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   Chapter 8 Let Us Divorce

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Seeing the reaction of Cora, Winson's mother, Belinda was very satisfied. She believed that the two must have wonderful time yesterday. It was normal for a newly married girl to be shy.

Winson frowned, "Well, mom. Can you have breakfast quietly?"

It seemed that Winson had helped Cora from embarrassment. But in fact, he was afraid that Cora would ask for something from her parents.

Of course, Belinda didn't continue to ask. She smiled happily and kindly. Anyway, she felt that the two young people were shy in front of her. They were newly married, and it was indeed not appropriate for others to interfere with them.

After breakfast, Belinda suggested Winson's father Jackson that they should travel around the world. One purpose was to give the two young people some private space, and the other was to relax themselves.

After getting the permission of Jackson, Belinda immediately packed up their luggage and bought the air ticket. They only left a note to inform Winson and Cora.

At that time, Cora was tossing and turning in her room. Thinking of what happened yesterday, she was very angry. How could she give her first time to such a scumbag? The more she thought about it, the more upset she became.

After blaming herself for half a day, Cora finally walked out of the room. She didn't see Winson's parents, and she was curious about what they were doing.

As soon as she entered the living room, she saw a note on the table.

Cora picked it up and saw a few words on it. "Cora and Winson! We're going out to travel around the world! You two just enjoy your own life!"

It turned out that the two old couple deliberately went out to travel around the world in order to let the new couple have their own private life. Cora was unhappy about that, she even wanted to call them back.

But on second thought, the two might have boarded the plane. Alas... But it really made her suffer. Winson's parents treated her like their own daughter.

'Now, they have left. Who else can I rely on in this big house? I will become alone again.

What's more, it is more difficult for me to deal with a scumbag upstart like Winson.'

After thinking about it for a while, Cora thought that she should inform Winson of the news, but she found that she didn't have his phone number, so she could only tell this to John, Winson's assistant.

But there was no reply for a long time. Then she fell asleep in her room.

In the evening, Winson finally returned home, but he didn't say a word to Cora.

As if Cora didn't exist, he ate and slept, and his life seemed to be at home alone.

It seemed that what happened to Cora had nothing to do with him. He didn't want to ask or meddle in it.

Winson's attitude seemed to make the life easier for Cora. She usually avoided him intentionally. She didn't want to get along with him. When she saw Winson, she always remember what happened that night.

The two people's life was just like two strangers, but they could meet each other every day.

Originally, Cora thought that she could hold on until Jackson and Belinda came back. This was not bad, and she lived a relaxed life.

But she didn't expect that one night, just like all the usual nights, there were continuous cicadas singing outside the window, and the wind bringing flower fragrance.

Winson came back home in a hurry. Seeing that Cora was having dinner at the table, he slowly walked over, stared at her and said coldly, "Let's divorce."

His words almost made Cora spit out the food in her mouth. If Winson had told her at the beginning, she would have divorced without hesitation.

But now, she had given her first night to Winson. Even if she didn't love him, she didn't want to divorce so easily.

"No! I don't want to divorce," Cora said firmly.

Winson was over 1.8 meter tall, wearing a black suit and giving off a cold aura. "How much money do you want? Tell me," he asked.

Winson knew this kind of trick. He thought, 'She just wanted to raise the price and force me to give more money. This woman is really greedy. Her whole family love money so much.'

Being extremely angry, Cora slammed the bowl and chopsticks on the table, stood up and looked at Winson, "I'm not doing this for money! I won't divorce you no matter how much you give! Do you understand?"

Cora said it wasn't for money. Then Winson really didn't understand what else could she want.

"You don't like me and I don't love you, why don't you give us two freedom? And I will give you so much money. Is there anything wrong?"

Perhaps businessmen liked to compare everything wit

h money. Her father was like this, and so was her so-called husband. She really hated money. Not everything could be compared with Money.

"Damn it! Money couldn't represent everything! I won't divorce you anyway!" Then Cora pushed Winson away and strode forward.

Winson was pushed to stagger. Looking at the petite back of Cora, he suddenly felt that this woman was quite interesting. He really wanted to know what this woman wanted.

However, if he wanted to divorce her, he must divorce her. There was nothing he couldn't do.

In the following days, Winson used all kinds of methods to force Cora to agree to divorce him.

At the beginning, she was angry. But now, she had turned a deaf ear to Winson. No matter what he said or did, she would never agree.

To her surprise, Winson brought back his girlfriend who was involved in the gossip with him.

That day, Winson was unusually quiet. Cora thought that he finally gave up the idea of divorce, but suddenly, the doorbell rang.

Then a coquettish woman came in.

As soon as she came in, she took a glance at Cora. With a bright smile on her face, she came to hold Winson's arm. Winson called the woman Ivy.

Cora looked at Ivy warily, her intuition told her that the woman in front of her was not friendly.

The atmosphere in the room became tense. Cora stubbornly looked at Winson. Although she knew that Winson didn't like her, she didn't expect that he would bring a woman back.

"What do you mean, Winson? Will I give in if you do this? No way. As long as I don't want to divorce, you can't do anything to me." Instead of being angry, Cora began to mock Winson's behavior.

In fact, after she had a relationship with Winson, she hoped that her husband could protect her, even without love, a family affection was enough for her.

'It seems that this beautiful girl in front of me doesn't have any status in Winson's heart, and she is even inferior to me. If I kick this woman out, I can become Winson's wife, the hostess of the Chu family, ' thought Ivy.

Ignoring Cora's mockery, Winson reached out and held Ivy in his arms. He looked at her affectionately. It made Ivy about to fall into his deep eyes.

"Ivy, let's ignore this woman. Let me show you around my home, okay?" Winson said in a soft voice.

'Why is this man so shameless? Didn't he hear me? He take a woman home in front of me.'

It was rare for Cora to be wronged since childhood. She must have suffered all the grievances in her life when Winson entered her life. Her nose was a little sore, but she didn't want to cry in front of Winson. She turned around and left in a hurry.

Sometimes, even if you didn't ask for trouble, it would bring you by others. Today, Winson had once again refreshed Cora's bad impression on him.

When she returned to her room, Cora's eyes watered, but she didn't cry. On the one hand, she thought crying couldn't solve the problem. On the other hand, she couldn't cry for Winson.

Out of sight, out of mind. Cora stayed in her bedroom. She was typing on her laptop on the bed, and then she heard the door slamming.

Outside the door came the laughter of a man and a woman. "Winson, no. I feel shy here!" 'What a shy and lovely girl Winson bring back!' Cora smiled bitterly.

"It's okay. There won't be anyone here. Honey, don't move," Winson said gently.

Cora was so angry that she knew without thinking that this man did it on purpose. He made such a big noise at the door of her room on purpose, but she put on her headphones and continued to do her work.

Cora didn't come out. It seemed that Winson had to change his way. He raised his eyebrows and said to Ivy, "Let's play a game."

Ivy knew that Winson was using her to irritate Cora. Although she knew it, it didn't affect her determination to win his love. She nodded obediently.

The sound of the door colliding was very loud, like a gong drum, and it did not stop for a moment.

'What's wrong? Even if I put on the headphones, the noise can't be stopped.' Cora took off the headphones, put down the laptop, and got out of bed, ready to drive away the shameless couple outside the door.

As soon as the door was opened, Cora saw a black shadow in front of her and she was knocked to one side. "Ah..." She was hit on the ground.

Before Cora could roar, Winson said, "Ivy, what happened? Do you hurt?" Winson pretended to feel sorry for her.

Ivy was very cooperative. Her nose twitched, she wanted to cry but had no tears. She shook her head slowly and said, "I am okay. I have bumped into someone just now. Let's see if she is injured."

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