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   Chapter 94 Care

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Of course, Esther didn't know that Carl did tell her everything he knew, and he just said that. But he had never done such things with other girls. The reason why he asked her today was that he wanted to see if she didn't want to stay with him any longer. He wanted to see if she just wanted to finish everything as soon as possible and leave.

However, the two of them had forgotten one important thing. Having dinner together, shopping, and watching a movie was something that was less likely to be done together between ordinary friends of different sex. Unless they were boyfriend and girlfriend, at least they were developing their relationship would they do those things together.

"No, I want to go home." Sure enough, Esther refused him again.

Of course, even if she didn't think of this point, Esther also refused him without hesitation.

Faced with such a refusal, it could be said that Carl was very familiar and quite used to it. But today, Esther clearly felt that he was a little different.

Without saying anything, Carl focused on driving. And the speed was getting faster and faster. If there were not so many cars on the street, there was no way for him to drive faster. She was afraid that he could really drive the car at a speed of the racing car.

Even so, Esther fastened her seat belt and gripped the handle with both hands. She looked at him several times and wanted to tell him to slow down. Her mouth opened for many times, but in the end, she did not say anything.

Seeing her like this, Carl sped up. He felt bad, so he wanted to make Esther feel bad too.

"Here we are!" Esther suddenly shouted, with a bit of joy in her words. How could she not be happy? She finally didn't have to sit in the car that Carl drove as if he was flying a plane. Although he was in a hurry, it was too much for her physically and mentally.

Finally, Carl slowed down the car and stopped near the building where Esther lived.

Esther immediately opened the door and got off the car. She felt her feet a little soft. She took a few deep breaths before she recovered.

"Thank you!" Although Esther was expressing her thanks to him, she still complained that he drove so fast.

Taking a look at her, without saying anything, Carl went straight to the back of the car, opened the trunk and began to move the bags inside.

"I can do it myself." Esther hurried over and grabbed the bag from his hand.

"Let me do it." The words were brief and to the point, and his attitude was very clear to refuse her.

Thinking for a while, she agreed. These two bags were still very heavy. If he wanted to take them, she could let him take them. She could feel at ease. Besides, this kind of heavy work should have been done by men.

With a bag in his hand, Carl followed Esther to walk upstairs.

She stopped at the door and took out the key from her bag. She hesitated for a while. He must have known she lived here long ago. But he had never entered this door befo

, and then took one of the bags back to his office.

He seldom ate snacks, at most drinking, drinking tea, and drinking coffee. But this time, he picked up a little bit of food that Esther said could be used as snacks, put it to his mouth, and chewed it. Suddenly, he felt that it tasted good.

Esther might also like it.

He put the bag in a drawer under the desk. As what Esther said, he was busy with his work, but occasionally when he stopped to have a rest, he would remember and take out some to eat.

When Esther was buried in her work, she had no time to think about anything. But when she occasionally stopped to have a rest, she was doing the same thing as Carl.

On the morning of the second day, Esther packed up her things as usual and rushed out of the community. She bought some breakfast at a stall, and was busy to take a taxi to the company.

She was getting more and more accustomed to this kind of life, and she felt that this kind of life was much more fulfilled and meaningful than the previous life of a lady from a rich family. She felt that her life value had increased a lot invisibly.

She came to work and greeted her colleagues. Then she came to her desk and fell into her work.

When everyone was busy, the president's secretary came down. Esther recognized that it was the secretary who talked to her most often when she went to find Carl.

However, she usually called to inform her if there was something wrong, and rarely went downstairs by herself. And when she showed up, it meant that she had something important to do.

It seemed that this time was not the case.

The CEO decided to give a private office to Esther. The reason was that Esther had only been here for three months but she had helped the company to complete a design work. This private office was a reward for that. What's more, it was inconvenient for her to work in the same office with Beth. There were also spare offices in the company, so he arranged one for her.

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