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   Chapter 10 First Meeting

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"Doctor, she is awake! Please come and have a look!" Cora heard a man's voice, but she didn't know who he was.

A man in a white coat hurried over, holding a small flashlight in his hand. He shone the light directly into her eyes. Upon this, Cora felt a little uncomfortable and resisted.

Now that she had such a reaction, the doctor could tell that she was fine. The doctor said to the man beside her, "She's all right now. Her dangerous period has passed, but she still needs to be taken good care of. She needs a few more days to stay in the hospital for observation."

The man nodded, "Okay. Thank you, doctor."

Cora didn't know who the man was. She turned around and saw a handsome face. His features were stereoscopic and delicate, like a sculpture. His handsomeness was different from Winson's. He looked kind and easygoing while Winson looked cold and unapproachable.

"Who... Who are you?" Since she hadn't drunk water for a long time, she couldn't speak fluently.

The man thoughtfully took a glass of water and handed it to her. "My name is Nanson Shen. May I know your name?"

Nanson's considerate behavior made a good first impression on Cora. After drinking the water, she introduced herself to him, "My name is Cora Xi. Nice to meet you! Excuse me! Why am I here?"

It seemed that Cora didn't remember the car crash at all, but she still remembered her name. Therefore, Nansen judged that she had not lost her memory. Nanson told her what had happened last night, "You had a car accident. I sent you here."

Hearing that, Cora suddenly remembered that not long ago, she was hit by something in a daze, and then she had no memory. She just moved her body slightly and still felt a little pain.

"Don't move! Be careful not to hurt yourself," Nanson hastened to dissuade her.

But what made Cora curious was why Nanson was taking care of her, whom she didn't know at all. In her memory, she couldn't find a person called Nanson Shen.

With her big eyes wide open, she looked at Nanson innocently, "Mr. Shen. . Excuse me, do we two know each other before?"

Hearing this, Nanson was speechless. He smiled and politely explained, "Well. In fact, I am the one who hit you. Your phone is broken. And I didn't find your Identification Card that I can't inform your family. So, I have to accompany you here."

Nanson knew exactly that he must take responsibility for the girl who was injured by himself. He couldn't leave her alone in the hospital, so he has been waiting for her to wake up.

Cora thought that Nanson was a kind-hearted and responsible guy.

Hearing his explanation, Cora squinted her eyes and smiled. "Oh, I see. Mr. Shen, you are really a good man. Thank you."

'How could she thank me?' Nanson really doubted if the girl go silly after she got hit by his car. 'But anyway, it is good that she has woken up, ' he thought.

Nanson took out a check from his wallet and wrote something on it. Then he put it on the table and said, "This is my compensation for you. I think the money is enough. Now you are awake, you can inform your family. Can I leave now?"

'It is money again. Is this Nanson also a rich man? His name sounds a little familiar, maybe I have heard of him before, but I couldn't remember.'

Cora didn't think too much. He was just a passer-by. Where else could she go after leaving the hospital? Now she thought about it, and realized that she was really pitiful. The world was so big, but there was no place for her to live.

Tears streamed down her face. Thinking about her homeless situation, she couldn't help but sobbing.

All of a sudden, Cora realized that Mr. Shen hadn't left yet. She was afraid that her sadness would cause misunderstanding to him.

She looked at Nanson and said gently, "Mr. Shen, I don't need your money. You can take it back." She didn't want too much money. Nanson had paid for her medical treatment, and she thought it was enough.

Nanson was surprised, he believed that few people didn't like money. He wouldn't take advantage of anyone, especially the girl in front of him. So, he turned around.

He was stunned by the tearful look of the girl who had smiled at him just now. If he didn't turned back to look at her, he didn't know that

she was crying. After all, she was still calm when she spoke.

For a moment, Nanson wanted to know more about this strong girl. He felt sorry for her.

But what excuse could he use to stay with her? She just refused his compensation. Nanson thought of an excuse and smiled knowingly.

"It doesn't matter if you don't accept my money, but I have to be responsible for you. After all, it was me who hit you. If you don't mind, I can take care of you these days in the hospital." Nanson thought his excuse was reasonable.

'Mr. Shen is so kind. If I refuse him again, would he think of something to make up for me? Well, I'd better agree with him, ' Cora thought. In fact, she also wanted someone to accompany her in her heart.

Her sadness was dispelled by Nanson's words. She smiled happily at him.

Her smile was also faint, like breeze blowing the clouds.

Nanson was affected by her smile. An unnoticeable smile appeared at the corners of his mouth.

He observed Cora carefully with a smile in his eyes, but as she looked at him, he took back his smile in an instant.

"Mr. Shen, I am sorry to trouble you during my stay in the hospital. Thank you very much," Cora thanked Nanxun sincerely.

It was settled then. Except for going to his own company for dealing with business, Nanxun went to the hospital to take good care of Cora every day.

At the beginning, Cora thought that men couldn't take care of the sick as carefully as women do, especially from the appearance of Nanson. It was obvious that he was the child of rich family who had never known hardship.

Therefore, Cora didn't expect too much from him. As long as he had the intention of taking care of her, that was enough.

But to her surprise, Nanson knew her hobbies and her usual habits. He was also very proficient in taking care of her. Sometimes she felt that it was good to be taken care of for a lifetime.

One day, Cora couldn't help asking him, "Nanson, do you often take care of others? Why are you so skilled?"

Looking at the playful look on her face, Nanson burst into laughter. He knew that his behavior made her curious, so he explained, "I was a part-time student when I was studying abroad. I worked as a nurse for sick people. Is there any problem?"

Perhaps he was afraid that Cora would still be confused, he thought for a while and continued, "At that time, my family only paid the tuition for me. They asked me to be responsible for my living expenses by my own. It was very hard at the beginning."

As expected, Nanson was a very good man compared with the unreasonable Winson.

The two of them talked a lot and told each other their basic situation. Nanson knew that Cora was nowhere to go. They both thought the other party was a worthy friend.

Cora and Nanson got along very well in those days. Gradually, Nanson took a fancy to the tough girl Cora. He even wished that he could live with her for a lifetime.

"Cora, I've brought you the signature fish soup of Christina Restaurant. Have a try!" Nanson said in a gentle tone.

Looking at the delicate container, there was milk white fish soup in it, which looked very delicious and appetizing. However, when she swallowed the fish soup, she felt illness and her stomach began to roll.

Cora couldn't help but vomit. Nanson asked in a hurry, "Cora, what's wrong? How do you feel?" He was very anxious.

Looked at the delicious fish soup, Cora wondered why she vomited. Suddenly, something occurred to her.

'Am I pregnant? No way. I just had sex with Winson one night. At that time, I forgot to take medicine.' However, it didn't feel good to be pregnant for her. She even didn't want the baby.

Nanson took Cora to have a check-up. She looked at the doctor nervously. What the doctor said hit her hard.

The doctor looked at the young couple in front of him and said to Nanson happily, "Congratulations, your wife is pregnant. She has been pregnant for a month, but she is a little weak. You should be careful in the first three months of her pregnancy. I'll prescribe some medicine for her."

Hearing the doctor, Cora felt dizzy. She was not happy at the thought of her child with Winson. This little creature came too unexpectedly, which caught her off guard.

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