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   Chapter 95 Make The Decision Without Asking For Permission

Surrender To CEO's Pure Adoration By Chang Du Characters: 9499

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The reason seemed to be reasonable, but there were so many employees in the company, and everyone's qualifications were higher than that of Esther. In terms of contribution, they had completed many cases. People with high status, such as Beth, had their own office, some only had their own workroom, and others worked here with them.

According to the seniority, it was not Esther's turn to receive such reward. Hearing this decision, not only Esther was shocked, but also other colleagues. Many people looked at her suspiciously, wondering what kind of person she was and why she was suddenly treated so well.

It should not be her turn to receive such reward in public. But if it was a private affair, was there anything private behind it that no one knew?

Esther glanced at the crowd. The way they looked at her made her feel uncomfortable. In a trance, she recalled the time when she had just been released. Everyone looked at her with contempt. Wherever she went, someone called her 'prisoner' loudly or in a low voice.

Although she was used to the way others thought of her, she still felt bad. In particular, she specially took a look at her colleague, Jenny, who had the best relationship with her in the company, who was also looking at her like this.

Esther felt bad. She took her phone and said, "I'll go out for a while." Then she left.

She had nowhere to go, but she came to the roof top of the building. She called Carl as she blew the wind and basked in the sun.

After a long while, the phone was still not connected. She heard the ringtone getting clearer and clearer. This ringtone was very familiar. At least yesterday, she had heard it at least ten or twenty times.

She turned around and saw that Carl was walking towards her with a phone in one hand.

"Why are you here?"

"I heard from my secretary that you were here. I thought you would definitely come to me, so I came up." He shook the phone in his hand as if he was announced proudly, "Look, I am right!"

With her fingers clenched, Esther hung up the phone.

"Why didn't you discuss with me about giving me an office?"

"Does the CEO need to discuss with the employees?"

In the face of Carl, although she often mentioned it on purpose, she often forgot that he was a CEO and she was a humble employee. He really didn't need to discuss with her about the decision he made, and she just needed to do it.

"But have you ever considered it for me. I just came to the company. My so-called contribution is nothing compared to most of my colleagues. What qualifications do I have? I suddenly have my own office. What will others think of me? How can I continue to stay in the company in the future? "

"As for the case you are working on, Mr. Curtis and I don't want to make it public for the time being. And you can't let anyone else see t

rs. As an employee, she shouldn't always go to the top floor.

She waited at the entrance of the parking lot for a while. When she saw that Carl was coming, she walked out. It seemed that she was trying to avoid being found by others. Carl didn't think too much. As for Esther, she didn't want her colleagues to notice the unusual relationship between her and the CEO at all.

It was an unpleasant memory in her previous company. So she didn't want to experience the same feeling again.

"I guess you must be waiting for me downstairs." The coldness on Carl's face eased a lot when he saw her.

"Aren't you afraid that I have already left?" Esther asked. She couldn't understand why he was always so confident.

"I didn't tell you last time that I'm going to see you. You go first. This time, I specially told you that I will go with you. Even if you want to leave first, you will tell me first." Carl directly explained the reason why Esther deliberately avoided him last time as the result that he didn't tell her in advance.

But he was right. If she really wanted to leave first, she would tell him in advance, whether it was a message or a phone call. It was childish when she think about the obvious behavior of dodging last time. She would not play it again.

After the two got in the car, the first sentence of Carl was the repeated old question, "Where do you want to go for dinner today?"

"No, thanks. I can cook it myself when I get home." Esther always refused him in the same way.

"When will you treat me to a meal cooked by you?" Looking at her, Carl pretended to be calm, as if the most ordinary and normal conversation between any two friends.

"Let's talk about it later." As expected, Esther still refused, but her words seemed to leave some hope for him.

"Okay, I'll wait." However, the reason why Carl ignored her refusal was that he grasped the hope.

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