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   Chapter 12 Nanson Agreed To Help

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"It's all right, Nanson. I'm asking too much. Please don't take it to heart." Cora didn't stop Nanson from leaving, nor did she force him to help her.

She was very grateful to him for taking good care of her these days. She thought it was her fault that made such an excessive request. 'He'll find a better girlfriend than me. It is a good choice for him to leave me.

Indeed, he is not worth wasting time on me. After all, my life is so terrible, I can't expect anyone to love me.

However, I have to deal with Winson. I have to find another way if Nanson won't help me, ' Cora thought anxiously.

In the afternoon, the sun was shining brightly. Through the white gauze curtain, the sunlight sprinkled on the white floor tiles. Outside the window, the cicadas kept chirping and squeaking.

Suddenly, the door was opened and a man in a suit came in.

Cora immediately held the quilt tightly and shrank up. She didn't feel relieved until she saw John come in. She almost felt like it was a terrorist, or someone was going to kidnap her.

It turned out to be Winson's assistant. Winson got her new phone number in the morning and then fount out the hospital she stayed in the afternoon. He was as well informed as a criminal underworld.

"Hey, don't you know what politeness is? You came in without knocking at the door? Did Winson teach you? Birds of a feather flock together." Be frightened and angry, Cora yelled at John.

Besides, John didn't treat her well before, so she didn't need to be nice to him.

However, there was no change on John's expression. He said calmly, "I knocked, but no one answered the door."

It was true that she was lost in thought just now and didn't notice that John was knocking at the door. It was indeed her fault.

But no matter what, Cora didn't want to admit her mistake in front of John, so she said impatiently, "Why do you come here all of a sudden? What did your boss tell you to do?"

"Mr. Chu asked me to take you back to the Chu family. It's not a good thing to stay in the hospital for more than a month." Standing not far from the door of the ward, John explained to Cora.

Glaring at him, Cora said aggressively, "Didn't I tell your boss that I won't go back? I don't want to see other women at home."

After a pause, Cora continued, "By the way, what else do you know about me?"

In fact, she was worried that Winson had found out that she was pregnant. If so, what should she do? She couldn't let her baby fall into Winson's hands.

John didn't understand what Cora meant, but emphasized his purpose, "What are you talking about? I don't understand. But it's good enough for Mr. Chu to let you go home. I hope you won't be ungrateful."

His words infuriated Cora. It turned out that she was not respected at all. Was Winson her ruler? But suddenly, a good idea came to her mind. She stared at John with a snicker and said, "Well, it's not impossible for me to go back, but your words are not enough to invite me. If Winson really wants me to go back, let him come here to beg me in person."

After thinking for a while, John turned around and left. He knew that this woman would definitely not go back with him, so there was no need to waste time with her here.

As soon as John walked out of the ward, he reported to Winson, "Mr. Chu, I saw your wife. She refused to go back with me. She said that she won't go back until you came to beg her."

"Humph!" Winson's delicate face were tangled by the anger. "This woman is really hateful. Leave her alone! You can go back to the company first."

He had never seen such an arrogant woman. He thought it was ridiculous for her to be so reserved even though she was not that noble. He was Winson who so many beautiful women wanted to be with.

In the evening, there was another knock on the door of the ward. Cora thought that Winson came to beg her, but she also felt that it was impossible. He would not put down his pride for her sake.

"Come in," Cora said coldly.

The man walked in cautiously.

Cora was a little surprised. She thought that Nanson would never come back, but it was actually him. He left here just for half a day.

"Nanson! Why are you back? I...". Cora hemmed and hawed, unable to say a word for a long time. In fact, she did not know what to say, but she felt moved and at a loss.

As Nanson took out the chicken soup and dishes from the thermal pot, he said, "You should take good care of yourself. You are pregnant now. Drink this chicken soup first!"

The chicken soup had been cooked by a nanny ordered

by Nanson. As soon as it was poured out, the delicious smell filled the whole ward.

With a satisfied smile on her face, she looked at Nanson.

The chicken soup was very delicious. As soon as she put it into her mouth, she tasted mellow and fragrant. The soup was clear and not greasy. She couldn't help but deeply touched by the thoughtfulness of Nanson.

Looking at the girl he liked eating the chicken soup he brought with relish, Nanson felt a sense of happiness in his heart.

She finished drinking the chicken soup. When she saw that Nanson was looking at her with a smile, her face couldn't help blushing. She thought whether her table manners was a little ugly.

After Cora drinking the soup, Nanson cleaned up the bowls and chopsticks, sat in front of her and said solemnly, "Cora, I'm willing to pretend to be your boyfriend, but you have to promise me one condition. Give me a chance to pursue you, okay?"

He expressed his love to Cora. 'He is so nice. Is it worth for him to pursuing a girl like me?' Cora was flattered. These days, Nanson's thoughtfulness made her moved, especially after she found herself pregnant.

Nanson looked at her nervously, like waiting for a judge's sentence. Having made up her mind, Cora said to him, "Okay, if you meet someone you like when you pursuing me, I won't blame you."

"It is impossible!" Nanson shook his head. He was twenty seven years old now. Before he met Cora, he treated life as game without thinking about the future seriously. But now, he was willing to stop his wandering steps and live with this strong and beautiful girl.

He thought that he would never meet anyone like Cora who made him fall in love with. He had never been shy to girls before, and all this could be felt from Cora. As long as she was with him, he would not feel bored.

The joy bloomed in Nanson's heart. He nodded his head immediately. As long as he had the chance to pursue Cora, there would be hope.

Then Cora said to him, "Winson is my present husband. He wanted to divorce me before. I'm afraid that he won't divorce me if he knows that I'm carrying his child."

She told Nanson in detail what happened between her and Winson, which reminded him the car crash that night. But thanked to Winson, otherwise he wouldn't have known her.

Although Winson was an excellent man in the younger generation and his status could even be compared with his parents, Nanson still thought he must be self-confident with himself.

Cora collected the photos of Winson and other women. She was not sure whether Winson knew she was pregnant or not. In order to divorce him successfully, Cora made an extra precaution.

In Winson's office. He was busy with his work.

After finished his work, he twisted her neck and asked John, "How is that woman recently?" Winson didn't know why he cared about Cora.

"Mr. Chu. Recently, Mrs. Chu often sees Nanson Shen, the young master of Shen Group. Besides, the doctor said that she recovered very soon," John said respectfully.

'Nanson Shen? She dared to date with another man. Does she want to cuckold me? I am too kind. If I don't teach them a lesson, they would think that I am easy to handle, ' Winson gritted his teeth.

To a certain extent, as long as Cora didn't divorce him, she was Winson's woman. Winson was possessive and her behavior irritated him.

'If she wants to be with another man, I just don't divorce her. She is very stubborn, and I would like to see who will win at the end.'

It never occurred to Cora that the reason why Winson wouldn't agree to divorce her was because of Nanson, which brought a lot of obstacles to the following things.

Cora wanted to discharge from the hospital. As an expectant mother, she didn't want to be tied with Winson on a same marriage certificate. When she thought of him, she felt sick as if she had swallowed a fly.

As a result, Cora wanted to leave the hospital early and have a showdown with Winson - divorce.

Worried that Cora hadn't recovered yet, Nanson tried his best to stop her from leaving the hospital. In the end, she stayed in the hospital for three more days. Nanson kept providing nutritious soup for her every day.

But Cora was not interested in the soup at that time.

She called Winson and said to him directly, "Didn't you want to divorce me? I agree. Let's talk about it when we meet."

'What kind of tricks does this woman want to play? Does she like that playboy Nanson, and think that she has found her true love? Divorce? Well, it's not up to you, ' Winson sneered in silence.

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