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   Chapter 93 Mistress

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In the face of such a stubborn Carl, Esther had to change her persuasion.

"As you said, we are friends. Since we are friends, we should understand each other. If you want to help me, I can accept it. But I have the same right to refuse. Besides, if you want to drive me home, I don't want to see you spare time when you are so busy."

After thinking for a while, Carl said, "How about this? I'll ask the driver to send you home."

It suddenly occurred to Esther that more than three months ago, Carl had done such a thing. He asked the driver to wait at the door of her house in the morning and send her to work. In the evening, he waited at the gate of the company and sent her home. If she was still the daughter of the Li family three years ago, her own family would have drivers to do such a thing, not to mention Carl. But now, she really couldn't let others do that.

"If you really find a driver to pick me up and send me home, can I contin

idn't need to cook by herself or eat instant noodles when she went back today. However, it would be better to have less chance to have dinner with Carl.

After eating for a while, Carl slowly put down the bowl and chopsticks.

"Well, let's go." Esther was really impatient. It seemed that she had been waiting for the two of them to leave as soon as possible after Carl finished eating.

With a wry smile in his heart, Carl nodded and stood up.

After paying the bill, the two of them went back to the car.

"Do you have any other place to go? Watch a movie or go shopping?" asked Carl suddenly.

Esther was shocked again. Was this still the Carl she knew? She thought he would only have meals with her and pick her up. She didn't expect him to know watching movies and shopping. It seemed that she had really wronged him. She thought he was a workaholic who devoted himself to the Quan's Group. It turned out that he also had some hobbies.

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