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   Chapter 17 Women Are The Battlefield

Surrender To CEO's Pure Adoration By Diewu Pianpian Characters: 3463

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With an indifferent look on her face, Esther followed Iwan into the company. She tried her best to calm herself down and pretended not to see others' gaze. After passing through a corridor, she was directly taken to the design department by Iwan.

"Mr. Zhuo, you are here!"

As soon as Iwan entered the design department, he immediately received the ardent eyes of those women, especially from the woman in a separate space. Almost as soon as he stepped into the office, her eyes were flashing and vibing on him.

Cassandra couldn't wait to walk up to Cassandra and said in a soft voice. Cassandra's career line could attract almost everyone's attention.

However, when she saw Esther who followed Iwan in, her eyes flashed with jealousy and gloom, but it was quickly covered up by her.

Esther could understand the woman's eyes. She shook her head bitterly, but with a professional smile on her face, she nodded friendly to the woman.

"Miya, I have something to announce!"

Iwan nodded at the woman called Miya gently and indifferently, but his gentle voice still made Miya's eyes flash with infatuation.

"Yes, Mr. Zhuo!"

Miya glanced at Esther with an obscure look. When she met Esther's indifferent eyes, a sneer flashed through her heart, but she smiled happily and responded to Iwan obediently.

Soon, Miya gathered all the people from the design department. Iwan asked Esther to stand in front everyone and said with a smile, "This is your new colleague, your design director, Esther! welcome!"

As he spoke, Iwan took a gentle look at Esther and then clapped his hands to welcome her.

"Clap, clap, clap..."

Seeing that the CEO clapped his hands in welcome, the others naturally cooperated. Appl

ause broke out in the big office.

As soon as she raised her eyes and glanced at everyone, Esther saw that everyone was curious, jealous and surprised. She could probably guess what they were thinking, but she believed that she would prove that she deserved the title of design director with her strength.

Taking a deep breath, she raised her head confidently. Her thin and cold eyelashes left some shadows under her eyes, but the light emitted from her eyes because of firmness was irresistible.

"Nice to meet you!"

Esther politely bowed to everyone, and she had a sincere smile on her face.

Iwan was satisfied with the performance of Esther. Even when she looked up just now, she was so confident that no one could take his eyes off her. He was a little worried at first, but now seeing the performance of Esther, he thought he had worried too much.

Raising his lips, a smile appeared on Iwan's face. He glanced at everyone and then looked at Miya, "Esther, this is the deputy design director. You can ask her if you have any questions in the future. Miya, Esther has just arrived. If there is any problem, please help her solve it!"

Hearing what Iwan said, Esther felt warm in her heart. Although she knew that Miya might be hostile to her, she still smiled friendly at her.

However, this smile was more like a provocation in the eyes of Miya. She had worked so hard and finally become the deputy director, and was only one step away from the position of director. What qualifications did this woman have to be the director?

Miya's eyes turned cold, but she still kept a smile on her face. She raised the most charming smile in her own eyes to Iwan and said, "Mr. Zhuo, don't worry! I'll help her!"

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