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   Chapter 5 Reunion (Part Two)

Hidden Marriage: Sweetie, No Way To Run Away By Xiaoxiao Yunduoer Characters: 5975

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Cora listened to him silently.

Their status was the biggest gap. What's more, she had a child.

They could only be best friends. She took a look at him. In her memory, the big boy who always smiled happily had become so elegant now. Presumably, more girls would like him.

One day, he would find his true goddess.

In the middle of the night, the light in the bedroom was still on. Winson didn't go to the company for the whole afternoon because his parent talked with him about the child. In order to get rid of his parent's complain, he had to agree to have a baby with Cora.

He never refused by others, so he didn't expect that she would refuse him so mercilessly when he casually said that he wanted to have a baby.

"No way!"

The two simple words made Winson sit up and look at her curiously, "You want to refuse?"

Cora shook off his hand and said in disdain, "I'm not interested in you.

Especially a shameless playboy!"

Winson sneered, "Do you know how many women are begging to give birth a baby for me?"

"Since you have so many choices, don't bother me!" Cora said coldly.

Her attitude irritated Winson. The smile on his face disappeared, and he was in a depressed mood.

He took out his phone and dialed a number. "Come here in twenty minutes," ordered Winson.

Soon, the woman of that day, 36E Linda, came to the villa. Fortunately, Winson's parents and Gerald lived in the house nearby and wouldn't be disturbed.

"Dear Winson!" Wearing a low cut black dress, Linda's sexy and hot figure was very challenging to men's patience.

Winson held her in his arms and walked past Cora arrogantly.

'It seems that Mr. Chu didn't like this old woman at all. Otherwise, he wouldn't have asked me to come here.' Thinking this, Linda glanced at Cora and laughed happily.

Unexpectedly, Cora looked calm and even yawned. She didn't even look at the two people at all, as if the two of them were just actors with poor acting skills and couldn't attract the only audience's interest.

Bang! The door was slammed shut.

Winson was so angry that he shouted, "Moan loudly!"

"What?" Linda confused.

"Moan loudly! Imagine you are having sex with me." Winson stared at her fiercely, which made Linda completely dumbfounded. She had thought that she would finally get what she wanted and spend the night with Winson.

Gritting her teeth, Linda closed her eyes and began to perform. Winson sat on the chair with satisfaction, waiting for Cora to surrender.

The night passed quickly. Linda's voice became hoarse, and Winson's eyes also blackened. The person he wait for didn't come!

The wind in the morning was a little cold. Winson couldn't help sneezing, with green stubble on his face, as if he was indulged in excessive sexual desire.

Just at this moment, the door was kicked open. With her hands on her hips, Belinda shouted angrily, "Bastard! The first day your father and I came back, you made such a big trouble! You must break

Cora's heart, right?"

Winson dodged her mother's slap and said, "She told you? That bad woman!"

"Nonsense! If I haven't come here, I wouldn't have known that she have been wronged so much. I'll beat you to death, you little bastard!"

Winson hid behind Linda and stuck his head out. "Mom, please save my face. I'm a mature man in my thirties."

Linda had already fled and rushed out of the door.

The room was in chaos, but Cora was in a good mood. Last night, Winson was not beside her. She chatted with Betty on WeChat for a long time, and Betty also sent many pictures of Jelly. So she felt relieved.

Unfortunately, her good mood disappeared the moment she saw Gerald.

"Let me drive you to work." Gerald didn't allow her to refuse and took her hand to leave.

A black Benz was parked outside. Gerald] opened the passenger seat for Cora.

Cora had no choice but to obey.

"My brother is so childish, isn't he?" Gerald started the car and asked her.

'More than that!' Cora smiled but didn't answer. Their brothers seemed to be reversed. The big one was childish and the small one was mature.

After thinking for a while, Cora said, "Gerald, I'm married."

"Yes, I know." Gerald continued, "But he doesn't love you. You don't love him, too."

Cora shook her head slightly. Even if the period of five years was over, she didn't plan to get married again. Now that she had a child and a good job, she really didn't need a man.

"I will wait for you." After saying that, Gerald drove away. With a complicated look on her face, Cora watched his car disappear before she walked into the company with heavy steps.

"Cora, why are your news reports so conventional? Winson's hot spots have disappeared. Why don't you take a photo of him and his lover? Don't you know how to take a secret photo?"

As soon as she entered the office, the editor in chief pointed at her draft and blamed her.

The draft had been revised several times, but unfortunately, the editor in chief was not satisfied.

"Make sure to take some hot photos today." The editor in chief ordered directly.

Cora sighed silently and nodded.

It was not too late to go now. She hoped that 36E Linda hadn't left yet. After thinking for a while, Cora decided to go back immediately.

She directly drove the company's car to the Chu family with Bruce.

They had been in a hurry. When they got to the Chu family, unfortunately, Linda had already left. Cora felt sorry. Unexpectedly, Winson looked at her with hatred and said, "It's all your fault! I was blamed by my mother till now!" With chicken nest like hair, Winson looked sad.

After taking a look at Winson and then at Cora, Bruce asked in a low voice, " Cora, how about I wait for you in the car?"

Cora said in a low voice, "No, you are a photographer. You can't go."

Then, with a straight look on her face, she said in a flattering tone, "Winson, how about we play a game? The loser should answer the question."

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