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   Chapter 25 She Is A Murderer

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Hearing this, Carl knew what his father was going to say.

"I went to a friend's home."


"Esther Li."

"Who is she? How did you know her? How long have you known each other? What's your relationship? Why didn't you go to the company but go to her home today?" A series of authoritative questions came from William.

"She is the eldest daughter of the CEO of the Li's Group and his ex-wife, Esther. She is currently working in a company under the name of Iwan of the Zhuo's Group. Three years ago, she was sentenced to three years in prison due to manslaughter. Not long ago, she was released from prison. That's all you can find out, and that's all I know."

"I thought you didn't know! Now that you know all about it, why do you still hang out with such a woman?" William had been very angry since he knew that Carl hooked up with Esther. Now seeing that Carl didn't take it seriously, he became more and more furious.

"Dad, that's not hooking up. On the contrary, I think she is a good girl."

"Nonsense! She had been in prison for murder! How come she is a good girl? There are a lot of women in the world. You are my son, and you can choose any woman in the world. You have so many choices. Why did you choose her? I know you are just hooking up with her, but such a woman doesn't even deserve you to hook up with her!"

William became more and more extreme. In his eyes, Esther was nothing but a scourge. He felt insulted even to mention her.

"Dad, I'm serious about her!" said Carl seriously, not afraid of the anger of William. In fact, he was angry that his father belittled Esther like this.

"You!" William suddenly patted the armrest of the chair and stood up. "She killed someone. Aren't you afraid that she will kill you with a knife one day?"

Maybe it was because he got up too violently that he staggered and felt dizzy. But in the blink of an eye, he's back to normal.

However, Carl didn't notice that. He just felt angry and funny. "Dad, it's true that she killed someone, but the police said that it was a manslaughter, and she didn't want to do that. And she had already been punished for the mistake she had made in the past and paid the price. We can't put the blame on her forever. Dad, as long as you spend more time with her, you will know that she is not the kind of girl you heard before. You will find that she is actually a very good and precious girl!"

Those words were from the bottom of Carl's heart, and it was a fact that he himself had witnessed. Through all kinds of direct and indirect contacts with Esther after she was released from prison, Carl was more sure that she was precious.

"She is a murderer! No matter how good she is, she is a murderer! Besides, how could a murderer be good? I don't care whether you are playing with her or you are serious. From now on, you are not allowed to see her again and have anything to do with her. If I know that you are with her again, don't blame me for being rude to you!"

William was fair in that respect. No matter it was a stranger or his son, as long as someone made him unhappy, he would make that person unhappy, no matter he/she was close or distant to him.

"Dad, we can't judge a person so arbitrarily and unilaterally whether she is good or bad. You think she is a bad person just because she killed someone. It's too arbitrary. And I believe that as long as you are willing to know more about her, you will change your opinion of her." Although Carl was unhappy, he still patiently persuaded him. After all, this was his father. He hoped that his father could understand him and Esther.

"That's enough. I'm not interested in knowing what kind of person she is. Let me tell you, as long as she is a murderer, you should stay away from her!" William didn't want to hear so much, and he firmly believed that it was a fact that could never be changed.

After a short pause, Carl said again, "Dad, I'm sorry. I can't promise you this. Besides, I will try my best to protect her."

He made it clear that if William really wanted to hurt Esther, he must be on her side to protect her.

"Are you going to set yourself against me for a murderer?" William can't believe that was true. He knew how independent his son was, but he didn't know that one day his son would oppose him for such an unworthy woman.

Maybe he had been angry for a long time, and now he was very emotional. William began to feel a little under the weather. Though he was in the comfortable study, cold sweat began to break out on his forehead, and his limbs seemed to be trembling.

Carl thought he was not against his father, but on second thought, what he said was more or less the same. It was wrong to say more, so Carl just shut up.

In the eyes of William, it was obviously acquiescence.

"Bastard..." William scolded him and wanted to teach his unfilia

l son a lesson. He took a step forward, but his body fell back.

In a panic, he stepped back in time and grabbed the chair behind him, falling down on the chair. Fortunately, the chair was heavy enough to prevent him from falling to the ground with the chair.

However, Carl, who was a few steps away from him, was shocked. He had been prepared to be beaten by William, but he did not expect that the result would be like this.

Everything happened too suddenly. He rushed forward and held William. He asked worriedly, "Dad, are you okay?"

William grasped his heart with one hand, and grasped Carl with the other. The anger in his eyes decreased a lot because of the sudden fall of his body. However, in the face of his son's concern, he was still cursing, "Bastard! You bastard..."

"Dad, stop it. I'll give you a pill first!" As he spoke, Carl quickly took out a small bottle from the pocket of William, poured out a pill and put it into his mouth.

William had suffered from heart disease many years ago, and pills were ready to take at any time.

The drug took effect very quickly, and seemingly William's pain was immediately alleviated a lot. However, compared with the previous few relapses, this time the effect did not seem to be so good. Worrying about him, Carl decided to send him to the hospital.

Zack had been waiting for Carl and then he heard the noise in the study.

Seeing this, the two brothers decided to send William to the hospital.

When they arrived at the hospital, the doctors and nurses were acquaintances. They treated William all the year round. After a skilled examination and treatment, they were sure that William was fine, but it was better to stay in hospital for a few more days for observation. More importantly, he had to control his emotions. His mood couldn't rise and fall so sharply again.

Carl knew that if it weren't for his disobedience in this matter, William wouldn't suddenly have a relapse and wouldn't have to stay in the hospital.

Seeing that William's mood was much more stable, accompanied by Zack and the nurse, Carl was finally relieved. Knowing that William might not want to see him so much, and there would be a quarrel if he talked to him again, he just walked out of the ward. But he didn't go far and sat on the chair outside the ward.

In front of him, there were monotonous lights, floor tiles and wall tiles. This was a superior ward area, and it was late at night. He didn't even see any doctors, nurses, patients or their family members.

Carl was the only one in the long corridor. He sat quietly in the chair and closed his eyes. He seemed to be asleep. Only he knew that his mind had never been as chaotic as it was at the moment. In the past, all he had in mind was the company. But now, in addition to the company, he was thinking about William and Esther...


With a crisp sound, the elevator door not far away opened, followed by the sound of high heels stepping on the floor.

As he expected, it was Stephanie Ji. Maybe Zack called her and informed her. It was so late and she was so busy, but she still came here.

As soon as Stephanie Ji saw Carl sitting there, she walked over quickly, panting slightly. It could be seen that she was indeed in a hurry.

Carl stood up and said, "Sister-in-law, you are here."

In fact, Stephanie Ji was younger than him. But since she had married his brother, he should call her sister-in-law.

Stephanie Ji nodded, looking a little uneasy. She looked at the closed door of the ward and then at him. "How's dad?"

After repeating the doctor's words, Carl added, "My brother is inside."

Stephanie Ji nodded again and looked at the closed door, hesitating if she should go in. After hesitating for a while, she turned to look at Carl and asked with concern, "Carl, how are you doing these days?"

"I have always been good," said Carl indifferently, seeming not to appreciate her kindness.

"I've heard what happened today."

Since William and Zack both had known about that, of course she would know, too.

"Is there anything you want to tell me?" It was obvious that she had something to say to him. In fact, he had guessed what she wanted to say before she asked.

"Is Miss Li the woman three years ago?"

Glancing at her, Carl didn't expect that she had noticed her three years ago.

"Yes, what do you mean?"

They had known each other three years ago. Three years later, as soon as she was released from prison, she took the initiative to get close to him.

Though William thought that Carl just wanted to hook up with Esther, as a sensitive and suspicious woman, Stephanie Ji could be sure that he never wanted to hook up with her and he was serious about her.

"It seems that you really like Miss Li," Stephanie Ji said with a bitter smile.

"Yeah," Carl admitted with certainty.

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