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   Chapter 9 Never Show Your Weakness

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Looking at the two people with disdained look, Cora sneered. Even if her feet were sprained, she would not show any weakness to Winson.

"Are you all right? If you're okay, we are leaving," Winson said to Cora coldly.

"Winson, I don't care what kind of woman you have outside. Don't flirt with them in front of me. Your behavior will only make me feel more disgusted. Don't you think you're going too far?"

Hearing this, Winson said sarcastically, "Are you stupid? Remember, this is my house. You live in my house. Do you think it is your home? I can do whatever I want. There is no need to report to you."

'Yes, this is not my home, but a temporary residence. I really have no right to refute Winson. I have nothing, I am just like a duckweed without roots, ' Cora said to herself sadly.

Winson thought he had gone too far when he saw Cora sitting on the ground blankly. But he wouldn't say that if she agreed to divorce him.

At first, Cora was trying to hold back her tears, but this time, Winson really hurt her. Her parents sold her to him for thirty million. In the past two years, she had the kindness from Winson's parents, but now she had nothing.

Enduring the pain in her leg, she stood up, pushed away Winson who was standing in front of the door, and ran out crying. She wanted to leave. She didn't want to live with that fiend for a lifetime. It was too hard for her.

Finally, Cora left. Ivy was very happy with that. It seemed that she was closer to be Winson's wife. Now she had to seduce Winson as soon as possible. After all, there were not many handsome and rich men like him.

Ivy slowly moved forward and was about to kiss Winson with her red lips. Winson saw her face getting closer and closer, and his mind flashed with Cora's delicate face.

"Ah..." Being pushed away by Winson, Ivy fell to the ground because of her unstable high heels and couldn't help crying out.

'What am I thinking about? Do I like Cora? When did the woman who always argued with me leave such a deep impression on me?' Winson was shocked by his thought.

Winson didn't come to help Ivy. Staying on the ground, Ivy began to act like a spoiled child, "Winson, why don't you come to help me? I fell so painful..."

Ivy had long sexy legs, plump chest, and a tight red skirt outlined her slender waist incisively and vividly. She looked so coveted that no man could refuse her.

But at this moment, Winson suddenly felt very impatient when he saw Ivy. He glanced at her and said impatiently, "Get up quickly and then leave here."

The ambiguous atmosphere just now disappeared. Winson's attitude had completely changed.

Ivy didn't know what she had done wrong at all. She flirted with him and kicked Cora out, but... 'Why does his attitude change all of a sudden?

But you have to take your chances.' Ivy immediately stood up from the ground and pretended to be fine. She approached Winson and asked, "What's wrong with you? Are you in a bad mood? Then we can do something to cheer us up."

The second before Ivy touched Winson, he took a step back to avoid her hug. "I hope you won't let me say it second time."

The seriousness and coldness in Winson's eyes made Ivy realized that he was not joking at all. Although she didn't know what was wrong with him, she obediently took her bag and left in dejection.

Ivy was very angry. She almost succeeded today. The whole Chu family and Winson almost belonged to her. She really didn't know why Winson suddenly changed his temperament. He was even more difficult to understand than a woman. However, since Cora had left, she still had a lot of chances.

Winson had a mixed feeling. In fact, he didn't have any love for Cora at all. He just had some intimate physical contact with her, and it was not the first time that he had sex with women. Why did he suddenly miss her? Her face was still lingering in his mind. His heart seemed to be suppressed and unable to breathe.

While walking aimlessly on the road, Cora's tears slowly dried up. She was a little upset, 'Why do I feel so sad for such a bad man?'

However, Cora still thought that she couldn't divorce Winson. If she agreed to his divorce, he would have achieved his aim. She did not want to make him feel better because he had treated her like that.

However, if she continued to stay in the Chu family, she believed that Winson would definitely find other women to pollute her eyes. She felt that

there was no need for her to suffer these grievances.

After several hours wandering on the street, Cora finally decided that she would leave the Chu family, but she would not divorce.

When She arrived at the Chu's house by taxi, Winson had already gone out. Seeing that Winson and Ivy were not at home, she breathed a sigh of relief. Before she went home, she had been thinking about what she would do if she met them.

Although she had lived here for two years, she didn't have much stuff. After packing up some necessities, she left with a suitcase without looking back.

It was the first time for her to leave the Chu family like this. She felt extremely happy, as if she had left a cage and escaped from the shackles. It seemed that she could live a free life now.

Cora hummed a song happily. After walking for a while, she began to realize the problem. Where could she go now?

She had no home to go to. She couldn't go back to the place where she grew up. She hadn't made any friends in the past two years, and she hadn't even contacted her best friend Coco Chen. Moreover, she didn't want others to know what had happened to her.

The world was so big, but there was no place for her to hide. It was ridiculous. She smiled and felt a lump in her throat. She could no longer restrain the pain in her heart. She squatted on the ground, held her head and cried.

It was getting darker and darker. There were few people on the street where Cora was, so no one noticed that there was a girl crying in a corner.

After a long while, she stopped crying, as if her tears had dried up. She stood up in a daze and wiped the tears on her face and her red and swollen eyes.

Dragging her suitcase, she walked aimlessly. Although she didn't know where she should go, it was good to walk.

It was already midnight. There were few pedestrians and cars on the road, and the whole city was exceptionally quiet. Only the scattered street lights were still lighting up the city. Everyone had their own home, and even the vagrants had shabby houses to stay. However, she didn't know where to go.

When she crossed the road, she didn't notice that the green light of the crossing had already changed. She was still walking slowly.

Suddenly, a strong light shone on her. She looked sideways, but couldn't open her eyes because of the strong light. Before she could see clearly what it was, the next second, she felt herself flying.

"Bang!" there was a violent crash. But it was a remote place with few people and few cars. No one noticed the car accident at all.

The pain brought her back to her senses from a trance. It was unbearable for her. She felt particularly painful even when she moved a little.

She looked at a black Land Rover not far away from her, which was still flashing. She saw a man in suits hurriedly opened the door from the driver's seat and walked towards her.

Ah... She suddenly realized that she was hit by car. No wonder it was so painful.

'That's good. If I die like this, I wouldn't have so many troubles, and the pain in my life would be over. All the unbearable and grievances would not need to be remembered anymore.

However, I didn't know where I would be buried after death. The Chu family or her parents' Xi family? Maybe I just become a wandering ghost and had no place to stay, just like I'm living in the world.'

When she was about to close her eyes and lose consciousness, Cora heard a call, "Miss, miss, don't sleep! Wake up! Miss..."

Then, she felt everything went black in front of her. She couldn't feel the sound and light around her, and even the temperature seemed to have become imperceptible. Only the man in suit next to Cora was anxiously calling the emergency phone while shouting, hoping that Cora would not close her eyes.

Just now, the man saw that Cora was running the red light, so he honked the horn to remind her. But unexpectedly, Cora didn't hear at all and continued to walk slowly.

When the man found something wrong, he braked ahead of time, but it was still too late. His car still hit Cora. Although the impact force must have decreased a lot, the man looked very worried when he saw the situation of Cora.

When she woke up again, she saw the white light, the white ceiling, the white bed sheet and quilt, and the pungent smell of medicine. This feeling was familiar and strange. It seemed that Cora couldn't figure out where she was now.

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