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   Chapter 16 Jelly's Birth (Part Two)

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She didn't know how Carter knew about it. Strictly speaking, Cora didn't divorce. In other words, she was also Winson's wife, so she continued to refuse Carter. "Carter, you are really a good man, but... I really don't have such an idea now. I advise you to give up on me."

After saying that, Cora left. She didn't want to hear more from Carter. She knew that Carter would not give up so easily, so she had to be indifference to him.

Every day, Cora's happiest time was to go back home. When she came back home, she saw her daughter's babbling appearance, which was so cute. Every day when Cora came back, Jelly asked her mother to hug her.

While Cora was comforting her daughter in her arms, Daisy began to tell Jelly's situation. Daisy was a mother of several children, so she was naturally good at taking care of Jelly. In the few months, Jelly grew fat and healthy.

"Call me mom! Mom!" Cora looked at Jelly tenderly and taught her how to speak. She was glowing with maternal love.

However, Jelly was too young to speak clearly. Even so, Cora was still very happy.

Looking at her, Jane sighed, "Women are so great. They are different after having a child. They become more feminine."

At this time, Cora always made fun of Jane, "Do you want to be feminine? Then you can find a man and marry him as soon as possible. You can have a daughter, too."

Although Jane liked kids, she thought it was a waste of time to fall in love. Besides, there was no man she liked. So usually at this time, Jane would immediately jump up from the sofa and change the topic, "Oh! What do you want for dinner?"

"You can cook something that Jelly can eat. I don't need. I have packed food from the company." Although she was talking to Jane, her eyes were fixed on Jelly.

The food was brought by the company again. Although it didn't need money, it was not good to eat something that was not fresh. Seeing such a money saving Cora, Jane couldn't help but scold her, "Hey, you have made a lot of money. You don't hesitate to spend money on your daughter. Can you be better to yourself? You are so stingy!"

Cora had never told Jane about her debt to Winson. If she didn't save money now, she didn't know how to pay thirty million. However, even if she saved money, she still had to use the best things for her daughter.

While guiding her daughter to walk, Cora said with a smile, "It doesn't matter. I'm fine. I'm in good health, and the food in the company is also very good. I can eat it. Don't worry about me."

Every time Cora said that, Jane would be pissed off. But even if she lost her temper, she still cooked some fresh and delicious food every time. At last, she put it in front of Cora in a fierce manner and said, "Come on! Here you are! It's my treat. I don't want your money!"

In Cora's opinion, Jane was really cute. At the beginning, she would refuse, but later, she began to eat directly. Jane always complained to Cora, "In my opinion, I seem to have kept you as a mistress. You'd better find someone to keep you as a mistress."

After knowing that Carter was pursuing Cora, Jane also encouraged Cora and asked her to accept Carter. After all, Carter was really a good man, but Cora refused again, so Jane didn't say anything more.

Just as what Cora had expected, Carter didn't give up pursuing her at all. He picked her up to work every day and sent flowers and gifts to her with various reasons. Such as all kinds of jewelry and clothes.

Although Cora didn't want to accept, Carter always found some reasons to make her accept his gifts. Later, he began to buy something for Jelly, which really bothered Cora.

Everyone in the company knew that Carter liked Cora. Some people even said that Cora was ungrateful and was still pretending to be reserved. Cora was too lazy to explain to these people.

Although there were many troubles, there were also many happy things. For example, Cora finally heard the word "Mom" from Jelly, and finally saw that Jelly had learned to walk. It was the first time that Jelly had learned to eat by herself with a spoon.

All kinds of things made her excited, and all the unhappy things were left behind. Cora thought it was the right thing to decide to give birth to her daughter.

Jelly was getting bigger and bigger, and she became smarter and smarter. She had big eyes and a cute face. She looked exactly like Cora.

Of course, Carter also treated Jelly very well and tried his best to please her. He bought the food that Jelly liked and took her to the amusement park. Anyway, he would buy anything that Jelly liked.

He knew that only by conquering Jelly could she conquer Cora.

Cora often blamed her daughter, "Jelly, you can't let uncle Carter buy so many toys for you. Are you bullying uncle Carter?"

But Jelly always licked the ice cream she just bought and said indifferently, "Mom, I didn't ask him to buy. I just said I like it, and uncle Carter bought it for me. Can you blame me for that?"

At this time, Jane laughed and clapped her hands in the next room. "Wow, Jelly, you are s

o eloquent at such a young age. That's great."

Cora complained helplessly, "You two are so naughty! It really pissed me off."

Jelly had been a good daughter since she was a child. Knowing that her mother had a hard time, she was very filial to Cora.

She always said to her mother, "Mom, don't worry. You don't like Uncle Carter, and I don't like him either. I just treat him as an ordinary uncle."

Jelly was much more intelligent than her age. Cora didn't know whether she was nurtured or born like this.

One day, Cora accidentally heard that Carter was going to propose to her in the company. It seemed that Carter had thought that he had almost conquered Cora. But in fact, every time Cora politely refused him, he seemed to be always stubborn.

But now that Carter was going to do so, Cora began to feel that things were getting more and more serious. She couldn't let the thing go on like this.

Besides, the contract for five years had expired. Cora thought that maybe she should really return. She didn't know what was going on now since she hadn't been back for a few years.

At present, the biggest enterprise in the country was still the Chu Group. Five years had passed, and Winson had already firmly controlled the company. No one could pull him out of this position. But because his position had been consolidated, Winson became much idle.

There were many social engagements at the party, so there were naturally more women clinging to him. After all, he was Winson, every woman wanted to be his wife.

A woman in a red miniskirt, gracefully walked towards Winson. She had beautiful red lips, long wavy hair, and the mature and sexy beauty of the woman were completely exuded by her.

"Mr. Chu, why are you so lonely?" The woman took the opportunity to put her hand on his shoulder and flicked her fingers on his chest from time to time.

Winson never refused any woman's flirtation. He even thought it was a very honorable thing, because it just proved his strength. If he didn't have a certain power and status, how could there be so many women throwing themselves at him.

Winson raised his eyebrows and glanced at the beautiful woman. She was beautiful and was worth talking about. "Well? What's your name?"

She didn't expect that Winson had a crush on her. She had to seize the opportunity. "Mr. Chu, I'm Joan. Remember my name..."

As she spoke, she kept leaning on Winson's shoulder, rubbing against him from time to time. The atmosphere was ambiguous. It was rare to see Winson alone, so Joan came to him at once.

"Ahem." Unexpectedly, the ambiguous atmosphere was interrupted.

The one who interrupted them happened to be John. He had just left for a while, but he saw such a scene as soon as he came back. He couldn't help but remind Winson, "Mr. Chu, this is a charity meeting..."

The atmosphere that had just been cultivated was interrupted by the dull man. She blamed John impatiently, "It's none of your business. We all know it is a charity meeting."

"I'm Mr. Chu's assistant." John said calmly, always in such an indifferent posture.

'Assistant? Isn't this the man beside Winson? Oh my God! Did I make a big mistake? How dare I curse the people around Winson?'.

Joan was shocked and scared. She secretly looked at Winson's expression and found Winson was not angry. He just slightly moved his body and adjusted his sitting position.

He raised his head and looked at Joan with an evil and attractive smile. Joan almost lost her soul. "You are Joan, right? Leave your phone number to my assistant and then you can leave."

"Okay, okay!" Joan was so happy. Winson asked her for her phone number. There would be a chance to dating with.

After leaving her contact information happily, Joan left reluctantly, leaving John standing there with a bitter face.

In the past few years, Winson had asked countless girls to leave their phone numbers, which were always kept in John's phone. Moreover, they had too many social engagements, maybe he have to save almost one hundred girl's phone numbers in a day.

However, Winson didn't call any of them. He only told them verbally that he would contact them, but in fact, he didn't.

"Mr. Chu, please don't ask the girl to leave her phone number. My phone can't save so many phone numbers and information... " John complained helplessly.

However, Winson didn't take it seriously. He raised the corners of his mouth slightly and said, "Ah, but it's cruel for me to refuse these beautiful girls. Don't you think it's good to leave a hope for them?"

'Yes, but you destroyed her hope and expectation in person. It's better not to give her hope at the beginning.' Although he thought so, John didn't say anything.

After thinking for a while, he still felt that it was not appropriate for Winson to do so. He kindly reminded, "Mr. Chu, you should restrain yourself. I think your parents will hear some news sooner or later."

Hearing John's words, there seemed to be a trace of impatience in Winson's eyes, and his tone became impatient. "Well, I see."

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