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   Chapter 16 Someone's Concern

Surrender To CEO's Pure Adoration By Diewu Pianpian Characters: 3934

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In the following week, Esther was preparing to join the company. After all, she had been in prison for three years, and the design needed to keep pace with the times. She had to know the latest fashion trend in such a short time. Although she was introduced to the company by Iwan, just because of this, she needed to show more strength.

A week passed quickly. On Monday morning, Esther got up on time and gave herself a smile in the mirror. She was full of expectation to enter the Zhuo's group.

At first, Iwan planned pick her up, but she stubbornly believed that she was an employee and she didn't want to be special, so in order to get familiar with the place, she took a taxi to the company on the first day.

However, she didn't notice that the familiar car appeared at the corner again as soon as she got in the taxi. Seeing her leave, the person in the car coldly ordered Spenser to follow her.

"Esther, you are here!"

When the taxi driver stopped the car at the Zhuo's office building, a handsome and elegant man quickly walked up and opened the car door for her with a smile.

"Iwan, you don't have to wait for me at the gate!"

When she saw Iwan, she was a little moved, and gratitude was evident on her sweet and thin face.

Iwan was stunned for a moment when he saw the beautiful face of Esther, but he quickly restrained his emotions. The smile on his handsome face deepened. He lovingly walked up to rub Esther's hair and said, "It's your first day to work. I'm worried about you. If Tina knows that I neglect you, she will blame me!"

"Thank you!"

Just now, when Esther was stunned by the intimate behavior of Iwan, she seemed to be a little uncomfortable and frowned. However, when she heard the straightforward joke of Iwan, her face softened a little. She nodded and followed Iwan into the building.

At this moment, in the off-road vehicle not far away, Spenser only felt that the temperature in the car had dropped a fe

w degrees when Iwan appeared.

With a murderous look on his cold face, Carl glanced at Iwan, as if he was going to kill him. Sitting next to him, Spenser was affected by the low pressure and dared not breathe heavily.

"Mr. Quan, Miss Li has entered the building!"

Although he could no longer see Esther, and they had been here for a long time. At this moment, Carl still frowned, and his face was as gloomy as a killer from hell.

Spenser forced himself to say that. Nobody knew that his forehead was sweating at the moment, fearing that he would not see the sun tomorrow if Carl got angry. Mr. Quan had planned to persuade Esther to arrange a job for her today, but she...

As expected, as soon as Spenser finished his words, he felt a chill on his back. Then, Carl cast a cold glance at him.

After a long time, until he felt that his back was about to break, he heard someone's cold and piercing voice, "Wait a minute!"

"Yes, sir!" The murderous look in Mr. Quan's eyes made Spenser realize that he had to shut up at the moment.

However, Carl didn't relax a little because of the silence of Spenser. Instead, his face became more and more gloomy, as if he had thought of something unpleasant. He glanced at the building and asked coldly, "How is it going recently?"

Spenser was stunned, but the people who could follow Carl were not ordinary civilians, but all kinds of elites. Spenser immediately realized what Carl meant, and said, "Erica seems to be investigating Miss Li's plan recently, and specially spread the news that Miss Li was in prison!"


As soon as Spenser finished speaking, he felt the temperature in the car fell again, and then he saw the coldness and bloodthirsty eyes of Carl. That kind of arrogance and strong momentum easily appeared.

Clenching his fists, Carl could even hear the knuckles creaking. Looking at the Zhuo's building, his eyes were deep and dark, and nobody knew what he was thinking.

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