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   Chapter 6 Recalling The Old Stories

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Winson looked at Cora thoughtfully and agreed to her request without hesitation.

Unfortunately, Cora had lost nine of the ten rounds. She had to answer all kinds of strange questions asked by Winson. These questions included the color of her bra and underwear.

Squinting his eyes, Winson looked interested by the game. It was really funny for him to see the slight blush and helplessness on Cora's face.

This time, Cora lost again. She said crossly, "Go ahead! What a bad luck today!"

But this time, the playful look in Winson's eyes disappeared, and he turned serious. He stared at Cora with his deep eyes and asked, "Do you still remember how we met before?"

The question seemed to remind Cora of countless memories. How could she forget what had happened in the past.

Her mind seemed to be pulled back to a few years ago. It was just a few years ago, but it seemed to be half a century ago

Eighteen years old was the flower season of every girl. The girls in that age were young, simple, cute and beautiful.

At that time, Cora also thought that it was the best time in her life. The person she liked finally got together with her, and her parents were also love her. She seemed to be the happiest girl in the world.

After two years of hard effort, she finally got together with Gerald Chu. He was handsome and she was beautiful, and everyone passing by looked at them with admiration.

That day, sky was blue and clear. After a date with Gerald, Cora hummed a song happily on the way she went back home. The joy of a girl was obvious.

As soon as she entered the house, she saw her parents sitting on the sofa with a serious look, as if something big had happened. Cora's happy expression seemed to be frozen, and the uneasiness spread to her heart. She grinned and said awkwardly, "Dad, mom, I'm back..."

After saying that, she wanted to sneak into her room. Such an atmosphere was really disappointing.

"Come here," her father called her in a low voice.

'Oh, no! Did my parents find out about my date today?' guessed Cora uneasily.

Sitting obediently on the sofa, Cora lowered her head and said nothing, like a child who did something wrong and waited for criticism.

Her mother started. She tried her best to keep calm and said to Cora in a gentle tone and loving eyes, "Cora, You know that the company is not doing well recently. As a member of our family, you should also contribute to the company!"

Cora's father started a business at his young age and it developed to a medium-sized company. Although it was not that big, it became more and more famous in the industry during more than ten years. Therefore, Cora had been living a better life than ordinary families since she was a child.

But recently, Cora heard that the company had some financial crisis. She didn't know much about it, because she was still a student and knew nothing about business. She just heard the news inadvertently when her parents talked.

She knew that the matter was very serious, but she could do nothing about it. She could only silently pray that the company's crisis could be avoided.

Until now, her mother told her that she could also help. She loved her family and her parents. She nodded her head without hesitation. "Okay, mom, what can I do? I will do anything I can."

There seemed to be a flash of pity in her mother's eyes, but it disappeared in an instant. She held her hand tightly and said, "Cora. We decided... marry you to Winson Chu!"

When the words came to her, Cora felt cold, which was almost a bolt from the blue for her. She knew that Winson was the president of the Chu Group, young and promising, handsome and dashing.

Many girls wanted to marry Winson. And there was already a rumor about he had a girlfriend. Cora didn't want to get involved in this.

"No, I don't want to marry him. He has a girlfriend." She didn't want to marry a man she had never met, nor did she want to give up her boyfriend, Gerald. It took her two years to win his love.

Her father patted his knees and said, "No way! You have to go there. The Chu family has offered thirty million for you! This amount of money is enough to bring our company back to life!"

In fact, what Cora didn't know was that her father had already prepared for her future marriage in the business circle. It was like an auction of his beautiful daughter.

The price of thirty million made Felix sell his daughter to Winson without hesitation.

With tears

in her eyes, Cora choked and questioned, "I'm your daughter! Am I worth only thirty million? Can't we really think of other ways?"

As she spoke, her tears fell down.

How could Felix be heartless for his own daughter? However, he scolded, "You don't have to tell anything. We will send you to the Chu family tomorrow."

Because he was afraid that Cora would leave, Felix had already closed the doors and windows, and there were also guards outside the courtyard. He dragged her back to the room. Although she struggled, kicked, and cried, he did not let go of her.

The sky turned from darkness to light. It seemed that it only happened in an instant. When her mother opened the door, she saw a haggard, crying and swollen Cora. Her mother felt sorry for her and helped her dress up. Then she sent her to the Chu family.

It was the first time that Cora saw the Chu family. The Chu family was one of the richest families in the country. The Chu's villa was as beautiful as an imperial palace.

However, Cora was not happy at all. As soon as the door of the Chu family was closed, she thought that she would not have any connections with her previous family. She would be alone from now on. She had no backing or support anymore.

Staying here for a whole day, Cora didn't see anyone from the Chu family. She didn't see Winson and his parents. All she saw were the servants.

And a man called John Cheng, he was Winson's assistant. However, John didn't seem to like her.

'Well, I don't like the Chu family at all. I might as well think of a way to escape from here, ' she thought.

On the night when she packed her luggage, Cora received a call which changed her fate for the rest of her life. It was from her mother.

At that night, Cora was singing happily while tidying up her clothes. She was in a good mood when she thought that she was about to leave.

"Buzz, buzz, buzz..." Her phone on the table vibrated, attracting her attention. 'It was at night, who is calling me?'

With this doubt in her mind, Cora walked to the table and looked at the screen of her mobile phone, which showed "Mom".

With a complicated feeling, Cora thought that her parents had traded their daughter's lifelong happiness for the company's rebirth for thirty million dollars. At the thought of this, she wanted to be ruthless to ignore her parents.

However, Cora couldn't help picking up the phone and put it near her ear. She heard her mother say, "Cora, why do you answer the phone so late? Are you still angry with us? We don't want to..."

Cora clenched her fists and tears welled up in her eyes. Hearing her mother's voice, she felt like a deflated ball.

At first, she thought she didn't want to talk to her parents and wouldn't forgive them. At this time, all she could think about was her mother's love to her. She chose to believe her mother's explanation.

Cora couldn't help telling her mother her true feelings, her helplessness and fear in the Chu family, and her own plans.

"What? Cora, you can't leave the Chu family? No, you can't. If you leave, even if your father has thirty million, the Chu family won't let him go. Cora, can you bear to see your mother and father wandering on the street?"

Cora couldn't believe what her mother said. ''The only way to save the company is to sell your daughter? We could work hard to earn money to support our family, and we would never tramp on the street."

However, to Cora's surprise, her parents didn't want to give up the wealth given by the Chu family.

In this way, Cora had to stay for the sake of her parents. Fortunately, in this strange place, there appeared two elders who were different from her parents.

In first the two years, Winson's parents pitied her. Perhaps because of the absence of Winson, they took good care of her and hoped to give her the love that their son hadn't given her.

Two years was neither too long nor too short for her. Her nominal fiance, Winson, came back on her birthday. She began to panic. Although Winson's parents comforted her, she was still in a panic.

Without birthday blessings, Winson took Cora to the Bureau of Civil Affairs to go through the marriage certificate directly. With a red marriage certificate in her hand, she became his wife at once.

Winson said to her coldly, "Don't claim others to be my wife. Remember, you are just a thing I bought. You'd better remember that if you don't want anything happens to your parents' company again."

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