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   Chapter 92 Friend

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Esther turned around to consult with Carl, who was also looking at her. He nodded, indicating that she could do whatever she wanted. Now it was her working time, and everything was up to her.

Esther happily agreed. Then she stood up with the old people beside her and helped her walk towards her house. Carl followed the two of them.

After a short walk, there was a small part of upward road ahead. The old lady was holding a crutch with one hand, and Esther was supporting her with the other. However, the old lady was too old, so it was still a little difficult for her to walk like this. After hesitating for a while, Carl quickened his pace to the side of the old lady. Instead of the crutch in her hand, he also supported her.

The three of them walked side by side on the path. The old woman walked in the middle, and Carl and Esther supported her on each side. Keith and his two assistants followed behind. Seeing this scene, Keith guessed he was addicted to taking photos by looking Esther did it just now. He took out his mobile phone and took a picture of it.

The three people in front of them didn't know what the people behind them were doing, but Carl and Esther looked at each other through the old lady between them. The two of them couldn't help but smile at each other. Suddenly, they felt this feeling strange. The two of them looked at the road ahead at the same time.

After walking this small slope, an old house next to it was the granny's home.

Carl and Esther, the two of them were born with a silver spoon in their mouth. If it hadn't been for the accident three years ago, now both Esther and Carl were living a good life of luxury and wealth.

However, even though Esther was down and out after the accident three years ago, she could still live a happy life. The two of them had never had a meal in a family like this old lady. But it felt good to have a try today.

During the meal, Esther kept talking. She was either busy chatting with the old lady and her family, or eating the food on the table. During the meal, she would take some photos from time to time. Occasionally, she would consider the reaction of Carl, hoping that this meal would not make him too uncomfortable, but soon she found that she worried too much.

In any case, on a table, they could see that Esther was the busiest person, but also the one who could liven up the atmosphere.

As a result, Carl knew more about her. They had meals at the same table, but only two or three times in total, if the meal they had together on Erica's wedding that day counted. On that meal, only the two occupied the large table. All in all, this was the happiest and most relaxed experience they had.

After lunch, the old lady was so hospitable. She even took out a lot of local specialties and insisted on letting Esther and Carl take them home. The two of

's my honor," Esther said casually. She looked relaxed, but she knew in her heart that this was how Carl told her how different she was from others, and how much he trusted her.

Esther wanted to pretend to be confused. Seeing this, Carl didn't expose it. Anyway, as long as she knew it in her hearts, there was no need to force her to admit it.

The two got off the car together. It was still office hour, and there was no one in the parking lot. They walked into the elevator together, but the two of them pressed different floors. They worked in the same company, with different positions and floors.

"I'll drive you home after work," looking at the change of the number above his head, Carl said.

"I really don't need it. If you are busy, I can go home alone. Besides, I can take Jenny's car. She promised to drive me home last time, but she hasn't sent me home yet!" Esther still refused.

For a period of time, she really thought that the CEO, was just a nominal one. Carl was too idle. Otherwise, why did he have so much time to wait for her downstairs in the company where he worked every day? And maybe he would wait for a long time.

But after what happened yesterday and seeing how busy he was today, she knew that he was not idle at all. He just finished all the things in the given time, compressed the time to see her, and did not bring his work to the time when he met her. But he was too busy these days to compress it.

Therefore, there was no reason for Esther to ask him to put aside the busy and important work at hand, just to pick her up. It was really unnecessary.

"Yes, I'm very busy, but I still have time to send you back." Although Carl had said this once, he didn't mind saying it again at this time.

"You really don't have to do that." Esther tried to stop him. There was no need for Carl to do that, nor did she need it.

"I want to do it," Carl insisted.

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