completely stunned.

Coco was always shocked. Now she hugged Cora and burst into tears immediately... Wow... Cora, you are so pathetic! How can you suffer this alone? I really feel sorry for you! Why don't you come to me! You heartbreaker! "

As she spoke, Coco pounded on Cora with her small hands, but she didn't use much strength. She did feel sorry for her sister. Since childhood, Cora was a lady. But Cora had experienced so much alone, and if it were her, she might not have the courage to live.

If Cora could ask her for help, perhaps the difficulty would be reduced by half. This silly girl didn't know what was on her mind, Coco was so worried about her.

Cora also hugged Coco tightly. They hadn't hugged with each other for many years. They missed each other very much, and the familiar feeling came back again. She gently patted Coco's back and whispered in her ear, "come on, Coco. Don't cry. It's late at night. You're making trouble for others. Look, I'm here for you. "

Coco finally calmed down, but her eyes were still tearful. She choked, "Now you are not bad. Being a mother is indeed much gentler and considerate. Tell me, you came to me after a long time suddenly, what can I do for you? "

Sometimes when you are with a good friend, you don't need to beat around the bush. You can talk to her about your request directly, and she will help you without hesitation.

Taking a look at Jelly that was watching a cartoon, and then at Coco, with a melancholy on her face, Cora said, "you know what I just said about Winson... I... I plan to put Jelly here. After all, you are the only person I trust most, except you... "

"Well, that's enough." Coco interrupted Cora's words, "It's okay. Just leave it to me. My house is big! It's not difficult for me to deal with a little kid. "

At first, Cora thought she needed to say a few more words until Coco agreed with her request, but she didn't expect that Coco would answer so quickly, which finally made Cora relieved.

Cora immediately called Jelly over and informed her of the cruel news for her. "Come here, Jelly. Don't look at it. I have something to tell you."

Finally, Jelly's eyes left the screen. She obediently ran to the side of Cora, raised her head, and stared at Cora with her big watery eyes, as if waiting for Cora to announce something.

Looking at her daughter's cute face, Cora couldn't bear it. After all, she gave Jelly birth by taking so much efforts, but compared with that, she didn't want Jelly to be hurt. So she gritted her teeth and made up her mind. "Honey, I have something to deal with, so I can't live with you. Can you live here with Coco these days?"

Although Jelly was young, she knew a lot of things. When her mother talked to Coco just now, she also heard her mother's experience. She had always been worried about her mother, so she was naturally willing to listen to her mother.

"Okay. Coco is so beautiful. I want to play with her." Jelly agreed without hesitation and looked at Coco with a big smile on her face.

Coco was so sweet like eating honey when she heard these words, she couldn't help smiling. "You're a good talker and smart. I think I like you a little. We should be able to live in peace."

Looking at the two children, Cora really didn't know what the two could do when they were together. She then told Jelly, "be good in Sister Coco's house. You can't disobey her. Mommy will come to see you when I'm free. Don't bully Coco. "

Then she turned to Coco and said, "She's so smart. Don't mislead her."

The night passed like this again. The peaceful and happy time in the past five years had disappeared since the moment she came back. Now, Cora was just constantly hoping that Winson could keep his promise and divorce her.

A few days later, the morning sun shone on the tiles through the French window, glittering. The man was wearing a close fitting black suit and a dark red tie, which made him look serious and a little tempting.

He sat elegantly on a black leather chair, with his feet crossed. His slender fingers were holding a black folder, and he was reading the documents that hadn't been finished last night.

"Mr. Winson." A man's voice came from outside.

"Come in." Winson didn't even ask. The familiar voice told him that it must be John.

John walked in quickly in his black shoes, as if he had something urgent to report.

"What's wrong? Why are you in such a hurry? Didn't I tell you to be calm no matter what happens?" Even without raising his head, Winson could feel the anxiety of John.

This was what Winson had found out after years of struggling in the business world. He was good at observing people's state. He was a sophisticated man.

Even so, it seemed that John couldn't suppress his anxiety and spoke faster

, "Mr. Winson, Cora has come back!"

Huh? Cora? This name was quite familiar. Oh, it was his so-called wife. It was really missing.

But Winson asked curiously, "why do you suddenly pay attention to her?"

"Didn't you ask me about her at the charity auction last time? Someone happened to tell me about it all of a sudden. I investigated it and knew she was back. " John answered truthfully.

According to the date, five years had passed. No wonder she came back from abroad. Winson thought that his nominal wife was really heartless. Over five years, she really turned a blind eye to him.

With a smile on his face, Winson asked, "what's wrong with her now? Is it getting more and more ugly? "

Even after so many years, Winson's venomous tongue did not change at all. However, John had already been used to such a John. He took out his mobile phone from his pocket as if he was looking for something.

A picture of a woman was shown on the screen of his mobile phone. He handed it over and put it in front of Winson. He continued to say calmly, "this is what she looks like now. I heard that she is looking for a job. This picture seems to be on the way to the interview of Starry Newspaper."

Winson picked up his phone and looked at the photo. The woman in the photo was dressed in black trousers and beige windbreaker. She was completely a professional woman. She was really not beautiful. Why was she still like this.

This woman hadn't made any progress in the past five years. At the beginning, Winson had been dreaming that Cora would become more enchanting and feminine after a few years of training of open mind abroad. However, it turned out that he had thought too much.

"Mr. Winson, do you want to see her?" John asked Winson directly.

Winson snorted and said scornfully, "no, I just want to see if she will come to me voluntarily. Let me see how long I will wait."

A few years ago, when Cora said firmly in front of him that she wanted to find her true love and leave, the scene was still so clear. He believed that Cora must remember it better than him.

Indeed, what John had reported was right.

After living with Coco for one night, on the second day, Cora left. She didn't know how many spies Winson had. It would be bad if Jelly was found.

So on the second day, Cora went to rent a house by herself, which was not far from Coco's house. After three streets, she arrived at Coco's house. She thought that if something happened to Jelly, it would be convenient for her to live not so far away and she could arrive in time.

It took her a whole day to clean the new house and buy new things. The next day, Cora began to look for a job. After all, she was not a rich person, and she had to raise her daughter. Money didn't fall from the sky. The most important thing for her was to find a job.

Cora was engaged in the media industry in the United States. Since she had this experience, she still hoped to find a similar job.

By chance, Cora learned that there was a media company called Starry Newspaper near her home, and the company had a good reputation. Therefore, Cora thought it was convenient to be so close, so she decided to have a try.

With this kind of foreign experience, it was naturally more popular. Therefore, when Cora just finished the interview and waited outside, the manager of the human resources department shouted, "Miss. Cora, right? You can come to work tomorrow. "

Cora was a little surprised. She had just finished the interview before five minutes, and she just came out to drink some water. There seemed to be someone waiting in line behind her. It turned out that the other party really didn't want to miss her. Cora asked happily, "Okay, okay, thank you. What's my position?"

During the interview, Cora had said that she still wanted to be the media director, but the interviewer had also said that it depended on the company's arrangement.

However, she didn't expect to receive such an answer. "Miss. Cora, I'm really sorry. You said you wanted to be the media director. But our company really doesn't lack this position. We want to hire you as a reporter of our company, but our director said that as long as you have achievements, you will definitely be promoted!"

Reporter! To be honest, even though Cora had sent her resume to Starry Newspaper herself, she didn't expect they hired her as a reporter. The Starry Newspaper really didn't lack a media director? Or, she had unconsciously fallen into Winson's trap.

Although Winson was willing to make trouble for Cora, he had expanded his group several times in the past few years and had a lot of work to do. As a busy man, he had no time to make difficulty for Cora.

With the working experience abroad, Cora thought that she would be sure to be hired as the media director. But now, she had become a reporter from the director, which was a big change.

But she still wanted to try her best to get the position, "I'm sorry. I remember that your company is satisfied with my performance. At that time, I heard that your company lacked the position of director. Now your company directly let me..."

The person on the other side also knew that Cora was wronged, but he had no choice. Considering that Cora was beautiful and elegant, the HR manager secretly revealed some information to her.

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