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   Chapter 11 A Hard Choice

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"Doctor, I don't want this baby," said Cora weakly.

Embarrassed, the doctor looked at Nanson. Nanson smiled bitterly and said, "We are just friends." He and Cora were just friends now. Now when he heard that she was pregnant, he felt a pang of pain in his heart. Didn't he have a chance to be with her?

The problem was that the doctor said that it was not suitable for her to have an abortion because of her current health situation. If she had to, it would be difficult to have a baby in the future.

It was not that she didn't like children, she just didn't like Winson. Her child was innocent. She didn't like to have a child with him. But how could she abort her child because of a bad man?

With a tangled mood, Cora returned to her ward without saying a word. These days, she regarded the hospital ward as her only temporary home.

Looking at the pensive look on her face, Nanson really wanted to know what was on her mind at the moment. Breaking the silence, Nanson took the initiative to talk to Cora, "You are a mother now. You should take good care of yourself. Well, I'll bring you some chicken soup tomorrow."

Now, Nanson had become the first person to know that she was pregnant. Perhaps only he would take care of her in the future. Thinking this, Cora couldn't help but sigh.

How could a new acquaintance treat her so well? Her so-called parents and so-called husband were not even half as good as Nanson. It really made her sad.

"Nanson, do you think this child should come to the world?" No matter what, she was still in a dilemma. On the one hand, the child was innocent; on the other hand, it was Winson's child.

Nanson looked at Cora and said firmly, "Yes, I do! This child must come to this world. If you are afraid that no one will take care of you, I can take care of you and your child together!"

In other words, Nanson had confessed his love to her. He had said that he was willing to take care of her and her child for the rest of their life. Even if this child were not his, he was willing to raise him or her.

Nanson didn't know that Cora had been married. He thought she was a single mother.

Cora felt a lump in her throat and burst into tears again.

In a hurry, Nanson drew out a tissue and wiped the tears off her face. "What's wrong? Don't cry! Why are you crying again?"

Women are really made of water. Nanson had no choice but to comfort the girl he liked and touch her back with his hand.

While sobbing, Cora said, "I am fine. I just think it's too sudden. I think you're too good to me. Why are you so good to me?"

'Because I love you, ' Nanxun shouted in his heart. But he was shy and had never been in love before, so he didn't know how to express. He could only turn his head aside and faltered, "I just want to be good to you. We are best friends."

Now that Nanson said so, Cora made up her mind. No matter how hard it was for herself, she had to raise her child well.

All of a sudden, her phone rang. Her phone were broken because of the car accident last time. Both the phone and SIM card were bought by Nanson after that. No one knew her new phone number except Nanson.

It showed a local number on the phone. Cora felt strange. She walked to the window and answered the phone, "Hello, who's that?"

"It is me..." Although the answer was simple, Cora knew who it was. She would never forget this disgusting voice, and she would never want to hear it again.

With a hint of disgust in her tone, Cora asked, "How did you find me?"

"Humph! There is nothing I can't do." When Winson said this, his tone filled with disdain, as if nothing could not be accomplished as long as he wanted.

'Never mind! I don't want to argue with him. A bad man like him has many tricks.' Thinking this, she came straight to the point. "What do you want from me?"

Winson sneered, "What do you think? I heard that you haven't come back for more than a month? Run away from home? Don't forget that you are still my wife. Don't lose my face outside!"

It turned out that Winson knew that she was not at home. Cora thought that even if she was not at home, he didn't care at all and might even stay with Ivy.


ora didn't seem to be weak at all. She immediately retorted, "Oh, why should I go back? What if I see something dirty when I go back?"

Winson didn't expect that Cora was so eloquent. He smashed the table angrily, making a loud noise. "Cora! I tell you! You haven't divorce me. So, you are still my wife. Come back right now!"

Winson hung up the phone angrily. It was the first time that a woman dared to talk back to him like this.

Cora muttered to herself, "A psycho!"

But it was precisely this call that made Cora realize she and Winson hadn't divorced yet. 'Did he want to force me to go home because he knows that I am pregnant?

This could be possible. After all, Winson has found out my phone number, but I couldn't give my child to him. A person like him don't know how to raise and educate a child.'

The more she thought about it, the harder she covered her belly, as if she was afraid that someone would take her child away. She had nothing but this baby. She couldn't let anyone take her away.

Looking at the strange look on Cora's face, Nanson asked softly, "Cora, who called you? What happened?"

The sudden appearance of Nanson made another idea come to her mind. She held his arm tightly as if she had grasped a life-saving straw. "Nanson! Please do me a favor! Please!"

'It doesn't seem that she is joking, there must be something serious happened.' Thinking, Nanson also became serious, "Well, Cora. What favor? Tell me, I will help you if I can."

Nanson suddenly felt a little happy in his heart when he was needed so much by her. He thought that he might have a high position in her, at least a high trust.

"Nanson, can you pretend to be my boyfriend?" Although Cora was anxious, she still felt a little shy.

She knew that her request was unreasonable and impolite, but she wanted to divorce Winson. If Nanson pretended to be her boyfriend, she could say her child was Nanson's. This was the best way she could think of.

Nanson was confused and didn't know why. But he took a deep breath and seemed to make up his mind. "Cora! In fact, I... In fact, I can not only be your fake boyfriend, I... I be your true boyfriend!"

After saying that, Nanson was both expectant and worried. He hadn't dared to say his love to Cora these days, but now he had said it out. He was worried what Cora would think.

She didn't expect that Nanson would like her. She just treated him as a friend, and she thought that he treated her as a friend, too.

"Nanson..." Cora didn't know how to start. "Actually... I'm married..."

"What? I... What?. . You are married?". . It never occurred to Nanson that Cora had been married. Finally, he realized that she was not a single mother. It turned out that she had a husband.

Startled by Nanson's reaction, Cora felt sorry for him. Her failure to tell him the truth led him to make a wrong judgment.

She lowered her head in shame, "I'm sorry, Nanson, I didn't mean to hide it from you. I just... I really don't want to mention that experience. Sorry! I hurt you."

All of a sudden, Nanson felt as if he had fallen from the top of the mountain to the bottom of the valley. Just now, he had imagined that he might become Cora's boyfriend. But she became someone else's wife in a few seconds. Life was changing so fast.

Seeing that Nanson was stunned, Cora couldn't help but feel a little worried. She was afraid that this matter would irritate Nanson too much. She slightly pushed him and said, "Nanson, what's wrong with you? Are you okay?"

Nanson suddenly felt that he was very stupid. 'Why do I like a married woman? Why do I like her when I know nothing about her? It is ridiculous.'

Nanxun sneered, as if mocking himself for being so stupid. He gently pushed away her hand and said, "You're tired. Have a rest! I have something to deal with in the company. I'm leaving now."

In fact, Nanson really didn't know how to answer Cora. He had promised her without hesitation just now, but at this moment, he seemed to be very conflicted. He didn't want to refuse her, but he was very sad. In the end, he had no choice but to leave here temporarily and give himself a chance to be stay alone.

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