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   Chapter 2 An Awkward Reunion (Part Two)

Hidden Marriage: Sweetie, No Way To Run Away By Xiaoxiao Yunduoer Characters: 5981

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How many lovers does he have? The size of their bust, waist, and hips?' she thought unhappily.

Then, she stuffed the note back into her pocket and asked freely, "There was a rumor that you spent a night with a mystery lady. Is that true, Mr. Chu?"

"Ahem!" John coughed violently and winked a few more times at his boss. However, Winson ignored him and glanced lazily at Cora. "What do you think? Since my wife doesn't stay with me, I have to find someone else."

Ignoring the jab at her, Cora continued, "Then who was that mystery lady?"

"Oh, she's 36E," Winson said, casting a meaningful glance at Cora's chest.

Cora stiffened and pursed her lips in anger. 'What does he mean? Does he look down on my A cup?

Calm down! Don't be mad!' she told herself, fearing that she wouldn't be able to help tearing Winson apart on the spot.

On the other hand, Winson, who usually looked cold and mature in public, had a triumphant sneer on his face.

Cora sighed in her heart. She knew that trying to deal with this man would piss her off to no end.

She really didn't want to see him anymore, so she asked him a few more questions and hastily ended the interview.

As a matter of fact, Cora and Winson had only spent a few days together after getting married. As soon as Winson's parents had left to travel the world, Cora had also left the villa.

When she was only eighteen, her father, Felix Xi, had sent her directly to the Chu family in exchange for thirty million dollars. Fortunately, Winson's parents had treated her like their own daughter, which had diluted the panic in her heart.

After that, although she lived in the Chu family's house, she never saw Winson, the man who had "bought" her.

Two years passed that way. It was only when she turned twenty years old that Winson suddenly appeared and completed the marriage formalities with her.

That night, in order to celebrate their wedding, he had insisted on drinking, and the two of them had ended up sleeping together.

Unexpectedly, Winson had gotten Cora pregnant that night.

Thinking of her child, Cora's face softened involuntarily.

When Bruce came over to help her pack up her things, he kept stealing glances at her.

Cora turned her gaze to him and asked, "What's wrong? Is there something on my face?"

Scratching his head, Bruce smiled mischievously and said in a low voice, "I finally know your true identity now."

Cora rolled her eyes and shook her head. Just as she stood up to leave, the sound of high-heeled shoes approached the room.

She looked up to see a tall and slender woman walk in with a seductive smile on her face. Her ample bosom, which was spilling out of her tight-fitting top, made Bruce's jaw drop open in surprise.

Cora coughed slightly and twisted Bruce's arm hard. It was only then that he looked away, wincing in pain.

The woman puffed out her chest even more as she walked past the two of them before sliding onto Winson's lap and giving him

a deep kiss.

Winson smiled and turned to Cora. "36E," he said by way of introduction.

Then, he turned back to the woman on his lap and wrapped his arms around her waist. Encouraged by his movements, the woman leaned in to kiss him once again.

If it hadn't been for John's desperate coughing, they might have advanced to making love right there on the sofa.

"Do you need a cough drop?" Winson snapped, finally pulling away from the woman and shooting a vicious glare at John. Then, he turned to Cora and Bruce, as if only just noticing them. "Are you two going to be the third wheel?"

Before Cora could react, "36E" said in a sweet voice, "Winson, I want to act in a TV series. You promised me."

Winson obviously enjoyed being seduced by this beautiful woman. He immediately said, "John, contact Director Feng. Let's have dinner together tonight."

As Cora watched this, she felt goose bumps all over her body. She wasn't someone who would let herself be trampled over, so she playfully said, "See you tonight, honey."

Her feigned flirtatious voice seemed to have hit a nerve, because "36E" immediately turned around and stared at Cora with contempt. "Who the hell are you? How dare you call Winson 'honey'?

He's not a man with no taste!" After saying that, she scoffed.

Cora smiled brightly and said, "Taste? You mean he likes cow?"

Winson withdrew his arms and laughed. Pushing "36E" off his lap, he stood up and walked slowly towards Cora. He stretched out his right hand and said, "Welcome back, my wife."

"36E" was so flustered to hear this that she involuntarily asked, "What?"

Winson turned his head and gave her a cold look that made her shut up in an instant.

The malice in his eyes had jerked her back to the reality that Winson was not a little dog that she could play with, but a cruel wolf that she should be afraid of. She couldn't afford to offend him. Therefore, she gritted her teeth and glared at Cora.

She hadn't expected that such an ugly old woman could be Winson's wife.

Cora, who had gained a lot of experience as a reporter in the past few years, had a pair of sharp eyes and could easily see through what "36E" was thinking.

Although she regarded Winson as a stranger and didn't care about his affairs at all, the fact was that she would have to stay in this villa from now on. Thinking of him having sex with another woman here made her feel sick.

Therefore, as long as she was going to live in this house, it was necessary for her to set some clear boundaries.

"Honey, ask her to leave. I don't want anyone to disturb me while I'm here. Okay?" she said in a strict tone.

"Of course." Winson turned to John and ordered, "John, please send Miss Linda back."

John nodded and immediately escorted Linda out. As Linda walked away, she turned and shot one last glare at Cora, seething on the inside.

However, Cora ignored her completely. In the spacious living room, only Winson, Cora, and Bruce were left.

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