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   Chapter 19 Waiting At Night

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Maybe it was because she loved fashion design, or maybe it was because of her attitude towards work that she had worked late at night unconsciously.


Esther stretched herself and rubbed her sore shoulder. She turned her head to look at the documents she had read. Although her face was full of tiredness, there was a smile in her eyes.

Although Miya asked her assistant to send her such thick documents due to her hostility to Esther, Esther was somewhat grateful at that moment, because these documents were good for her, who had been in prison for three years and almost had no idea of the outside world, and helped her to have a deeper understanding of the latest design trend.

She put the documents back to the drawer, stood up slowly and looked at the bustling city in the dark. A trace of loneliness flashed through her eyes, but it was quickly concealed by her.

However, what she didn't know was that at this moment, someone had been staring at the floor where she was working and silently cared about her.

"Mr. Quan, it's so late. I don't know when Miss Li will come downstairs. How about you go back first and I wait here?"

Spenser turned his head slightly. Although Mr. Quan came to wait for Miss Li by the way after he finished his business tonight, he had been waiting for too long. Looking at the tired look of Carl, he asked with concern.

Carl didn't say anything. With a cold glance, he stabbed into the driver's back like a dagger.

At this moment, Spenser hoped that Miss Li could appear in his sight and save him from suffering.

"Mr. Quan, it's Miss Li!"

At the moment when Spenser opened his mouth, Carl, who had been lowering his eyes, opened his eyes directly. A complicated and deep look flashed across his eyes, and then returned to normal. He said lightly, "Drive to her!"


The car screeched, and the dazzling light made her frown and slightly narrowed her somewhat blurred eyes.

When the black extended Lincoln blocked the road and sight in front of her, a flash of surprise flashed through her eyes.

She didn't block the way of others, nor did she know this car. Was it sent by someone to hurt her?

Esther's face changed slightly. She took a step back vigilantly and looked at the car nervously.

"Miss Li, please get in the car!"

A man in a suit got out of the driver's seat, bowed and said respectfully to Esther.

She recognized the driver by his voice, and she felt a little relieved.

"Miss Li, it's so late. You can't take a taxi. Besides, it's not safe for you to leave like this!"

Seeing that Esther didn't

move, Spenser tried to persuade her.

Esther frowned and looked at the man in front of her unhappily. For a moment, the air seemed to be frozen.

"Miss Li, are you afraid of me?"

The husky and magnetic voice came from the car, like a whirlpool, so easily intoxicating.

"How could it be?" Esther answered with a smile almost subconsciously. God knew why she felt embarrassed when her eyes were seen through.

"Then get in the car. We have met several times. Are you really going to turn me down like this?" Hearing her subconscious answer, the corners of his mouth slightly raised. A light flashed through his eyes, and then it turned into a deep pool.

Now that Carl had said so, even if Esther wanted to refuse again, she had subconsciously swallowed the words of brush-offs in her stomach. She stuck out her tongue awkwardly, and there seemed to be some regret in her eyes, but she still obediently got in the car gracefully.

When she just got in the car, the powerful aura of Carl overwhelmed her in the sealed car, which made her move to the farthest position from him instinctively.

Of course, Carl also noticed what was happening. There was a flash of displeasure in his eyes, but he didn't seem to raise his eyes any more. He just coldly said to the driver, "Go to the Glory Hotel!"

When she heard the word "hotel" and remembered how late it was, her face was a little gloomy. With sharp and vigilant eyes, she looked at Carl and asked, "Why are we going to the hotel? I want to go home!"

"Let's eat something first!"

"But I'm not hungry!"

Esther didn't know why, but she felt that it was dangerous for this man to get close to her again and again. She was no longer the proud daughter of the Li family. She didn't want to provoke such a dangerous man. She just wanted to take back what belonged to her.

Carl was very unhappy, because Esther refused him again and again. But when he met Esther's deer-like eyes, his heart suddenly softened like a pool of spring water.

"Then just stay with me when I'm eating. I have been waiting for you for a long time. I'm hungry!"

"Well, okay!" She could have refused, but she failed to do so for some reason, maybe because of the cold tone of Carl.

It seemed that she could only sigh that beauty was trouble, because the look in his eyes just now was so deep that she didn't have the heart to refuse him.

Silence reigned in the car again.

Soon, Spenser parked the car at the entrance of the Glory Hotel.

When the extended Lincoln stopped at the entrance, a parking man immediately opened the door for them respectfully.

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