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   Chapter 26 Mind Your Own Business

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Hearing this, the smile on Stephanie's face became bitterer.

"I think the girl you like so much must be a very good girl."

Carl waited to hear what she would say next.

"Carl, I heard about what happened three years ago, and I heard what happened today. I also think that although she killed someone, she did that accidentally. She didn't expect it to be that serious. It was just manslaughter. And she had been in jail and paid the price. I think everyone will give her a chance to turn over a new leaf and start a new life."

Not long ago, Carl said the same words in front of William. But because of these words, William was directly sent to the hospital.

Hearing this, Carl didn't feel better.

"But she made such a mistake after all, as if someone had scribbled on a white paper. The black dot was always there, and it was always the most eye-catching black dot on the white paper. Just like Miss Li, the crime of murdering will be with her for the rest of her life and become a stain in her life that can't be erased."

Stephanie was right about that. And Carl had learned one thing more and more profoundly.

If two people did the same wrong thing, there was a huge difference between the one who had been in jail and the one had never been in jail.

Realizing that Carl agreed with her, Stephanie continued, "Everyone can say something lofty. In her presence, people would say that everyone makes mistakes, and so long as he corrects them in time, he is still a good person. But behind her back, people might speak ill of her and say that she's a murderer. What's more, even her family, relatives and friends will be blamed and questioned by others because of her."

Carl couldn't help but look at her a few more times, and he was more and more sure of her words. It was the truth, wasn't it?

"The Quan family is the No. 1 in A City. We are the boss. But there is no absolute certainty in this world. There are so many No. 2 and No. 3 groups eyeing us covetously. They are waiting to seize any small mistake that the Quan family might make and magnify it infinitely. They all wanted to take the opportunity to strike or even destroy the Quan family. Although the Quan family is not afraid of them, it will be troublesome if such kind of harassment is repeated again and again. The most important thing is that the Quan family can't have any fatal evidence that will fall into the hands of its opponent."

What Stephanie said was also known to Carl. There was no unbreakable first place, because there were so many opponents who always coveted the first place.

Looking at her, Carl waited to her to continue.

"I know you must know these things better than I do. I'm just trying to teach fish to swim. So I know you must be very clear that Miss Li may be the person you like very much, but she is definitely not the most suitable person for you, nor is she suitable to become a member of the Quan family. Her arrival will only make the reputation of the Quan clan suffer a great loss, which means that our people have handed over a fatal weakness to our opponents. I believe that you know what is the best for the Quan family and yourself."

Stephanie stared at the expression on his face and said cautiously. Under his gaze, she finally finished her words and felt relieved.

Esther was a murderer. If Carl really married her in the future, he would become the husband of the murderer, and the Quan family would also become the home of the murderer. The reputation of the Quan family would indeed be greatly affected, and even their future career would inevitably be affected.

"You are right." Carl sneered and continued, "But you all forget that I'm determined to get the person I want. I don't care about the rumors outside. If her arrival really affects the business of the Quan family, it can only be because I'm not capable enough to be the CEO of the Quan's Group. But this won't happen as long as I'm here. So put away all your presumptuous concerns."

No one was more confident in his ability than himself. Everyone knew his ability and self-confidence. People like him deserved such confidence and even self-esteem.

"I know you like her very much. Maybe you have a second option. You can just keep her by your side and don't need to marry her. This is a better choice for you and for the Quan's Group. The overall interests are the most important. It's better for the Quan's Group to expand and develop more smoothly without suffering these unnecessary trials and tribulations." Stephanie came up with another idea.

"What I like most in my life is to accept greater challenges. You don't have to worry about me."

What Carl said was really impolite. But people like him seemed to be justified to say something like that.

After a pause, Carl continued, "If I really like someone, I won't let her become a hidden mistress w

ithout dignity. I will give her the identity of a legitimate wife of me!" In fact, he wasn't sure whether his future wife would be Esther. But he was sure that the person he liked would definitely be a woman with the identity of Mrs. Quan in the future.

"Besides," seeing that Stephanie was about to say something again, Carl added, "I will only marry the person I like. Once I get married, she will be my only life and there will be no third party!"

Stephanie's face turned pale. It seemed that his words had brought up her painful thoughts.

"It's my own business. I'll handle it by myself. As for you, just mind your own business." As he spoke, Carl took a meaningful look at the closed door of the ward.

Stephanie's face turned paler and paler. She clenched the bag in her hand subconsciously.

"You can go inside to see dad and brother. I have something to deal with. I'm leaving now." It seemed that Carl stressed the word "brother" and then left.

Stephanie turned around and watched him walk away quickly and disappear in the elevator.

She then turned around, took a deep breath to calm herself down, and refined her makeup. Then she unhurriedly knocked on the door, opened it and walked in.

Since Iwan stood out to speak for her in the company that day, Esther felt that the attitude of her colleagues had indeed eased a lot. She knew that it had nothing to do with herself. It could only be because Zhuo Yifan was so charismatic and influential.

She also knew that if she really wanted to gain a foothold in this company and let her colleagues really accept her, she had to show her ability to make everyone look at her with new eyes, instead of indulging in the bad impression that she had just been released from prison.

It was a good idea, but it was not that simple to implement it.

She had been in prison for three years, which meant that she had been separated from the society for three years. She was behind the times in many ideas and knowledge. In the company, Iwan had spared some time to help her selflessly, but she still needed to study hard and make progress in many aspects.

Fortunately, she was a smart and diligent person. In addition, she majored in fashion design. Although it was hard, she went to work early and returned home late every day. She was worn out with fatigue. But everyone could see her progress and ability.

On this day, Esther was the last person to stay in the office again. She told herself to hurry up and familiarize herself with the job as soon as possible.

The phone on the desk rang for a long time before she came back to her senses from work. She took the phone and looked at it. She smiled gently and answered it.

"Hey, Esther. Where are you? I've been waiting for you for a while. Why haven't you come out yet?"

The phone call was from Tina. She was the only good friend she had since that happened. Hearing her vigorous voice, Esther felt much more relaxed in an instant.

"I'm in the office. Are you waiting for me outside the building?" As she spoke, she stood up and walked to the window. In the dim night, accompanied by colorful lights, she saw a figure jumping, with one hand holding the phone to her ear, and the other waving at her.

Esther also waved her hand. "I'll pack up my things and leave soon. Wait for me for a while."

She turned around, put the things on the table into a big bag she carried with her, locked the door and walked out of the office quickly.

When Esther and the big bag in her hand appeared in the hall of the building, Tina, wearing a pair of high-heeled shoes, rushed over. Esther opened her arms cooperatively, and the two hugged tightly for a moment.

"You met Carl again, and you guys played the scene that a hero saved a beauty, right?" Tina winked and said with an ambiguous smile.

"How did you know that?" That was what happened yesterday. There were only a few people in her family present. According to the situation, they were unlikely to tell others, let alone say "a hero saved a beauty".

"Of course I know. I regret that I wasn't there yesterday. Otherwise, I could have seen it with my own eyes." She was really regretful, but she was really happy.

"You have to thank me. If I hadn't informed Carl in advance, he wouldn't have arrived there in time. But in fact, I didn't expect that he would really go there as soon as he heard what I said. You said there was nothing between you and him. How intimate would you guys be when there is really an affair?" Tina teased.

"Yeah, thank you so much." Esther was speechless. In fact, she didn't want to get Tina and Carl involved in her family's private affairs. But he had come and helped her a lot. It was true that she was grateful to him.

"But if such things happen again in the future, I can deal with them myself. Don't call him again," Esther said seriously.

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