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   Chapter 4 Reunion (Part One)

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"Cora is back." Seeing Cora, Winson's mother, Belinda immediately stepped forward and hugged her.

Cora felt panic at the moment. She turned to Winson for help, but Winson grinned gloatingly.

After hesitating for a while, Cora hugged Belinda and greeted subconsciously, "Mom."

This hug reminded Cora of the time when she was taken care of in the past by Winson's parents. Her eyes were slightly red and sore.

Winson's father stood quietly behind them and comforted them, "Well, we won't leave in a short time. Don't be so sad."

Embarrassed, Cora let go of Belinda and called the old man shyly, "Dad."

The family was happy and harmonious. Looking at her son and daughter-in-law around, Belinda only felt that her life was complete, except for a good grandson.

With a smile on her face, she patted Cora's hand and said, "I just want a little baby now. When will you have a child? I'd better have a granddaughter."

Cora and Winson looked at each other meaningfully.

Belinda chattered a lot about the names of her granddaughter she prepared. When Cora was about to ask for help, Winson's father also took out a notebook and told her the girl's names he had thought of.

Just when Cora couldn't resist, Winson finally said lazily, "I don't want a child."

Hearing this, Belinda became anxious at once. "What? You have been married for five years. Haven't you had enough of the world of two?"

"Of course." "What do you think, Cora?" said Winson cheekily.

All of a sudden, several pairs of eyes were fixed on Cora. With an embarrassed smile, Cora said, "Hum, I agree with Winson."

After lunch, Cora finally got rid of the two enthusiastic elders. She felt exhausted as if she had run a marathon.

Cora walked out of the villa and walked along the path in the garden. Not far away, she saw a person unexpectedly.

It seemed that five years had not changed him at all. He walked closer and said in a gentle voice, "Long time no see, Cora."

"Yes, long time no see."

She didn't expect to meet him here again.

Winson's younger brother, Gerald Chu, was an internationally renowned young oil painting master.

When she was sixteen years old, she expressed her love to Gerald. The broadcast room of the campus became a place she often visited, just to read those love poems to him.

When she was eighteen years old, he finally agreed. But she didn't expect that she would become the key person to change the future of her family's company. At that time, Winson offered thirty million and she was sent directly to the Chu family by her father Felix.

When Gerald saw her in the Chu famirly with his brother, the pain in his eyes was sharp.

He must have regarded her as a scheming woman who wanted to get close to his brother Winson through him. After all, Winson had taken over the company and become the new golden bachelor.

Even though Cora explained it again and again, Gerald still didn't believe her, and then he went abroad angrily. Hence, they had been separated for many years.

In a trance, Gerald, who was standing against the sunlight, m

ade Cora unable to see his face clearly, and a sense of uncertainty arose in her heart.

"What's wrong?" Gerald lowered his head and smiled, "Don't you know me?"

It was him. His voice was like the most gentle love poem. Back then, she was attracted by his voice first, and then she decided to pursue him without hesitation.

Now, she had become her sister-in-law.

"Long time no see." Cora said again.

Gerald bent down, picked up a grape hyacinth and handed it to her. "Every year, I'll ask my brother to plant this kind of flower. Do you know what the flower meaning of this flower is?"

Cora took the flower and shook her head.

"It's jealousy." Gerald looked into her eyes and said seriously, "I'm jealous of another man becoming your husband, even if he is my brother."

Cora turned her head slightly. The flower in her hand seemed to weigh a thousand pounds, but she could not throw it away.

"I, I should go to work now." She turned around and left quickly. At that moment, there seemed to be a meteor falling from her eyes, wetting the purple flowers under her feet.

Cora was absent-minded the whole afternoon. The interview was in a mess. She got a lot of scolding in front of the editor in chief. Fortunately, Bruce came to make a joke to save her.

Until the night was about to come, people in the company left one after another. Cora was still gritting her teeth to modify the draft.

A burst of footsteps came closer and closer, and finally stopped in front of the desk of Cora.

Hearing that, Cora raised her head, with a flash of surprise in her eyes. "You?"

Dressed in a long wind coat, Gerald had an outstanding temperament.

"Mom asked me to pick you up."

She looked at the car key. Before she opened her mouth to refuse, Gerald continued, "I know you drive, so I came here by subway."

There was no reason for her to refuse again, so she had to accept it.

When Gerald saw the arrogant red car with blue words, his smile froze and he took the driver's seat silently.

"Let me drive," he said.

The atmosphere in the car was awkward and ambiguous.

Cora wanted to say something but stopped on a second thought. Finally, she said, "I'm sorry."

I'm sorry. I'm married.

I'm sorry that I can't be with you in the end.

I'm sorry that I can't accompany you till you get old."

"You know I don't like outdoor sports. That year, I went bungee jumping in France for a month. Sometimes I wonder if my heart won't hurt if the rope is broken."

Gerald told her what had happened in the past in a plain tone. As time went by, he thought that he could no longer take the brush and play the piano. It was not until two years later that he accidentally knew that if his brother hadn't helped Felix at that time, perhaps the eighteen year old girl Cora would have been sold to another rich merchant who was over fifty years old.

Knowing that he had misunderstood Cora, Gerald wanted to go back immediately. Unfortunately, it was too late. He learned from his mother that Cora had gotten the marriage certificate with his brother.

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