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   Chapter 29 Awkward Wedding

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Before the security guards could touch her, she had already stood behind Howard.

"Dad!" Esther was still calm, but she deliberately raised her voice so that more people could hear her.

"Today is my sister's wedding. As her elder sister, I specially come to attend her wedding." She emphasized her identity on purpose tirelessly. She wanted everyone to know that she was Esther, Howard's eldest daughter, and the sister of the bride today.

She sneered at the security guards who had caught up with her but stopped a few steps away, and she looked at Howard provocatively. She would like to know if Howard could still drive her out of this place now!

After a moment's hesitation, Howard heard that the wedding ceremony was about to start on the stage.

He nodded expressionlessly. "Find a place and sit down." As he spoke, he subconsciously glanced at the only vacant seat at his table, and then glared at Esther. It was obvious that she couldn't take that seat!

Esther also knew that this position must have been arranged, but she wondered what had happened, and this person hadn't arrived yet. In fact, she didn't want to take this seat, but after Howard glared at her, she decided to sit there anyway.

She smiled gently, glanced at the big shots around the table, and said calmly, "Hello, everyone. This is my father, and this is my father's concubine. I'm Esther. I'm here to attend the wedding of my sister Erica and my brother-in-law Murphy."

She continued to emphasize her identity, and did not forget to call her stepmother whom she had never admitted by such an obvious degrading and ironic title -- "concubine".

Lily had been holding back her anger for a long time, but at this time, she couldn't and didn't dare to lose her temper.

Because from the moment Esther came in, all her behaviors were impeccable except for the word "concubine" which was especially aimed at Lily. On the face of it, at least, she managed to take the humiliation in stride.

For her appearance, everyone's eyes lit up at the beginning, but as they heard more and more about her, their eyes became deep and dark.

All the big shots just nodded their heads in response to her greeting. They did it for Howard's sake and also showed their own qualities.

"Okay." With a livid face, Howard stared at her, indicating her to go as far as she could.

"Excuse me, sirs, enjoy the banquet and my father will drink with you. I'll find a seat and sit down." Esther still smiled coldly and politely.

After getting the vague response from everyone, she took a step forward and walked calmly. The security guards who were a few steps away stared at her, waiting for an order or a hint from Howard. As soon as they got the order, they would attack Esther immediately.

However, Esther didn't care about them at all and just walked towards the empty seat. She had already arrived at the seat and was about to sit down.

Howard couldn't stand it anymore and stood up abruptly.

"Someone has taken that seat. You can find yourself another empty seat," he finally spoke. No matter where she sat, she couldn't sit at his table. Otherwise, he would soon lose his face.

"Oh?" With an inexplicable and innocent look, she seemed to have figured out something and said with a smile, "Dad, you're thinking too much. I know this seat is reserved for the guest who was late for the wedding. Why do you think I want to take this seat?"

As she spoke, she took another two steps to an empty seat at another table behind them.

After sitting down, she looked at Howard and smiled, as if mocking his panic. Her little trick made him, an experienced fox, "slip" by accident.

Before she could do anything, Howard had already lost his mind.

Howard was worried that Esther would do something disgraceful. He didn't expect that he would be the one who got into the trap and lose his face first.

With a livid face, he sat down on his seat.

Fortunately, at this time, the host on the stage had already started his speech. He spoke with the microphone, which immediately attracted everyone's attention, and also made Howard's shameful behavior be ignored.

As usual, on the stage was the opening remarks of the host. These words seemed very important, but not many people would listen carefully. In today's situation, it was even more like that.

After sitting down, Esther realized that the situation today was far worse than she could imagine.

In fact, there was only one seat left at the table she chos

e, too. But at the beginning, everyone at the table thought that she must have chosen that seat and would not come here, so they were not ready. When they saw Esther come over and sit down, they all panicked.

The table was already set, and there was a set of tableware for each seat. Of course, there was no exception in front of Esther.

However, as soon as she sat down, the two ladies from well-known families on both sides quickly hid the knives, forks, and even chopsticks, which might be dangerous. Everyone held their knives and forks tightly in their hands, always on guard.

In that case, Esther didn't have a weapon that could be used to kill them, but they could have a defensive weapon.

Who knew if the murderer would suddenly pick up something and try to kill someone? Why were they so unlucky that they sat at the same table with her? They had to try to protect themselves.

In fact, the two ladies on the left and right wanted to take away all the cups, plates, bowls and other things in front of Esther. They had reached out their hands, but when they were looked at coldly by Esther, they quickly took their hands back.

Then they quickly dragged the chairs under their body to the other side, and tried their best to move away. They only hoped that in this way, they could keep away from the dangerous person, Esther.

Esther noticed that, but she didn't say anything or look at them. What others did was within her tolerance. But only she knew how sad she was, but she would never show it in this situation.

But she didn't realized that the more generous and tolerant she was, the more reasonable these spoiled ladies around her would be. They couldn't understand her kindness at all. They only knew that she was a "murderer" who had been in prison and was very dangerous. She might kill someone at any time.

A well-dressed lady sitting next to Esther had secretly glanced at other tables for several times. After confirming something, she secretly left her seat. She didn't dare to stand too straight. In three or two steps, she ran to an empty seat at another table far away.

In fact, many of the other people at the same table were also looking for empty seats. With this lady leading the way, those people sneaked to other seats one after another.

In the end, there were only two or three people left at the table. Maybe they didn't intend to run away just now, but the others had all run away, and only they were left to face this murderer. If they still chose to stay here, wouldn't they become big idiots?

Of course they would run away, too. After a while, there was only Esther and cups, plates and bowls left, but things like knives and forks were taken away.

It looked ridiculous and terrible.

Esther sighed and sneered. Under everyone's gaze, she still looked calm, as if she didn't care. But who knew that her hands covered by the tablecloth had already been tightly clenched together.

Amidst the increasingly obvious ridicule of the crowd, she exerted more strength to her hands, but the faint smile on her face had never changed. She looked like a smiling crayon statue.

Howard, who was sitting at the main table, watched the scene helplessly, although he also felt that it was too embarrassed, in comparison, the most embarrassed person was none other than Esther. Although he was also embarrassed, he felt a little happy. As for Lily, who was sitting next to him, she was much happier as if she had avenged herself.

The host on the stage was still talking about a long paragraph of lines. Now it was time to introduce important guests, especially the people at the main table, of course.

As the host called the names, he noticed that every time he called a name, a person left the second table and slipped to another table. He couldn't help snickering, but he felt a little worried to do so. Fortunately, he had a strong ability. Although it was the first time that he had encountered such a thing in his eventful life, he managed to control himself and did not really laugh out loud.

The role of the host was almost played. The sacred wedding march began to ring, and the next second was the time for the bride and groom to show up.

Esther controlled her trembling hands, took a bottle of wine on the table and poured herself a glass of wine.

With the wedding march ringing, Esther calmed down, gracefully picked up the glass and put it to her lips. She took a sip, and like everyone else, looked at the entrance of the hall.

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