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   Chapter 18 Ignore The Provocation

Surrender To CEO's Pure Adoration By Diewu Pianpian Characters: 3713

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"Well, Esther, if you need anything, just come to me!"

Iwan seemed to be still a little worried and carefully told Esther.

Esther could also feel the gazes from those people. She couldn't help but shake her head in her heart. It seemed that these people had regarded her as an imaginary rival in love. But it was good for them to misunderstand her. At least, she could help Tina keep them away from Iwan.

She nodded, "Don't worry, Mr. Zhuo. You can go back to your work now."

Seeing that Esther seemed to adapt to the new environment, Iwan left with satisfaction.

However, the smile on Miya's face darkened. She cast a cold glance at Esther, snorted, raised her head arrogantly, and stared at her own deep cleavage passing by Esther.

Seeing this, Esther felt dejected in her heart, but she still pretended to be stubborn and strong. She began to tidy up her desk indifferently.



It never occurred to Esther that Miya could gone so far. When passing by her, she even knocked her body away with great force. If Esther hadn't leaned against the desk and grabbed the corner of the desk quickly, she would have fallen to the ground.

"Humph! You skinny woman, what do you have to seduce a man? How can someone with a previous conviction be the design director?"

Her words were like a sharp knife stabbing into Esther's heart.

However, Esther knew that it was not easy for her to find a job. She couldn't lose it because of impulse, let alone put Iwan in a difficult position, and let Tina worry about her.

Enduring the pain in her heart, she pretended not to hear it and continued to sort out the documents in front of her. With a close observation, it could be found that when she lowered her head, her lower lip bore a tooth mark because she had to endure the pain in her heart.

However, because of what

Miya said, many people immediately echoed. It seemed that everyone knew that Esther had a criminal record, and some people's words were full of sarcasm.

It was said that where there were women, there was a battlefield. With a bitter smile in her heart, she became more determined. One day, those who had hurt her would pay the price, and one day in the future, she would prove her ability to those who looked down upon her with her own works.

She raised her head again and regained her confidence.

She walked gracefully and indifferently to Miya and asked, "Deputy director, I want to check the new product design requirements from our cooperative companies!"

What Esther called Miya was reminding her of her identity.

Sure enough, Esther saw that, although Miya's face changed, she had to follow her words unwillingly. Miya asked the assistant next to her to sort out the documents and send them to Esther.

Although Esther knew that Miya would be serious when it came to work, she was a little surprised that she gave the information to her so easily. But since she had achieved her goal, she naturally wouldn't care too much about it.

However, when she saw a thick stack of documents brought by the assistant, she finally knew why Miya agreed so quickly. She knew that Esther couldn't make sense of the documents in a short time, and even if she asked the assistant, she would not get any answer.

In particular, even the assistant looked at her with such contempt. She felt cold in her heart and did not show it on her face. She took the document and began to read it.

But she knew clearly that she might have to work overtime tonight, but she was not afraid. Only by enduring hardships could she get what she wanted. She had experienced such a painful thing in the past three years. Working overtime was no big deal to her.

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