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   Chapter 19 Come To My House

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The hotpot restaurant was good. The soup was well cooked and the ingredients were fresh. After the meal, Cora and her daughter ate with relish.

Especially for Jelly, she directly said that she would come to eat it next time. It was the first time for Cora to find out the foodie nature of Jelly. It was a blessing to eat some, so Cora echoed her.

"Take your time, Jelly." Nanson said while putting meat into Jelly's bowl.

Speaking of the matter of Jelly, Nanson suddenly remembered that a few years ago, Cora had tried every means to keep it from Winson. "Cora, are you going to tell Winson about it when you bring Jelly back now?"

Ah, as for Jelly, Cora planned to look for Coco when she landed, but she was stopped by Nanson on the way.

"No, No. I don't want Winson to know about it. I'm just worried about leaving Jelly alone in the United States, so I plan to leave her at my friend's home. I'll contact her later." As Cora spoke, she didn't forget to get some delicious food for Jelly.

Even though Nanson knew that Cora wouldn't respond to his love in a short time, he wouldn't let go of any opportunity to get along with her. Thinking about it, he blinked his eyes and said to Cora gently.

"Cora, now that you and Jelly have come back, if you don't mind, you and Jelly can live in my house temporarily, and I can help you take care of Jelly. You haven't contacted your best friend for a long time... How about living in my house? My place is big enough. "

Then, Nanson asked Jelly that was eating, "Jelly, do you want to come to my home? There are many interesting things and delicious food in my house!"

Nanson thought that since Cora hadn't had any contact with her friend, he'd better take action first and take Cora to his house first.

It was not that Jelly was not willing to go there. She just wouldn't want to get involved in adult things like this. Besides, her mother didn't seem to want to go there, so she wouldn't be coaxed away by Nanson easily. Jelly cared about her mother the most, who accompanied with her all the time. So Cora didn't worry that her daughter would be coaxed away by these beautiful words.

Although Cora knew what Nanson meant, she didn't want to bother Nanson any more. Although she was touched by Nanson's words just now, it was not a long-term solution for her to live with Nanson. After all, Nanson was the famous CEO of the Shen Group. How many women were waiting to marry Nanson?

But now she took a daughter and went into Nanson's house. There were many people in the house, and some people would see it. At that time, there would be rumors that the victim was only Nanson and his company. She didn't know whether she should be with him or not. It was better not to enter into his house and harm him.

It was not that Cora didn't prepare for her return this time. After leaving the airport, she sent a message to Coco. She didn't know if Coco was willing to provide the place for her or not. Anyway, there was no hopeless situation in the world. Without answering Nanson's invitation immediately, with her daughter, Jelly, Cora became more sedate and worried, less impulsive in her youth.

Knowing that Cora was thinking about it, Nanson didn't urge her. However, the longer she thought about it, the greater the probability of success for him. But the more confident one was about doing something, the more unexpected it would be.

Just as Cora was about to respond to Nanson, Cora received a message on her phone. The screen showed, "Cora, you haven't contacted me until now. Did you die on the other side of the Pacific Ocean before this?"

Looking at the familiar tone in the message, the cute and sharp look of Coco appeared in Cora's mind. Coco was still the same as before, Cora was the only one to have changed. Coco was her best friend who had been playing with her since she was a child. But after she was abandoned by her parents, she had no contact with her.

When she thought of Coco now, she realized that she was wrong. She almost lost this precious friendship. Fortunately, she still had the chance now. With the feeling of pushing away the clouds and seeing the sky, Cora laughed.

At the same time, she received another text message suddenly, "Address: No. 208, BY Road, NH District. Humph, come or not, it's up to you." Cora laughed more brightly, knowing that Coco was still as arrogant as before.

A sense of crisis arose in Nanson's heart, especially when he saw that Cora smiled. He thought, 'Will anyone else rob her from me?' with doubts in his heart, Nanson didn't hold it back and asked Cora, "Cora, what's the matter? Why are you laughing so happily?"

Looking up at Nanson, Cora shared the good news with him and said happily, "Nanson, I've found someone to take care of Jelly. Don't bother you too much. After all, you're the boss of the company and you're very busy. I won't bother you anymore."

Hearing the news, Nanson was in a bad mood. Cora was right in front of him now. Why could he give others a chance to rob her? He felt that his efforts were in vain and held back his anger.

Calming down, Nanson continued patiently, "that's great. But, Cora, you have to make sure your safe. If you really don't want to come to me, I can help you find a house to live


Cora knew that Nanson cared about her and was afraid that she would be cheated. Such a good man! She thought she'd better not delay him and keep a distance from Nanson.

"Nanson, she is my best friend. We grew up together. Don't worry. If it's not safe, I wouldn't take Jelly with me there." Cora said happily.

It seemed that he didn't have a chance. Alas, after all, Cora was not always too intimate with him. It didn't matter. He still had a chance. He would try his best to achieve his goal with all his heart. Cora would definitely agree.

Actually, Cora just thought that Nanson was so kind to her, and he didn't deserve to be delayed for a person like her. That was why she had been uncertain about Nanson.

Nanson felt relieved when he heard that the other party mentioned by Cora was a woman and an acquaintance.

After the meal, Nanson drove the mother and daughter to Coco's home like a gentleman. After getting off the car, Cora expressed her thanks to Nanson, and Jelly also expressed her thanks to Nanson seriously.

Looking at Jelly's adorable look like an adult, Nanson couldn't help teasing her, "Jelly, then how do you want to thank uncle? "

Jelly scratched her head and thought for a while. Then she said like an adult, "ummm... I'll treat Uncle Nanson to hot pot next time. " Jelly also savored the taste of the hot pot just now. She felt that her decision was very wise. Because there was another hot pot to eat.

Nanson and Cora were almost amused to death by Jelly. It was obvious that Jelly wanted to eat more, but there was no one who was so righteous to say the reason like her.

"Then I'll wait for the Jelly's treat." Said Nanson, holding back his laughter.

Taking a helpless look at Nanson, Cora smiled and said, "Come on, Jelly. Say goodbye to Uncle. He's going home."

Jelly waved her little hands and said goodbye to Nanson sweetly with her mother.

Holding the hand of Jelly, Cora nervously rang the doorbell of Coco's house. "Ding Dong, Ding Dong..." The sound spread around the room.

After a while, the door was opened with a crack. A girl whose hair was in a mess was stunned at first, and then screamed.

"Ahhh... You bastard. You've been out of touch for 7 years. Do you know how much I've been worried about you? You ungrateful woman... "

Coco couldn't help but burst into tears. It had been so long that she felt that Cora had abandoned her as a friend. She couldn't get in touch with Cora. She wanted to help Cora. However, Cora's parents told her that Cora was married and she should not disturb Cora if there was nothing important.

However, Coco didn't believe these nonsense at all. Later, she found out that Cora was sold by her cruel parents to marry the other. They couldn't run their company well, but they sold Cora to Winson as the goods. This behavior made her sick.

Tears streamed down her cheeks. Looking at her bestie whom she hadn't seen for a long time, Coco couldn't reveal it even if she was so angry. Cora could ask her for help at that time, but why didn't Cora ask her for help? She could afford thirty million for Cora.

Being at a loss by Coco's reaction, Cora had to comfort her all the time, "it's all my fault. It's all my fault. Don't cry. I'll explain it to you slowly."

Not knowing why, seeing Coco crying so sadly, Cora felt sorry in her heart. She had never looked for Coco before. It was really her fault. She also missed Coco very much. Gradually, Cora's eyes turned red.

As soon as they entered the room, two women holding each other tightly and crying. Jelly couldn't help but pull at Cora's clothes and asked, "Mom, who is this aunt? Why do you cry with her? "

Jelly's voice told the two people that there was not only two of them here, but also another person present.

However, Coco's sadness was immediately pulled out with "aunt" called by Jelly. Although Coco was not a beautiful woman, but if she dressed up and walked on the road, there was still a lot of attention on her.

"Hey, little girl, who are you calling Auntie? I'm your sister! Call me sister! " Coco looked at the little girl with contempt. 'She looked cute, but her eyes were not very good.'

Wait... It suddenly occurred to Coco that the little girl had just called mom? Who was her mother? She had never had a daughter... Was it...

Coco suddenly exclaimed, grabbing Cora beside her and shaking her crazily, "oh my God! ! Is she your daughter? No... Oh my God! What have you done, Cora? We haven't seen each other for seven years. You have a daughter? Biological? "

After saying that, Coco squatted down, grabbed the shoulder of Jelly, shook it around, looked around, and found that the little girl really looked like Cora when she was a child.

Seeing that Coco treated her daughter like a monkey, Cora quickly protected Jelly to her side and said, "Coco, be gentle. She is still a child. Don't scare her."

Coco's eyes were full of disbelief and curiosity. In the past seven years, she felt as if she had missed something important.

Sitting on the sofa, drinking tea, Cora slowly told Coco what had happened in the past seven years. It was strange. She felt painful when she had experienced it, but now she spoke out these things again, looking a little indifferent.

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