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   Chapter 7 The Wrong Person

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Cora was disgusted by this shameless man. Winson was handsome, but his thoughts and behavior wasn't normal. She didn't wanted to be his wife!.

As a self-righteous person like Winson, Cora didn't want to talk to him at all. And she didn't want to tell others that she had such a husband.

But on the wedding day, Winson's parents were so happy that they celebrated their son's wedding at home. And that day, Winson was in high spirits. He said he wanted to drink.

Although Winson had a lot of social engagements, he couldn't drink much. After drinking a few glasses of wine, his face already turned red, and his eyes became blurred.

At the same time, Cora also drank with Winson. She hadn't drunk before, but today she got married with a man who never loved her. She felt aggrieved, but she had nowhere to say. She could only drink to dispel her sadness.

Looking at the two people drinking one after another, Winson's parents thought that the two young people were very happy because they got married.

After getting along for two years, Winson's parents knew that Cora was a good girl. She was filial, kind-hearted, and didn't pursue fame and fortune. In a word, they were very satisfied with her.

At the end of the dinner, Cora and Winson were too drunk to walk normally. It took servants a lot of effort to move the two people back to their wedding room.

They lay on the bed, motionless. In the quiet room, there were only their breathing.

This room belonged to Winson. In the past two years, Cora had never entered it, because the third floor was Winson's private place. Without his permission, no one dared to come in.

The room was very large and beautiful. There was a yellow lamp quietly rotating above their heads, which gave off dim and warm light.

Through the French window, the bright moonlight was sprinkled on the head of the bed, which looked particularly illusory.

All of a sudden, Winson felt a pee. He went to the bathroom in a daze. When he came back, he saw a young girl lying on his big black bed.

She was wearing a long dress with light gauze tassels. Even in such a dim room, her cute and petite face could be seen. She lay quietly on the bed, but she was as mysterious and tempting as a night elf.

Winson was a man anyway. Under the influence of alcohol and ambiguous light, the flames in his eyes became stronger and stronger.

The flames of desire in his heart were burning. He slowly walked towards Cora, and gently approached her.

Winson kissed her lightly like a dragonfly skimming the surface of the water.

In a daze, Cora opened her eyes. Looking at the strange environment, she thought she was still in a dream. When she looked up, she found Winson beside her. She couldn't tell whether it was the dream wor not.

But anyway, it seemed that she didn't want anyone to get close to her.

Realizing that Cora seemed to have woken up, Winson stopped what he was doing all of a sudden. The temperature of the two people was surprisingly high. Winson's face appeared above her in the dim moonlight.

'Gerald... Is that you, Gerald?' In a daze, Cora looked at the man, but the more she looked at him, the more he looked like Gerald, her lover.

'Am I really dreaming of Gerald?' She couldn't get Gerald in reality, so she had to get him in her dream. It didn't matter. Even in the dream, she was willing to do so. She loved Gerald very much. They hadn't contacted each other for two years, she missed him very much.

Some people's existence, like breathing, could not be forgotten, and could not be quit. Gerald was always like this in the heart of Cora.

Cora took the initiative to move forward. The kiss from the man in front of her was warm, and it felt as if it was true. Th

is feeling made Cora feel inexplicably sentimental.

The atmosphere in the room continued to rise.

On the next morning, the sun shone into the room. On the ground, there were ragged women's clothes, kicked high heels, and men's clothes... It was not difficult to see the extent of the battle between the two after drinking last night.

"Ouch... My head hurts..." She felt pain all over her body, as if she had been crushed by a car. Her closed eyes slowly opened, and her mind was in a mess. She rubbed her eyes with her hand.

'Who is this?' She couldn't believe that she touched a person lying beside her. She touched Winson's chest again to confirm she was dreaming or not.

A magnetic male voice came to her ears, a little hoarse, but his tone was a little cold. "Have you touched enough?" Winson was sleeping soundly when he was woken up by the touches of Cora. He didn't expect that this woman ask him for love initiatively.

At the thought of the enthusiasm last night, Winson was still excited, but he pretended to be cold and arrogant.

It suddenly occurred to Cora that she had drunk too much last night. It turned out that the man last night wasn't Gerald. She was embarrassed because she went to the wrong room and mistook the wrong person. For a moment, she didn't know what to say.

Cora curled up in the corner of the bed, lowering her head, as if in this way, she could be ignored by the man in front of her.

Silence reigned in the air. Winson sneered when he looked at speechless Cora. 'She came to my bedroom and slept with me. It was she seduced me, ' he thought.

Winson was quite familiar with dealing with this kind of woman. He got out of bed, picked up his coat that he had thrown on the ground last night, took out a check, and threw it coldly in front of Cora.

The check floated in front of Cora. Looking at the man's series of actions in front of her, she didn't know what he was doing at first. When she realised, she felt ashamed and angry.

Winson said coldly, "I offended you last night. Of course, it was you who ran into my room. I don't like to take advantage of women. This money is my compensation for you."

Without hesitation, Cora threw the check to Winson. "I don't liked your stinky money? What's wrong with you? Why are you so shameless? I didn't mean to come to your room," she shouted.

"Do you think you will arouse my interest in you by doing so? Don't dream about it. I have seen a lot of tricks like you. Your family sold you to me just because they are short of money. Don't use this method. I won't like a woman like you who admires vanity."

'She thinks I would treat her differently after having sex with me. It is simply wishful thinking, ' Winson thought.

Ignoring the angry look in Cora's eyes, Winson went to the bathroom.

Cora didn't expect that this man was so hateful. She didn't know what he was thinking. Sure enough, except for his parents, there was nothing worth her to stay here.

Winson's parents had already known from the maid that their son and daughter-in-law had spent a night together. It seemed that their wish of a granddaughter was about to come true.

They worried their son didn't like Cora. It seemed that they was wrong. Maybe the young man liked this kind of style.

Things were not as good as they had imagined, and even got worse.

Although they were in the same room, they didn't seem to be affectionate. On the contrary, it made people feel that nothing had happened and unexpectedly calm.

When they had breakfast together, Belinda couldn't help but ask Cora curiously, "Cora, did you sleep well yesterday?"

Thinking of what happened last night, Cora felt both regretful and shy, and her face turned red all of a sudden.

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