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   Chapter 14 Signing The Divorce Agreement

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"You are underestimating me. Do you think I am short of money?" Winson said disdainfully. But if she filed a case against him, it would damage his reputation. This made him scruple.

Cora wouldn't care about his reputation.

"If you don't agree, I'll expose your infidelity to the media. At that time, I can't control the effects that the Chu Group will face," she said.

Winson gritted his teeth secretly. This time, Cora captured his weakness. Although he had taken over the Chu Group's business for two years, there were still many people who wanted to drop him off.

'The news harmful to me will make the stock fall, and those old people in the company will come out and blame me.

Well, she gives me five years. I will completely take control of the Chu Group in five years. At that time, I will teach her a good lesson," Winson thought.

Looking at the blue veins on Winson's hands and his darkened face, Cora knew that he was about to compromise. But she was also afraid that Winson would suddenly change his mind.

After Winson picked up the divorce agreement and read it carefully, Cora finally felt relieved. It worked!

Nanson held Cora's hand. The two looked at each other and smiled happily.

On the other side, Winson was not in a good mood. He stared angrily at Cora and Nanson.

At last, Winson signed his name on the divorce agreement. They made an agreement that Cora and Winson would officially divorce five years later.

Holding back his anger, Winson watched them leave. 'I underestimated this woman. No one has let me get into such a big trouble, ' he thought.

In the car, Nanson looked at Cora and praised, "Cora, you were so domineering just now. How could you become so powerful?"

Hearing the praise, Cora blushed with shyness and said:

"No. in fact, I'm so afraid that Winson won't divorce me. He doesn't know I have a child. Thank you very much! If you hadn't helped me, I wouldn't have dared to divorce him."

Today, Nanson saw a different kind of Cora. He thought that he might never be able to resist her influence for the rest of his life.

"By the way, Nanson, I thought for a long time and decided to go to the United States. Thank you for taking care of me these days," Cora said.

This news was hard for Nanson to accept. He had thought that after this matter, he could pursue the girl he loved openly. Now, Cora said that she decided to go to the United State.

After stopping the car, Nanson looked at Cora helplessly and asked, "Is it because I chased you too closely? Is it because I gave you too much pressure to make you decide to go to America?"

Hearing that, Cora was frightened. She knew that Nanson had misunderstood her, so she comforted him, "Nanson, I'm just going abroad for the time being, and it's not that I won't come back. We can also make a video call."

'However, I can't stay with you day and night anymore, ' Nanson thought helplessly. The company couldn't do business without him.

Nanson knew that once Cora made a decision, she would rarely take it back. So he was afraid that he couldn't stop her from going to the United States this time.

To go to the United States, one had to apply for a visa. Cora applied for a working visa.

After making up the decision, Cora sent her resume to a company called "Ranka" in the United States and applied for a job in the media department.

Ten days had passed.

Just when she was about to lost her hope, the invitation letter of Ranka Company was sent to her, which made her relieved.

After hearing the good news, Nanson was happy for her. But soon, he felt sad.

Winson also knew that Cora was going to America, but the news was told by John. Winson didn't say anything, but asked him not to talk to her for the time being, because there was something more important to do.

Christina Restaurant was the most famous Chinese cuisine in the city. Many people liked the restaurant because the food here tasted good.

"Nanson, thank you for accompanying me these days. Let's drink tea. Here's to you," Cora said happily.

Nanson said helplessly, "After all, you are a girl. How can you go abroad alone? Besides, you are pregnant."

The next day, Cora would go abroad to work. This dinner was a farewell dinner.

As for those so-called friends in the past,

after knowing that Cora's father's company was going to go bankrupt, they stopped contacting her. Cora finally had the clear understanding of those people.

During the meal, the two of them felt sad for each other. When Nanson thought that he had to stay in the domestic and couldn't accompany Cora, his heart ached.

Cora temporarily lived in Nanson's villa. They had dinner very late. She had to catch the plane tomorrow, so the two returned together.

At night, the moonlight sprinkled into Cora's room. She tossed and turned on the bed, unable to fall asleep. All she thought about was leaving the place she was familiar with, and she was very reluctant to leave.

She didn't know when her eyes began to get tired. Her eyelids drooped and she gradually fell asleep.

Cora got up early to pack up. She didn't bring much luggage with her and was going to buy it abroad, so she just packed a small suitcase.

Nanson drove her to the airport.

"Take good care of yourself. If you need any help, just tell me. Don't push yourself! You should also think about your child, okay?" said Nanson gently.

He knew that Cora had always been a strong and smart person. But the more she behaved like this, the more distressed he felt.

Knowing that Nanson cared about her, she nodded and said in a childish tone, "I know, I know. Well, the time is almost up. I have to go. I'll contact you when I arrive."

Nanson didn't want to leave. He just looked at her back. After a long time, he turned around and left.

After 12 hours of flight, the plane finally arrived in California, America. After leaving the familiar hometown, Cora came to this country that needed her to adapt.

Cora had already booked a house very close to Ranka company. She took a taxi to the rented house.

Ellie was the owner of this room, the landlady of Cora. She showed her around and explained some taboos to her before leaving.

The landlady was a nice person. She had asked the hourly worker to clean up the house early in the morning. She didn't need to do it by herself and could live in directly.

After putting down her luggage, Cora went to the supermarket nearby to make a big purchase. She returned with a full load, filling all the space of the fridge. For the sake of the child's health, she had to eat nutritious food.

'Baby, I will take good care of you. Grow up healthy!' Cora thought to herself, touching her belly.

Cora had a unique opinion on the media and current affairs. Even if she didn't work long after her graduation, she was famous in the industry.

Two months passed, and her belly began to show. Most of her colleagues took good care of her, so she had a good time in the company.

One day, when Cora went to the toilet, she heard the comments of some colleagues who were dissatisfied with her.

"Lenna, I don't like Cora. She always acts like a porcelain doll. It's really annoying!" A woman said angrily.

Lenna agreed, "Yes, Lily. I really don't know what the company is thinking. She is pregnant. And the company let her be the Chief Consultant. I don't know what the boss are thinking."

The two of them had been complaining about Cora. Cora didn't dodge. Instead, she walked out directly, gave them a cold look, washed her hands and left. When she left, she heard a desperate voice behind her, "Oh, no, I don't want to offend her. What should I do?"

In the company, Cora's influence was strong. Most of the employees respect her and didn't dare to offend her.

When Cora left, she thought maybe it was because the work was too idle that they had time to gossip. It seemed that she had to increase their workload.

Therefore, in the following days, Lily and Lenna's work doubled.

"Miss Cora, you are an excellent woman!" Looking at the report handed in by Cora, Carter, the director of Ranka company, praised.

To a beautiful and intellectual woman like Cora, Carter couldn't help but praise her.

Since there was no problem, Cora was ready to leave. She asked, "Mr. Carter, can I'll go back to continue my work?"

Carter nodded. He looked at Cora's back meaningfully when she left.

After getting off work, Cora returned to her residence. To her surprise, a girl in an apron looked at her and said, "Welcome home! The dinner is ready. Let's have dinner together."

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