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Esther sighed in her heart. She thought for a while and finally spoke out what she had thought when she waited for him here.

"You are very busy, and I am also very busy. We two are so busy, and we work in the same company. It is not convenient for you to always send me home. If both of us are free, it is okay for you to give me a ride. But you don't have to drive me home every day since we both are so busy. I can go home myself. Don't treat me as a child."

After all, she was still rejecting him. But now there seemed to be a more justified reason.

"If I'm really busy, I'll tell you in advance." What he meant was obvious. If he was really busy, he would not send her home. But even if he was very busy now, he could still spare some time, so he came to drive her home.

Esther was speechless. She had tried many ways, but they could only come to the same conclusion. She really couldn't persuade him. It seemed the same that in some aspects, Carl was also unable to persuade her.

When the car arrived at the gate of the community, Esther got off the car alone. He opened the door and looked at her. It seemed that he was waiting for her to say something. Such as invited him to have a seat, or just have a meal cooked by her herself.

"Bye." With a wave of her hand, she left without looking back. After the car drove away, Esther walked out of the building and went to the nearby vegetable market to buy some vegetables. She didn't want to eat instant noodles tonight.

As she was picking vegetables, she felt bored and a little stupid. If Carl sent her again next time, she could just ask him to stop at the gate of the vegetable market. In this way, she didn't have to go back and forth. As long as he didn't follow her into the market.

After dinner, she was immersed in her work again. The table was full of all kinds of documents, and many things fell to the ground.

She stood up, stretched herself and poured herself a cup of tea. When she came back, she saw a lot of documents on the table, the floor and the bed. She wondered if she should change a bigger table, so she could just work on the ground in the future.

Esther didn't stop until the early morning. She knew that there was only one last step left.

She prepared all the materials and saved them in the e-mail. She clicked the mouse lightly, and the screen soon showed that the e-mail was sent successfully. She was finally relieved. She had finally completed the thing she had decided in private.

She hoped that the other party could feel her kind considerate after receiving her e-mail.

And she hope that she didn't have to be so busy at night in the future. After she finished this half private and half official matter, she

gn draft, he would be very happy.

The phone that she had just put down suddenly rang again. She picked it up and saw a picture sent by a familiar phone number. It was a back photo of three people.

At noon, an old woman walked in the middle of the road, supported by a woman and a man on both sides. The three walked side by side, looking incomparably harmonious and beautiful.

At a glance, Esther recognized that it was a photo taken in Mr. Curtis's hometown a few days ago.

While she was looking at the phone number, it called again.

"Have you seen the photo?" On the other side, there was a faint and excited voice of Carl.

"Yes." Esther nodded.

"Keith followed us and took the photo when we were not noticing. He said that it was Mr. Curtis's idea. In order to thank you for sending so many photos to him, he also sent you a photo. "

"I see." Esther stared at the photo and smiled. She didn't know why, but the more she looked at this photo, the more she liked it.

"Mr. Curtis seldom makes private calls, especially when he calls in person. He is really happy with you."


"Work hard and win this case. If he is happy, you can make a splash from now on." What Carl said was very realistic, but it also included his confidence in Esther.

"I will."

After a pause, he continued, "Are you still looking at this photo?"

"Yes." Without hesitation, she admitted. But when she said it, she suddenly felt a little embarrassed. Shouldn't she be so straightforward?

"I've been watching it all the time as well." Carl told her, "I like this photo very much. What about you?"

When Esther was about to answer "Me too", she suddenly shut up. She felt that there were too many hints and unusual meanings in Carl's question. So she didn't want to and couldn't answer him like that.

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